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Yuri Felshtinsky: The next goal of Moscow will be Belarus.

Yuri Felshtinsky: The next goal of Moscow will be Belarus.
Lukashenko will exist as long as Putin allows him.
who is pu? He is NO ONE! LIVE BELARUS.
Belarus should not be conquered - it is already Russian. Human resources in the rashka. Territory for the military - please. Recognize the joining of the Crimea - not a question.
And even this will not save the father of the Belarusian democracy. " According to the opinion of the imperial political strategists, there should not be on the world map the state TV-Ukraine, Belarus; and & quot; Kazakhstan & quot ;. There should be only the Russian Empire. They drank a bit there.
exactly, the best protege does not come up with, well, can only be renamed into the governor of Belorus a. his or his son, although it seems to me these plans do not come true, all this scoop will collapse ..
Dobrai ranitsy. Belarus is already 20 years old yak pad Akupatsyay, and dzyarzhanuyu mezhu razburyl� � 1995 � sweating rastaptali kanstituutsyu. Padabayutstsa me getiia dzyadzky i marsu sa svayim analizam.
Navoshta? Here already it is so bought Ruskim 🙁
nominally - we are still a separate type and a sovereign state. for a kind: with imitation of some democratic components (pseudo-elections, pseudo-constitution, etc.).
but in fact, on the real fact - we are already part of the rashka.
Thank you, traitor Sasha!
paddling let him just try to tingle. it is completely under the hood. and the Belarusian is not ukraine, then the resistance was burned with napalm. On the fact of such country as Belarus and such nation as Belarusians also is not present at all. to someone it may be unpleasant to hear it but these are facts. for comfort, I will say that the Russians as a nation are experiencing great problems. only Russia is not equal to Russians.
The most prazadapodnaya version. The plans mascale pazbav�ts Belarus dzyarzhanasct�. For ih Geta Cel1 �1 Belarus. ��� �� ������ �������� ������ ���������� Ukra�n� ��� �������� �������.
That, shto fsbshn�ka� here at dermal gramatskim tuiletsem it is possible sostrets, geta not sakrat. Nudgeful sura-yaznym dzyardanynym pradpryomsve pile saparatisty. Yana jump here and chakayutts kamandy. I ikh here has its own business, Ik�i padtryml�vaye kupac ny nyi structures, svajo vayskovae kamandavanne i nareshetsa svae vayskovyya base. Raseiskiya banka � any dzen gatovy abval�ts belarusskiy rubel � paseyats panyku, and pra terarystychnyy acts � gavork� nyama. Geta ��� �������� � 2011.
It is interesting to know the opinion of the local people. What do you choose-support Putin and his suckers or onions with his blyudalysis.
Personally, though I am an ardent opponent of a tsagannok, but from a greater evil I would choose a smaller one --- I would fight first with the katsap.
I'm from the local people. True Russian. In Russia, I graduated from high school, technical school, institute, but the whole conscious life passed in Belarus, where in the first years of my life I was, as it were, discouraged by the attitude of Belarusians towards my language, traditions, etc. Ya. Russkaya, maybe more Belarusian, (the children studied in the Belarusian school, the daughter graduated from the Belarusian branch in the University), than my Belarusian relatives for her husband.
And the evil to choose worse than ever. This was done by my children, who had to choose the third and go to Poland, the benefit, knowing perfectly Belarusian, it was not difficult for them to quickly learn Polish there. Unfortunately, many young Belarusians choose this way, I support them in this, as I supported my children, although my soul hurts both for Russia and for Belarus, where there is evil in power.
And hto you zabranyaye lichytsya syabe Belarussian? Kali You zhyveze na gatay zamyli, pavazhaete yee gistoriyu, movu, kal� you have balic sertsa for gethu dziarzhavu and yaye moladzi � you do not get drunk for the "high zvanne Russkiy" ������ �����. And then the great-grandfather naked devised abyda wells � yours. Belarusians trymayutsy at the saber kro� shmat people, here zasody zhyli Gabrei, Tatars, Ruskia. . Paguglitse natsynyalny warehouse zhyaro� ̳���� 1917 ����. � ���, ��� ��� � & # 039; going? Not the Brother of the Geta is our tutsy. ����� ���� ���� �������� ���������� � Ţ���� ��������� �������� � ���� ��������� �������� Raseiskaya prapagandze.
And you know, I would agree to a bald-headed line, just to get rid of the bald-headed.
111111e, 12:18, 23.04.
Girshavich puppet of the Kremlin and that says it all. Why should we again choose from two evils? I think there are more worthy candidates.
Personally, Shnobel got me so much for 20 years that if we accidentally appear "green men" and will "protect Russian-speaking" and to overthrow Shnobel, I do not even move a finger to stand on his zaschitu. You can be negative, but this accordionist has mocked the Belarusian language for 20 years, distorted it, did not respect the white chyrvona in our white script, in general openly sneered at our national shrines, let him at least these & quot; green men & quot; bent on the full program to this collective farmer-football ended in a concave cancer, which he deserves. And Belarus will still be free! Long live Belarus!
The ancient people had such a tradition. Bad people, murderers and rapists cut off their eggs so that their genes do not get into new people and the criminals do not breed anymore.
We already understood this when Chernomordin sold us with his money. This bastard.
Where. By the way, these dogs, who protected Shklov from impeachment?
Chernomyrdin - from 3.11.2010 in the next world, in hell.
Seleznev G.N. - still muddy the water in the rashka.
Stroev E.S. - alive all living, stealing in the Orel region.
Primakov in the same list, with the first number.
According to the historian, Russia can occupy the territory of Belarus in a very short time. "It will be very easy to organize riots in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko in the West is not popular.
The trouble with Luke is not that his West will not protect. And that his NOBODY will not protect. Greater hatred and disgust than Luka, no one on the territory of the country has been calling since the days of Muravyov - the hangman. No less hatred is caused by the patriots of Belarus and bandits in uniform - homelands, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the country's chief vagabond - the secret police - the KGB. These goats will be the first to hand him over to Putin.
The USSR in the Great Patriotic War brought Belarus and Belarusians, having closed them as a shield against Hitlerism. The Nazis destroyed and burned our cities and villages, exterminating historical and cultural values and destroyed every fourth of its inhabitants. It is difficult to find people who suffered more. Today, tourists do not want to visit us, because there are no historical artifacts here. .
"That we are already an ally of Russia, which fulfills all agreements on joint defense! assholes and provocateurs & quot;
Belarusians are the most passive people and they are all good, and LU. , looking at all this does what he wants!
What is the next goal?))) THE OBJECTIVE IS ACHIEVED.
Someone else did not understand this ?!
Felshtinsky believes that a very dangerous situation is also in Latvia, where the Russian-speaking minority is about 40% of the population.
The minority can and makes 40%, only here wanting to be a part of Russia from this minority of unit - pensioners sighing on a scoop and alcoholics. I know & quot; old & quot; Russian speakers in Latvia who do not even look in the direction of their homeland; I know and & quot; new & quot ;, which moved recently, buying there real estate not in order to find myself again at home. Who wanted to move to Russia, long ago it was done. I also know those who for some reason keep their passports with Latvian citizenship, and I guess what citizenship they will choose if they impose a condition on one citizenship.
What is there to win here? Here it remains to introduce the Russian ruble and change price tags.
totally agree with you.
The Republic of Belarus is already de facto part of Russia. The RB is not able to exist independently without the huge subsidies of Russia.
Why should we be afraid, because it said that the first will take the machine in hand. It's funny, we've been slammed for a long time.
I do not believe in such repeated predictions! To implement these Napoleonic plans Putin and Russia have a gut thin! Guys! Remember what a century in the yard! The next Putin step will be a disaster for him!
It would not be surprising if, with the official proclamation of a part of Russia already actually seized by Belarus, clever ideologists from the Russian special services will return the Belarusian lawful white and red flag and hang out next to their flag. like in Tatarstan or Bashkortostan, where Russian is flanked along with their national flags, it is very cynical and mean, but the West will praise for "democracy", and our Lu in advance because of dullness gave them their Sovkovski sunset over the swamp such a chance to curl. .
But, God forbid that this did not happen, and only Belarus had its beautiful white-red flag waving about Belarus, and it finally became truly free and independent.
Both puppets, only the Kremlin's are slightly higher in rank and not with such collective farm habits.
Not with such, but with other and all the same collective farm habits.
Lukashenko will exist as long as Putin allows him.
We have known this for a long time. The levers of influence on the intractable are plenty: hydrocarbons, market, credits, the continuation of the "Godfather" and bringing to trial in The Hague.
Otherwise, the country is completely bankrupt. Therefore, we are a de facto zone of Russia's total influence.
The needle "KASHCHEVA", it turns out, is in the Kremlin.
And our & quot; pider & quot; continues to swear allegiance to Belarus, having squandered this "fidelity" for his years of government.
It's sad. It is necessary to defend the Homeland from the Emperors almost "with bare hands", and without patriotically-minded commanders. But in spite of everything, LIVING BELARUS!
�������� � ������ - ��� ������. At the same time, before the above napischeniemi greens l�liputami z mosk���. Kremlefashizm zinicheskimi narilnikami yak in fat, loose bracelet, chamomile churkina (well, yes prizvishche f pidhodashche) - tse evil of our table, tsetatanism, tse najgirsho sho mozhe bouti v sviti.
Why should Russians pay back Belarus? She and so Russian - Russian language, Russian owners of enterprises, Russian military bases.
I wonder what the West would say about the Russian invasion of the RB-illegal occupation of the illegal regime.
Well, this grandmother in two said: is Putin going to join the territories named by Felshtinsky to the Russian Federation, or is it more profitable for them to leave them de jure independent (Transnistria may want to join the Russian Federation). Moreover, this is a huge burden on the Russian Federation, especially after the conflict with Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea, after which the "empire" will, and has already become much weaker (do not forget about the sanctions). And Putin needs to win the next elections, without losing the rating! Therefore, the situation is ambiguous, time constantly makes its own adjustments, even in very thoughtful strategies (undoubtedly, Ukrainians have significantly discolored Putin's dreams), and the author hardly knows the original plans, he only tries to "guess" them.
What are the benefits of Putin from the current presidency, when his own economy forces him to go to despicable deeds and actions and there is no possibility to remain a civilized president of the country, which starts to get out of the impasse into which she herself and scolded? Yes, it has already tried to open Skolkovo and organize the Olympics, everything turns into a dowry, which is already lacking at all. Russia went into races and Putin along with her, they will have nothing left but a complete collapse, like fascist Germany. On the election, only those who want to impress are saying that Russia has some perspective, but in fact they would have to stand the night, and hold out for a day.

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