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Work in Vilnius.

Work in Vilnius.
Before you go to work in neighboring Vilnius, it is better to find a suitable job in advance. To date, Lithuania is one of the most promising members of the EU, but this fact did not save the Baltic state from a massive outflow of personnel with the opening of borders. The ads with the heading "I'm looking for a job" are increasingly owned by Belarusians, who are eager to move to a European state in search of a better life.
But not everything is so radiant in the Republic of Lithuania. In recent years, the unemployment rate has risen, and therefore the issue of finding jobs for local residents has become acute. Finding a high-paying job emigrants from Belarus has become more difficult. To get a job in a decent company, you must be either an extremely valuable and highly qualified employee, or have a European diploma (although your chances increase slightly your diploma).
What kind of work can be found in Vilnius.
As a rule, a good specialist is also in demand in Belarus, so it is only force majeure that can force him to think about seeking work in Vilnius. The search for a better life abroad is sent to ordinary citizens, without specific knowledge and skills. But here the scope is not great. For the most part, workers and building trades are in demand. Also international drivers are invited to cooperate.
To understand how good and secure life will be in Lithuania, it is worthwhile to know that the average salary for today is 350-400EUR per month! By and large this money is enough only for life. If you dream of moving to Vilnius and traveling in Europe without a visa, 400EUR per month will not provide such a life.
The best option for men will be a job as a driver. It is drivers internationals who earn good by European standards money - 1500-2000EUR on average. However, special and even specific requirements are imposed on such candidates.
Driving license category CE.
Experience in this field is not less than 2 years.
Availability of a special chip card.
Age of the applicant must be between 28 and 50 years.
Jobs of the Lithuanian capital for Belarusians.
So, let's take a closer look at the vacancies that are currently offered for Belarusians in Vilnius. As a rule, these are vacancies from the service sector: waiters, bartenders, cleaners, chef's assistants, couriers and others. You can also find work as a manager, a sales consultant, a cutter, a cashier, and sometimes you need a nanny and a governess.
However, most proposals in the construction sector: painters, plasterers, masons, tilers, workers for facade works and others.
Where to look for work.
Looking for a job in Vilnius is best at Lithuanian job sites. There you can find the maximum list of offers and choose the appropriate option. In addition, these sites always provide for the possibility of posting a resume, which greatly increases your chances, since not only will you look for an employer, but potential employers will also look for you.
In search of work in Vilnius, use the following sites:
Do not forget to specify in the search parameters Vilnius, otherwise you will be shown offers throughout the country.
What you need for a device to work.
You can get a job yourself, but you can resort to the help of special employment agencies. How to do better is up to you, but it's worth mentioning that not all agencies work in good faith, do not forget about it!
In any case, to get a job in Vilnius, Belarusians will need special permission from the employer. Further with this document it is necessary to apply to the migration service, where the applicant will be issued a residence permit in Lithuania. After this, it is necessary to apply to the consular department of the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus and obtain a work visa.
What will the employer require from you? As a rule, the list of documents in such situations is standard:
Passport, until the expiration of which is at least a year.
Diploma of higher education (if any), certified by Apostille.
A work record, translated into Lithuanian and notarized.

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