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Work in the USA, conditions, employment and living.

Work in the USA, conditions, employment and living.
Working in the US is a dream for many, but getting a work visa and finding a job on your own is quite difficult, especially if you have not already been to America. But you can get to the States on a tourist visa and find a good income. This will be discussed in this article.
Agency for employment or independent job search?
The best option is to contact a specialized US employment agency in the United States. Why exactly American? Yes, because they are guaranteed to provide you with work in America, offer different jobs and help with housing. Of course, all the costs for flight and visa processing will have to be taken over, but in the end you will only benefit.
Such agencies help with housing - you will be accommodated in a hostel with good conditions, which are 10 times better than any hostel in the CIS. As for work, it can be a one-time - for example, a handyman or a builder, or maybe permanent. It all depends on your skills and knowledge of the language.
If you have a profession in demand, you can try to find a job yourself. There are a lot of specialized resources on the Internet that are full of vacancies, but knowledge of the language is almost always necessary. The most popular specialists are the following areas:
If you are going to officially get a permanent job, then you need a work visa. If you are looking for a job through an employment agency, it will be enough to have a tourist visa in the US.
Conditions of life and work.
Subject to a five-day workweek, in the US your average earnings will be $ 300-400. But this is only for the first time. In the United States, employers pay much attention to employee loyalty and diligence, and it is not uncommon for a person without an education and specialty to serve a high post after two or three years of work.
In the United States, there are short-term courses, after which you will be able to work in a certain field. So, in order to get a job in a construction company, it's enough for you to pass a nominal 2-week training, after which you will receive confirmation of your qualification. At the same time, your earnings will double.
As a rule, agencies work unofficially, but this is not such a big problem. There were cases when people worked without registration and the employer did not pay them salaries. Then the workers wrote the application to the police and the employer imposed a fine.
The cost of living in the US is not as great as it seems. For 600-900 dollars a month you can eat well and rent your own studio apartment. For a place in a hostel from you will take no more than 150 dollars a month.
As for clothes, this is not a problem at all. For moderate even by the standards of the CIS money can buy things of famous brands, and if you buy a little-known brand, the price can be generally penny. So, if you get on a successful sale, you can buy good sneakers for no more than five dollars.
What can I do to get started?
If you do not know how to find a good employer, prepare to move and gain a foothold in a new place, you will benefit from the survey article Work abroad for professionals.
First of all, you need to contact any agency in the US for employment and find a suitable option for you. Further - to issue a tourist visa, which is quite possible to do independently. All that remains is to buy a plane ticket and go ahead - to conquer America.
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Hello, sorry for the trouble I'm interested in working abroad as a loader.
Where are you now? You can be helped only if you are now in the United States.
I want to get settled in America, you can maid or housekeeper, you can another profession.
In what reliable firm you can contact, help me please (not knowing the language), I'm first.
I WANT TO WORK IN AMERICA. I'm 50 years old, very motivated and hardworking. HELP TO LEAVE.

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