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Work in Hong Kong for Russian – reviews. How to earn a lot of money?

Work in Hong Kong for Russian - reviews. How to earn a lot of money?
Hong Kong is a city of skyscrapers, which ranks third in the ranking of all financial centers in the world. The state is one of the major trading powers, which constantly attracts not only tourists, but also workers of various specialties.
In order to go to work in this country, you must first familiarize yourself with the working conditions for foreigners, the procedure for obtaining a work visa, as well as with questions of remuneration for a foreigner. In addition, it is desirable to get an idea of the labor legislation in the country, to calculate the average cost of living and to foresee possible difficulties. So, how to make a lot of money and which country is better to go to work?
Working conditions.
Today work in Hong Kong attracts Russians with big salaries. In addition, local entrepreneurs provide their subordinates with not only a good salary, but also social assistance. But for this, the workers require high qualification and performance of entrusted duties at the highest level.
In order to find a successful job in Hong Kong, the foreigner needs to speak English at a high level and have a higher education. These conditions concern not only office employees, but also workers-versatile people (people who are looking for any job). However, working in Hong Kong for girls does not require professionalism and great experience. Local employers appreciate the beauty of Russian women.
Work without knowledge of the state language.
Today in Hong Kong, the Chinese are recognized as the state language. Workers who own a letter, technical and spoken Chinese, are very much appreciated in the country. People who know only English can also find work, but such vacancies appear on the market in a very limited number. It must be understood that the work in Hong Kong for Russians who know only Russian language is missing.
In demand vacancies.
The most demanded profession in Hong Kong is an English teacher. Here there is a large deficit of such employees. A Russian citizen with a higher education and extensive experience in teaching English without problems can find work in Hong Kong.
Since hotels in this country open almost every day, there is a large demand for employees in the tourism industry. English proficiency will help you find a job in hotels, bars, restaurants, hotels. With a large influx of tourists will be relevant work as a guide.
Due to the lack of professional cooks, this profession in the country itself is promising and profitable. If a visitor has behind him a lot of experience and a good education, he will have the opportunity to choose the place of work from famous restaurants.
Work in Hong Kong in the field of media is also very popular. Since many Hong Kong residents are still native English speakers, one can easily find work in newspaper publishers, find a job as a reporter or photographer. But even in such a sphere, a sufficient level of professionalism and at least minimal experience is required.
How to go to work and how to earn a lot of money.
Hong Kong companies need professional employees with valuable knowledge to fill jobs. Therefore, it will be hard for Russian citizens who have arrived without such professional qualities to find a job.
The first thing to do is find an employer. We need to prove to our future boss our own irreplaceability in the professional sphere. Next, you must sign an employment contract with the employer. After the usual procedure for collecting the necessary documents and the registration of a foreign employee for service. It is very important at the initial stage to obtain a certificate of work permit in Hong Kong, which you need to wait about two months.
The list of documents for obtaining a work permit includes such papers:
employment contract; a certificate of absence of local candidates for the position; a document confirming higher education; The description of the applicant's experience in short-term vacancies; document confirming non-conviction.
Work Visa.
Work in Hong Kong requires a work visa for all, except for those people who already have a permanent residence in Hong Kong. For an alien, the employer is responsible for processing the work visa. The law provides for several types of visas for official work.
General Employment Policy is the most popular work visa. The main conditions for obtaining it & ndash; this is the professionalism, knowledge and experience of the applicant. When applying for a work visa for a response from the consulate, you need to wait about a month. The first visa is issued to a foreigner for a year, then it can be extended by two, and later - and for three years. It allows a foreign worker to transport his family to Hong Kong.
Entry Visa for a New Helper is a visa for less professional employees. It enables you to get a job as a home staff or an au pair. With such a visa, the employee must reside on the territory of the employer and can not take his family with him.
How to find a job in Hong Kong yourself.
The Russian citizens can also find a job in Hong Kong without intermediaries. But in order to find a decent job with a good salary, a visitor needs to know the English language well. Legal work without knowledge of the language is impossible.
In Hong Kong, most of the jobs are provided to residents of China and Hong Kong. Therefore, foreigners should start looking for a place in advance. Search for a job can be done by sitting at home, via the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of the Department of Labor, as well as to the official website of the employment service of Hong Kong. In addition, you can use the well-known job search sites in this country: jobmarket, jobsdb, learn4good, indeed. After finding a suitable vacancy, it is best to contact the employer directly, using e-mail or other means.
Jobs and salary in Hong Kong for 2017.
In Hong Kong, operates a large number of large companies. In such corporations, the newcomer has a great chance to find a good job with a high salary. In 2017, it is recommended that Russians try to get a job in such large companies as CITIC Pacific, CLP Holding, China Mobile, HSBC, etc. These corporations do not have enough professionals for the following positions: marketer, auditor, business consultant, brand manager . If you manage to get a job, a high salary is waiting for the foreigner.
In 2017 for the residents of the CIS countries, vacancies are provided in the sphere of banking services, in the financial market, in medicine, logistics and in the field of software. Work in Hong Kong for women is possible in hotels, bars, restaurants, medical centers or elsewhere.
For 2017 in Hong Kong, the official salary is about 4.3 US dollars per hour. The average salary per month for 2017 is about 2000 US dollars. This level of wages (when calculating the average for the world) is considered to be above average.
What taxes need to be paid.
Taxes in the country are low, they need to be paid independently. This is an important fact that increases the income of the employee. The tax rate varies from 2% to 17%. Also, the state provides many discounts for paying taxes, which can lead to 0% of their payment. But, despite this, residents need to fill out an electronic declaration without fail.
There is a high level of freedom and human rights in the country. The authorities do not prohibit protests and always go to meet not only citizens, but also foreigners.
Work in Hong Kong: reviews of Russians.
Most Russians say that living and working in this country is not easy. In order to get a job, Russians need a visa, and when you issue a document at the consulate, you need to explain the reason for the trip to a foreign country. These explanations influence the time period for issuing a visa.
The citizens of Russia share their experience and say that it is theoretically possible to come to the state on a tourist visa, get a job, and then get a work permit. But if the authorities disclose this fact, they can legitimately issue deportation from the country.
Problems with workplaces for foreigners are created by the authorities of the country. Slavic people who worked in Hong Kong, called several reasons for the difficulty of obtaining vacancies for visitors:
the law states that before employing a stranger to work, the employer must ensure that a local resident can not be taken to this place; an entrepreneur who took to his work & laquo; imported & raquo; employee, must first register an open vacancy in the Department of Labor; the average salary of an outsider should not differ from the average payment for a given position; an employee from another state is allowed to stay in the country if he has an employment contract with the employer.
As soon as the labor contract is over, the foreign employee is obliged to return to his power. Continuing the document, you can stay (or again come) to the country to work.

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