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Work in Germany: vacancies, salaries for visitors from Russia and the CIS.

Work in Germany: vacancies, salaries for visitors from Russia and the CIS.
Every year the number of emigrants from Russia to European countries increases. Germany is particularly in demand, as it is relatively far from the world and offers a decent labor market and payment.
Among job specialties vacancies are claimed:
waiters & # 8212; 1350 euros, fittings & # 8212; 1400 euros, masons & # 8212; 1400 euros, joiners & # 8212; 1200 euros, experts in gypsum plasterboard & # 8212; 1300 euros, nurses & # 8212; 2000 euros, carers & # 8212; 1600 euros, teachers & # 8212; 2000 euros.
Of course. Consider that wages in large cities are more than in the provinces. Some employers require a six-day work schedule, which is specified in the employment contract.
At this time, the German embassy does not issue work visas because of the crisis, so a legal departure to a given country for work is problematic.
About life and work in Germany & # 8212; interview with guest worker.
Tikhomirov Ekaterian (interviewer): we met Misha on Facebook: I have an assignment from the editorial office to do an interview with a person from Russia or Ukraine working in Europe. The main question is & # 8212; how are you?
Michael is 42 years old, he came to Germany at 37, cleaned up offices, then was engaged in repairs, now he heads the team, he works in the field of alternative energy.
The answer is really simple. The opportunity to work abroad in this country was turned up. And I want to note that there are more Russian people in Germany than I imagined. For example, I worked in Berlin. There, Russian speech can be found in almost any public place.
From your personal experience, what kind of work do Russians offer in most cases?
All depends on several factors. First, knowledge of the language decides much. Also, the previous work experience, or rather your professional skills, is important. There are also such vacancies that do not require special knowledge. For example, work in companies that provide cleaning services. Although this work has its own characteristics, but everything can be learned at will. The Germans are quite demanding people. First of all to yourself and naturally to your employees.
A lot of work from the repair: tiles, wallpaper, parquet, laminate, etc.
And such a job is paid dignified?
If you take to the attention of the vacancy of office cleaner and apartments, the initial average payment for a guest worker is approximately 700-1000 euros per month. This is not a lot of money for the countries of Europe, but for the Russian people this amount already means something.
How to treat Russian colleagues. Do you have friends in Germany?
The concept of friendship in the Germans is slightly different from the friendship that we are accustomed to in our country. You correctly expressed yourself in your question. In the team there are colleagues, not friends. At work, no one is inclined to make friends. It is also not customary to share personal problems with colleagues. It's not in their rules of life. Everything is built in such a way that one person should be primarily interested in one topic & # 8212; quality performance of their professional duties. Neighbors also do not particularly try to enter into each other's trust. Communication is of course, but it is not so sincere and open.
With friendship it is clear, but how do the Germans relate to family relations?
Oh, this is generally a separate topic. The family for them is the most important priority in life (at least in those circles where I live). But there are also many single people. Alone to live badly everywhere. Especially in a country where fairly strict rules and a life-course operate.
How do Russian people adapt to a new life?
Differently. Of course, at first it's hard enough to get used to a new one. You have to close your eyes to many things, if at first something seems incomprehensible and even absurd. Russian families, who have already been in Germany for a number of years and are well equipped in terms of work, take a loan from the bank, buy housing and cars. But the Germans are not used to living at the expense of lending. They like to save more and buy everything, even if not immediately, but for their personal funds. Young people have them as elsewhere & # 8212; the wind in my head, but it goes away.
Is it true that the Germans are quite polite people?
I would not say that. In supermarkets, or cafes of course you always cute smile. But they get money for it. We are talking about sellers, cashiers, waiters. In a word about the staff. And so everything, as usual people. If something ask you will answer.
Do you want to continue working in this country and what advice will you give to those who are just going to go to Europe?
Here already 5 years. I gained some experience, I could more or less get used to their life and living conditions. I also know German. Why not, another 5-7 years. But I associate my future with the return to my homeland. I want to open a company for energy saving and alternative energy sources, I want to introduce & # 171; new & # 187; for the Russian technology market.
To those who are going to go & # 8212; stay in Russia. In fact, in Europe it is very difficult to work, there are a lot of visitors, you do not need anyone here. If you are going, be prepared to step on your own self, clean up, perform dirty work. Young girls from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are welcome here (in the most trivial sense), I certainly would not let go of my own.
I have a lawyer in the brigade, went to Moscow in Moscow, rented an apartment on Prospekt Mira, and then the firm where he worked closed. I went here on an acquaintance, thought, there is an experience, education, will be in chocolate & # 8212; Now he mixes sand concrete and learns to work with fiberglass reinforcement. Many who from ours, from Russia, Ukraine, achieve success here, do it, otherwise there will be nothing to eat.
Houses & # 8212; any more options. But this is my opinion. There are enough people who, in any case, spit on Russia and Ukraine and are very proud of living in Europe, although they have not integrated in fact.
I want to go to Germany and work for me in the profession of gas electric welder fitter plumber atistat there is help to find work there.
I'm looking for a job as a male pairemaker, I'm a professional in my business. I want to work in Germany.
Hello. I'm Guzal from Uzbekistan. I am 38 years old. I am an English teacher and 15 years of experience for the last 3 years I worked as a director at the school. I'm looking for a job in Germany. And I see you have the right job for me. I speak English perfectly.
Hello. I am from Moldova, pedagogical education, at this moment I work as a cook in Romania. In the restaurant business I work more than 9 years (waiter, barman, administrator, cook). I am looking for work in Germany, Holland. Knowledge of languages: Russian, Romanian.
A young married couple looking for work abroad, Czech Republic, USA, Norway, L Slovakia, Austria, Germany.
I am 31 years old. I worked with the cabinet maker. I am a master of doors and furniture.
We made non-standard furniture. For 30 years she also has higher education. We will consider any variants. I live in Armenia. If someone helps I will be grateful.
Good day. I am a master of doors and furniture. I would like to work in Germany. Have experience working abroad. If anyone will be grateful.
I'm an engineer technologist, I want to work in Germany, please help us.
Hello! I want to find a job in Germany. I know the language at the level of communication. secondary education. I consider the work of a nurse, a nanny, an au pair. I have experience working in private families. If you can help me, please. I will be very grateful to you.
Sincerely, Elena.
Dear Elena. I apologize for taking up your time. Have your efforts in finding a job somehow progressed? I also want to find a job in Germany. I have a map of the Pole. In 1.5 years I can have a European passport. Now I sit in Italy and slowly go crazy, there is no work and is not expected, although I know the language well enough and I have a lot of experience as a nurse. Write to me, please, if you have any changes. I just looked at Polish sites, a lot of job offers.
I want to go to Germany to earn money who can help.
I'm looking for a job as an electrical engineer. Help please find a job. Thank you.
Why is it that only Tajik Tajiks are only 800 thousand and Uzbeks 8 million are better than the rest of the gastrubateurs? Let's not say.
Hmm, this is a kind of dream, yes, working abroad? Well, in my own way, it may be good, but I'm probably a patriot, and therefore I adhere to the tradition where I was born and there I was fit. " Especially now, to get a working visa is a huge question, even a question. The crisis, and the Russians have gone too far abroad. They think that everyone is waiting for them there. And we are waiting for the Tajiks in our country? Exactly. We are the same Tajiks for them, at any rate, the residents see us as they do.
And if the teacher work & # 8212; then in what language to teach. in Russian?
I have a classmate for six months already working in Germany. First he was interviewed by Skype, then he went there. say that there is such a big z / n & # 8212; you can not! they went there more to see how people live there! Again, for two years of the contract you can learn a second language & # 8212; He knows English well, now he studies German. They also have children "# 8212; The oldest child will now be six and, according to German rules, he will definitely have to go to school. This is also cool & # 8212; the child will learn a second language from childhood. so you can work in Germany, but relatives and friends are still very difficult.
In Europe and Germany, in particular, the crisis and unemployment. They have to sort it out with their own, it's not up to visitors from Eastern Europe and Russia.
Since legal departure to Germany is problematic, the chance to be deceived by the employer increases by a hundredfold! Be vigilant when going abroad!
With a huge desire there is nothing problematic, you can find several ways how to get to work in Germany.
I do not understand why the carpenter's work is valued less than the waiter and the nurse, for example. My husband works as a carpenter, and I know that this is a difficult job. Although, maybe in Germany, just better working conditions, better equipment, so "human" work there is easier & # 8230;
good money. but it's not in russia. As far as I know in Germany, Russians are treated poorly. So it's better to have a bird in your hand than a crane in the sky. But if anyone interested in this proposal, then I can only wish good luck & # 8230;
It seems to me that it is necessary for our government to exert maximum efforts, so as not to lose all young talents. But in search of a good life, one must choose between a decent salary and one's homeland. Do not we need good teachers, doctors, builders? Why can another state give them a good salary? It's very sad!
In Germany there are guest workers. They are Poles. We have Tajiks, and they have Poles. So everything is busy. especially working specialties.
Now it is difficult to get to Germany & # 8230; many conditions due to the crisis came up & # 8230; But excellent specialists, when confirmed, take course!
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