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Work in Cyprus.

Work in Cyprus.
The Republic of Cyprus (English Cyprus) & ndash; A small state in the Mediterranean with a population of about 1 million. The Republic belongs to the EU and the euro area, there are two official languages on its territory & ndash; Turkish and Greek. The islanders speak English and Russian, which reduces the language barrier for visitors. This is a traditional tourist destination in Europe thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, clean sandy beaches, developed hotel business. Therefore, work for local residents, as well as migrants, most often lies in the tourism industry and services.
If you want to look for work for a season or a long time, see the ads on the site We help those who want information services, establish communication with the employer. In our articles there is information about visa registration and moving abroad.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in Cyprus?
This is not the richest and most developed country in the Eurozone. In the past few years, the state has undergone a wave of economic crises, which has led to an increase in unemployment. Until 2016, the incomes of the islanders declined annually against the background of inflation, and only last year the socio-economic situation has relatively stabilized. Today, here the average salary is 1500 EUR per month.
This makes it difficult to find work between foreigners and locals because of increased competition.
But, nevertheless, work in Cyprus for Ukrainians, vacancies will always be found with the correct search strategy.
Requirements for work in tourism.
Work in service and requires candidates to meet strict requirements:
languages (English, Greek and / or Turkish & ndash; preferably);
knowledge of history, culture, sights;
have good communication skills;
information on the absence of previous convictions;
to undergo a full medical examination (for the absence of viral skin diseases);
Diploma of Education, accredited in Europe.
If most of these items are fulfilled, then you can claim:
guide, guide to historical places;
hotel manager, maid;
waiter, dishwasher, cleaner.
Animators are in demand in the entertainment industry. In Cyprus, there are numerous casinos, entertainment complexes, where staff are needed. But you do not have to count on a profitable job, because Most migrants are offered unskilled jobs (room cleaners, handymen, dishwashers).
Average wages.
Girls recommend to get a job as a maid in hotels. Masters of manicure, masseurs, hairdressers, makeup artists, specialists in the correction of eyebrows and eyelashes are also needed.
Employees of the service sector are claiming an average salary of 1000-1500 EUR. For unskilled labor, a minimum wage of 874 euros is stipulated for work in Cyprus.
For applicants for work, who are qualified in the field of pedagogy, linguistics, medicine, options to get a high-paying job more. Those who want to find a stable job in North Cyprus get a chance to get a job as a teacher, educator in private kindergartens. Candidates with medical education can count on the device nurses for the elderly and seriously ill people.
Work in Cyprus for Russian & ndash; a specific area to search for. It is more difficult to find it, but you can get a position in hotels and hotels oriented to tourists from the CIS. Schools for Russian and Ukrainian children & ndash; Another option is to look for a vacancy for teachers, educators, educators.
Employees of the so-called Deficit occupations are more likely to find a decent high-paying job. Traditionally, the most popular are IT specialists, software developers and testers.
How is the processing of documents.
The list of securities for legalization depends on the time for which you plan to go. Ukrainians, Russians and other citizens of the CIS have two employment strategies: seasonal work in the summer (during the holidays) and permanent work.
For seasonal employment for the summer, a visa of categories A-F is required, for a constant & ndash; category D. To prepare a visa, prepare:
unified form statement;
certificate of material support;
certificate of good conduct.
The consular fee for registration will cost 40 & euro; . The permit for a visa is issued for 12 months with the possibility of renewal.
The main condition for obtaining a visa is & ndash; presence of a valid contract with the employer. That is, before you start to issue a visa at the embassy, you need to have a ready-made workplace. To find an employer & ndash; the most difficult task. Those who do not have connections (friends, relatives, colleagues living on the island) have to personally establish contacts with Cypriot pre-entrepreneurs. On the island are popular job exchanges, for example cyprusjobs, jobincyprus and other sites. Also popular are forums, newspapers, where private job advertisements are published.
A competitor from Ukraine is theoretically working independently, but this is more difficult because of the language barrier, cultural and mental differences, and competition in the labor market. Cypriots, in spite of their hospitality, prefer compatriots to job placement. Therefore, it will be difficult for a foreigner to get through independently.
We collected a maximum of information in all matters related to the visa form, the conclusion of an official employment contract, the search for housing and relocation. Trust our recommendations and go forward to meet your future!
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