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Work and available vacancies in Greenland.

Work and available vacancies in Greenland.
A huge island, an area of more than 2 000 000 km2, located to the north-east of the United States, owned by Denmark and is its autonomous unit.
Work in Greenland is unique in that it has one of the lowest unemployment rates compared to other European countries. At the same time, a very high standard of living and relative stability in comparison with the countries of the old world.
What you need to expect when planning a trip for employment.
Almost all of Greenland is covered with snow and ice, the population is concentrated on the coast from the south-west side. Here are the largest populated points: the capital & # 8212; Nuuk (Gothob), Kakartok, Sisimiut, Maniitsoq.
The mildest climate, respectively, on the south-west coast, the average summer temperature is 7-10 degrees Celsius above zero, the winter temperature is 8-11 below zero. There are also sharp changes, so in June the temperature can reach +20 degrees, and in a week drop to 0. The eastern coast is characterized by low indicators, the average temperature of January is 27 degrees and strong northern winds.
It is to such weather and climatic conditions that one must be prepared when planning a trip to Greenland.
Variants of employment.
For Ukrainians, as for other CIS citizens, there are several ways to find work on this northern island. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages about which it is necessary to know in advance.
Come to the island and find a job yourself. Naturally, in order to visit Greenland, you need a valid visa. You can arrange it at the Embassy of Denmark, located in Kiev on Gogolevskaya street, house 8 or by contacting one of the numerous visa centers in Denmark. In this case, you will need to issue a tourist visa, and in the future, change to a working visa.
Sample visa to Greenland.
A work visa allows its user to apply for a residence permit in Greenland, which is initially issued for 1 year.
Overview of the Greenland labor market.
In order to have an idea of the average Greenland wages and know what you can count on, the pay of some workers on the island in 2017 is presented below. It can be seen from the table that the prices are quite similar to those in Europe and differ little from each other individually.
Work of the watchmaker.
As elsewhere, a specialist in the higher category gets a little more than a handyman.
Note: Currency conversion is indicated in the approximate coefficient as of November 2016.
Registration of a work visa.
If issues do not arise with the issuance of a tourist visa, then the work visa is done a little differently. To do this, it is necessary to agree in advance with the employer about their employment and prepare the following package of documents:
International passport; Photograph of the established sample; The invitation card from the employer, in which he undertakes to accept the applicant for work; Receipt for payment of the fee; Medical insurance; Confirmation that the applicant has the necessary amount to live on the island (in some cases, the employer takes these costs on himself).
Sample invitation to work.
At the invitation of a rare qualified specialist, there are cases when the Greenland legal entity paid the applicant not only the way to the island, but also rented the house and paid the material costs associated with the move.
What you need to know about working in Greenland.
Marine fishing & # 8212; the main kind of economy of the island.
Laziness and reckless attitude of the local population to their work say many foreigners who have visited this country. For a Greenlander to miss a couple of days after receiving a paycheck & # 8212; this is in the order of things. The attitude towards foreign citizens is naturally different and no one will forgive such behavior, so it should be taken into account. Since the majority of the population is engaged in the procurement of meat of sheep and bulls, as well as fishing and hunting, practically the entire small list of vacant vacancies is based on the crafts associated with them. Going to work in Greenland, it should be borne in mind that more than 85% of the island's population are indigenous Eskimos and only the remaining 15% are allocated to Europeans and Danes. And the main language is not state - Danish, and Greenlandic. Therefore, knowledge of the local dialect will be welcomed at the interview with the employer. The Government of the Kingdom is loyal to citizens of other states working on its territory. For residents of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, as well as for other foreigners, special courses for teaching the local language and culture are provided (the disadvantage is that such courses exist only in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk). In addition, they have the right to enjoy social benefits: Free medical care (except for prosthetics); Participation in the accumulative pension programs of the kingdom.
In order to get a job in Greenland for the first time, a foreign citizen must have a work permit.
It is requested by the employer by applying to the Ministry of Labor of the country.
Disadvantages of working in Greenland.
One of the main shortcomings that must be taken into account when looking for interesting vacancies in Greenland is a rigid taxation system.
The minimum income tax rate is 40% of earnings (one of the world's maximum coefficients).
Moreover, this scale progresses depending on the level of income, with a salary of more than 60,000 Danish kroner (in translation for the euro will be slightly more than 8,000), a tax equal to 65% of the earnings is withheld. Thus, the total, net income of an ordinary employee and specialist is practically equalized.
The national currency of Greenland is # 8212; Danish krone.
In conclusion, after an uninterrupted residence permit for 7 years, which passed without violation of the country's legislation and subject to compulsory knowledge of the state language, one can claim Danish citizenship. True, this will not change much the situation in comparison with the residence permit. Add only the opportunity to participate in elections and enter the US without hindrance.

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