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Will they restore Donetsk and Lugansk through the “nadtsat” years?

Will they restore Donetsk and Lugansk through the "nadtsat" years?
Where will they get such funds?
I will not assume, but I will only say about what I already know myself about. After the militia came out of Kramatorsk, the state did not allocate a penny to help in rebuilding what itself had destroyed. In my house there was not a single apartment with whole windows - absolutely everyone put them at their own expense. At neighbors in general a mine has taken out a wall - all restored. Kindergartens, schools, hospitals, exposed to shelling, were completely restored at the expense of local large enterprises. People who were left without shelter (after private houses were burnt or there was a direct hit of mines and shells in the apartment) not only did not receive at least some help, but they were also obliged to leave, so that they could live.
Only yesterday, when I saw all this destructiveness in the news, I thought about how to rebuild all this later. Where can I get that much money? After all, I think many homes do not need to be repaired at all, only demolition and construction of a new house. In general, many troubles have been brought. Simply horror, a disaster. I think, of course, Russia will certainly help them again, other countries are likely to turn away.
Of course, only after the war. And if the Russian troops do not enter these areas, then the one who has destroyed in any scenario will be restored. Russia was forced to rebuild Chechnya - there, judging by the TV, beauty is now. I think that the same will happen to the Donbas - there will be suits in the court and there is nowhere to go to the international court to be (there are similar decisions on such cases). Europe and America will help Ukraine, but it's difficult to say how long this will last.
To restore there is certainly horror as much! In a good way, money should be taken from those on whose orders these cities were destroyed. Moreover, they are now multiplying their capitals on this. And you need to restore the hands of those who directly carried out orders. They still deserve prison as murderers.
I think if only they will be part of Russia - otherwise they themselves will not find money for restoration anywhere. And so the history knows many examples, when the cities destroyed before the foundation were restored. Minsk, for example, after the Great Patriotic War.
The cities of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions will begin to be rebuilt as soon as they are again in the jurisdiction of Ukraine. In the liberation of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk from the separatists, the process has already started. Restoration of the rest of the Donbass, which, if they leave Ukraine, seem to be alone with themselves. Is that Russia pozhyat podkinet. But I do not think that it will be dispersed by quite large sums. Moreover, these self-named republics of Russia are not recognized by Russia. It is not necessary to talk about entering Russia. Is it necessary for Russia? Another problem region, in addition to the Crimea. And, much more problematic. Not only that, subsidized, so also destroyed. Of course, anyone will be able to restore. Maybe, but they can handle it themselves. As part of Ukraine, it would, of course, go faster. But in any case it is necessary that the war there ends first. And the end of it and the edge is not visible.

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