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Why Slovakia? Our move.

Why Slovakia? Our move.
Slovakia & ndash; a country with a lot of advantages for life. This country is distinguished by beautiful urban and natural landscapes, clean streets, goodwill and high culture of its inhabitants.
Hello! After choosing the country for emigration. Many questions came to me, why it was Slovakia and how we moved. I want to make two parts of the video, so that everyone looks exactly what he is interested in. The first will be about the choice of our country, the second is about the move. So, if you're interested, keep looking.
So, why Slovakia? If we proceed from my previous video about the recommendation for choosing the country, then for us, first of all, countries from other continents have taken their places: America, Australia, etc. Because it is difficult to get to relatives for a long time, it is difficult and difficult. Therefore, Europe remained with us. The next point for dropout was the financial component, that is, the cost of living. So England, France and other quite expensive countries were left. The next point is the climate. We did not want a cold and damp climate, so the Baltic countries, Germany, where we could find a way to emigrate, but the climate there personally I really do not like it - rainy and damp. We wanted something like what was in Ukraine, but not with such swings, not such a cold winter and not such a hot summer. After all this, there are few countries left. From them we chose the countries that are ready to accept us. Not all countries you will have legal grounds for moving. For example, the Czech Republic suited us by all criteria, but it is now virtually closed to emigrants. Even if you get a residence permit there, then with a very small chance you will extend it. So there remained Poland, Slovakia. We considered Slovenia for relocation, but it is more expensive than Slovakia. When we began to consider how to go to Slovenia, we realized that the transport interchange was simply impossible. We could not even go there, and not that relatives would come to visit us, it would be very problematic. We for some reason did not even consider Poland, Slovakia remained, which attracted our location, because from Bratislava to Vienna 80 km, to Budapest - about 200. That is, all countries are happy: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria. In general, and Bratislava for the most part suits us. That is, we settled in Bratislava not because of the proximity to Budapest and Vienna, but we also liked Bratislava very much. When we moved here and began to live here, we saw for ourselves a lot of some pleasant moments. There are a lot of all kinds of lakes here, the nature here is so classy, so they take care and care for it. There are many thermal springs, spa treatments are not a problem, skiing is not a problem either. It's fashionable to go to Poland and Austria, depending on who prefers the best holiday. Therefore, we really liked Slovakia, and we decided to move to it.
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I want to tell you a little about my first impressions. For the first time in Slovakia, I visited when I had already arrived to apply for a temporary residence permit. Probably, it was wrong, but it happened so. My expectations were a bit different, because before that we visited Germany. It is simply dishonest to compare the development of Germany and Slovakia, because this is a different level of the economy, especially since the years of the Soviet Union here have left their imprint. In addition, Bratislava is not so long ago the capital, because from the time of the division of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, not much time passed. Before that, Prague was the capital all the time. Therefore, Bratislava is a fairly young capital and not so developed. My first impressions were cardinally different, compared to the current ones, after we lived here here today. What can I say now? I fall in love with this country more and more, simply because there is an insanely cool, warm and positive attitude to people, Slovaks are very friendly and good-natured. That attitude to the children that we see here is simply not conveyed in words, we do not always treat our own child as they treat strangers. The tongue at first seemed to us a little dry and harsh, we have it more smooth, that Russian, that Ukrainian. The Slovak language is more chopped, in my opinion. But, when we speak it, we do not notice it, often we just think in Slovak and can not remember some words in Russian. I speak Russian worse and sometimes I forget some words.
Also a huge plus is nature. Here it is very appreciated and cherished. At the same time, it is cultivated, there are shops, urns, there are paths, maybe even a bus. There are huge forest parks where there can be several lakes where the fish swim. When the fish spawns, the catch is prohibited everywhere, there are no fishermen who catch it. In addition, just go fishing is not so easy. I guess I got carried away, it's not in the subject of this video. People are so used to protect nature, they do not litter anywhere, there are no plastic bottles, although there are a lot of urns, but people can not afford to throw garbage and leave. If we talk about nature, there are lots of thermal springs and spa treatments in natural conditions. Since there is no sea here, so-called "baths" are organized here, these are cultivated reservoirs. In addition, in some places water parks are made. The lack of the sea here, it turns out, is not. Unfortunately, these are not swimming pools or any indoor facilities, so these ponds are only available during the warm season.
The next plus, which I want to say, is sports. He so permeated here the life of everyone that, anyone who does not ask, everyone is engaged in some kind of sport or something related to it. It's running, roller skates, a bike that practically everyone has, Nordic walking with sticks for older people. There are bicycle paths here, and next to us is the huge EV6 Nantes-Constanta cycling track, 3653 km long. No one will laugh if you go for a run, you will warm up, it's so common and usual for everyone that you yourself are involuntarily drawn into it, you want to do something, start to get carried away. It's great that sport is in the ordinary life of any person.
Another plus of Slovakia is that this country is part of the Eurozone. Maybe for someone special comfort in this, no, but for us it's good that you do not need to convert money when moving to some other country. A lot of countries of the European Union enter the Eurozone, therefore, wherever we go, we freely pay our money. Arriving in Budapest, we everywhere paid with cards. At some point there was no machine with tickets in the subway, there was no possibility to pay with the card and it was necessary for the cashier to buy a ticket. We had to go through the metro station to change money, it was so uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Therefore, the fact that we have the euro, makes us happy and freer.
If we talk about the traffic intersection of Bratislava - Ukraine, then we can travel either via Budapest, which we do when we arrive by train to Budapest, and thence by plane to Kiev. Also here near Vienna. In Bratislava there is an airport, but there are no direct flights to Ukraine, but there is a train that goes to Kiev. In general, there are no problems with moving to and from Ukraine, and this is also a big plus.
Another point that I want to recall is the character, mentality and energy of the Slovaks, which is exactly the opposite of ours. They are very calm, measured, do not rush anywhere and do everything scrupulously. At us energy splashes in the different parties, to us it is good, it is bad. Therefore, here you are unlikely to hear shouts even at a large and crowded event. Here you will not see drunken debauches, I have never seen a fight, while we live here, despite the fact that Slovaks drink a lot. I did not see a single Russian or Ukrainian who would drink like a Slovak. And they drink quite culturally, everything here is very calm and peaceful. This is a big plus for us, we calm ourselves down quietly and start enjoying life, seeing these benefits, this nature and enjoying it.
There are so many more things to say about Slovakia, but I guess I'll leave it for the next video. If you have any questions, then please ask. In the following video, I want to tell you about medicine in Slovakia, in particular, about dentistry, about some other things that we noticed while living here. In general, everything that we notice and pay attention to, I will necessarily share this with you. And the next part of the video will be about our move here, how we collected things, how everything was correctly distributed. Thank you for watching. If you find this video useful, put your finger up, I will be very pleased. I await your questions and comments below under the video. Thank you all for viewing! Bye Bye!
Slovakia & mdash; A cozy country for life, which is located in Central Europe. It borders on Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, which is a big plus for those who like to travel.
Having started in this country even a small business, you can get a residence permit in Slovakia and eventually become a citizen in Europe.
And the residence permit can be obtained for the purpose of studying in the Slovak language courses. It is similar to Ukrainian, its feature is the accent on the first syllable.
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