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Which is better: Egypt or Tunisia?

Which is better: Egypt or Tunisia?
Choosing between Egypt and Tunisia, you first need to figure out what you want from the rest: the beach and the sea, sights, exotics, a good hotel and an appropriate level of service, and how much you are willing to pay for all this.
Now let's compare these countries on the following parameters:
For Tunisia and Egypt - for 4 hours.
Both countries do not need a visa. At the airport of Egypt, you will need to buy for just $ 15 stamps, which here are pasted into your passport, and in Tunisia there are no such requirements.
In Tunisia - the period from May to September, in Egypt - spring and autumn. So, when choosing: Tunisia or Egypt in June, it is better to go to Tunis.
Do not forget to buy travel insurance on the trip!
In Egypt, the hotels are not the best. And even in hotels of 5 stars there are minor shortcomings, however, given the low cost, all this is acceptable. In Tunisia, you can face a mismatch: in a 4-star hotel there may be non-working plumbing, old furniture, a dirty pool, bad food, when in the next 3-star - the best conditions. It is recommended to carefully choose the hotel, and, according to reviews, not the stars.
In Egypt, a low-level service. You can be deceived in the restaurant, when calculating at the hotel, when exchanging currency. In Tunisia will have to prove their case. Staff is not too polite and quick.
In Egypt and Tunisia, the beaches are completely different. In Egypt, the beaches are sandy and rocky, narrow and wide. There are places where it is rather shallow or, conversely, the bottom drastically slips out from under the feet. City beaches - poorly maintained, and those that are assigned to hotels - comfortable and clean, with sun beds and umbrellas.
The sea in Tunisia is clean, white sand, but often it is littered by the same vacationers. Most of the beaches are also assigned to hotels, due to which they keep order. However, at times the abundance of jellyfish worries.
Egypt on this part has no equal. Cheap fascinating diving, a rich underwater world. In Tunisia - an interesting excursion to the Sahara, mirages and camel riding, visiting the Berber village and spending the night in a local hotel. It is interesting to see the ruins of Carthage and the Colosseum of El Jem.
The weather in Egypt and Tunisia is different. If Egypt can rest year-round, because the air temperature during the day even in winter 23 � C, at night - 16 � C, and water - 21 � C, then in Tunisia the beach season starts near the end of May and ends in October.

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