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Which country is better than Spain or Italy?

Which country is better than Spain or Italy?
It's difficult to choose. Unites these countries are not only the currency, the languages of one group, the mass of attractions, beautiful beaches, but also hospitality, wonderful Mediterranean cuisine! There is one more common element: both Italy and Spain are very diverse inside themselves! You can travel all over Spain and everywhere it will be different: the north is not like the south, the center to the east, etc. The same can be said about Italy, one Sicily worth! I travel a lot in Spain, and in Italy, I speak two languages, although Spanish will always remain primary!))) When a person chooses a trip, he plans a budget, as a rule. This point, I think, can tip the scales in the direction of Spain. Traveling in Spain, as my practice showed, is cheaper than in Italy. This applies to both transport and nutrition. Yes, and shopping in Spain to deal more profitably in terms of obtaining tax free (in Italy the purchase amount is much higher). So I think not only me: in the summer season the Italians themselves prefer to relax in Spain, so they get cheaper!
Looking at what criteria to compare;) And what cities and regions. In general, I will say that I personally like rest in Italy and in Spain. The sea is everywhere good, the food, perhaps, is more delicious in Italy. Entertainment and attractions are everywhere, the prices are about the same. Visa and there, and there just get. Men are both there, and there are beautiful. What else is left ?! Purchases. And there, and there it is good. Excellent shoes, bags, clothes .. Everything is good, but so far it turns out that Italy is better, although I love Spain immensely.
The question is not answered. It is impossible to choose! I love Italy! It's a beautiful country! Italian speech can be heard as music. And now it's concrete: Italy is a beautiful warm sea beaches, it's the oldest story (in any city!) Venice alone is worth, it's delicious pizza and pasta (in the north, risotto) and most importantly Shopping. Milan is the capital of fashion, fashion shows can be seen right on the street looking at passing Milanese. And in the period of sales this fashion becomes available! Italians are very hospitable, they accept you so that you want to return.
And now all the same can repeat my girlfriend in love with Spain! Paradox. Therefore, you need to visit these countries and choose your highlight!
For me, the choice is obvious!) SPAIN) In Spain it was 3 times, in three different regions. In this country it is impossible not to fall in love) In Italy, I did not have such a feeling. Both the countries are insanely beautiful and sunny, but Spain is somehow native, , home)

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