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Where to buy real estate abroad in order to obtain a European residence permit?

Where to buy real estate abroad in order to obtain a European residence permit?
Many acquire real estate abroad not for permanent residence in the coming years, but for investment or obtaining a European residence permit.
The rules for acquiring a residence permit for business owners or real estate in countries are constantly changing. Where abroad is it easier now to buy a house to get the appropriate benefits (quickly become a citizen, get a residence permit) and stay in the Schengen zone without hindrance? We offer a list of five countries where there are fewer bureaucratic barriers, and property prices are lower.
Latvian conditions for the granting of residence permits to real estate buyers have been tightened since 2016, but still remain one of the most attractive in the world for Russians. The cost of objects, the purchase of which gives the alien the right to issue a residence permit, has increased. In the province (excluding large cities) are allowed to purchase several objects with a cost (total) of at least � 125,000, and in cities - � 250,000. In addition, every 5 years the owner of the house (but not all family members) pays a fee of � 5,000.
Pros of the Latvian residence permit:
� the document is issued immediately for 5 years;
� right work in Europe, get a driving license of the EU model;
� visa-free entry to the European Union and other states;
� there are no restrictions on the length of stay in Latvia;
� You can use a mortgage to buy.
Acquisition of residential property in the Republic of Cyprus is also not difficult. The Cypriot authorities have adopted a special program for granting citizenship to those who invest at least � 2.5 million in the economy. The purchase of real estate is also regarded as an investment. Foreigners are allowed to buy apartments, houses of not more than 4014 square meters. m. per person. Citizenship is issued for 3 months to the buyer, his children under 27 and his wife. When acquiring more modest facilities (for � 300 thousand), you can apply for a residence permit. For the accelerated procedure, only new property is required and only the developer, the confirmed annual income of the buyer (outside Cyprus) is not less than � 30 thousand and for dependents of � 5 thousand. The applicant must have at least � 30 thousand in the bank of Cyprus and submit certificate from the motherland on the absence of previous convictions.
The Greek authorities are now issuing a 5-year residence permit for home buyers worth � 250 thousand, as well as members of their families. The entire period, while the ownership of housing remains, the residence permit is extended without restrictions. Work in the country with such a document is prohibited.
In Malta, the design of residence permit lasts only 3-4 months. The exact amount of purchase or rental of housing for the residence permit depends on the region and the municipality, but the minimum threshold is � 270,000 in the southern regions. Those who apply for residence permits must also purchase government bonds for 5 years for � 250,000. Plus, you must pay a fee of � 30,000 for each member of the family.
Portugal recently revised and simplified the rules for obtaining residence permit. You can choose to buy in any part of the country a house or other residential property (but not commercial real estate) no less than � 500,000 or open an account in a Portuguese bank for � 1 million for five years or buy the same amount of securities or open a company with 10 jobs for the Portuguese.
Similar rules apply in Spain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary. In some countries offer easier conditions for obtaining residence permits for pensioners. What documents will be required for the transaction When you purchase real estate in different countries, you need your package of documents. But most of the papers are the same everywhere - these are personal documents of buyers. Prepare them in advance in Russia.
For everyone, on whom the real estate will be issued, it will be required:
1. Foreign passport and its copies (valid for at least 1 year).
2. A copy of the Russian passport.
3. Copy of the birth certificate.
4. A copy of the certificate of marriage (divorce), the death of the spouse.
All these documents (except the passport) must be translated into the language of the country where the transaction will be made and notarized to transfer the translation. This can be done in a translation agency. Translation agency "Prima Vista" will prepare for you notary translations of all necessary documents. For some of the closest countries that used to belong to the USSR (for example, Belarus, Kazakhstan), to translate documents from the Russian language to buy property and not to certify them.
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