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Where in Europe it is easiest to obtain a residence permit in 2018.

Where in Europe it is easiest to obtain a residence permit in 2018.
Often in the process of immigration, the decisive role in choosing a country is played by the complexity of the process of legalization: countries with high economic growth provide their population with an adequate standard of living, which affects the interest of foreigners to these states; hence the increased requirements for newcomers. We will try to find out how to get a residence permit in Europe, and where it's easier to do it in 2018.
It is important to know.
The year of the birth of the European Union is 1992 & # 8211; it was then that the Maastricht agreement was signed, which united several European countries into a unitary community. Since then, an EU citizen is a person who owns a passport of one of the powers that have entered the union. A little later the Schengen agreement was signed, which abolished passport control and issuing visas for people moving inside the territory.
Of course, it will not be very difficult to get the desired resident status in European countries that do not participate in the Schengen agreement. But if you chose this region as your new homeland, then you need to enter into it first.
To make it it is necessary according to the corresponding visa with the same name or under the national visa of any country chosen by you. Keep in mind that this document will allow you to stay in the EU for no more than 90 days every six months, after which you will be required to leave the specified territory.
Benefits of residence permit in Europe:
the right to receive social benefits in the form of pensions, childbirth allowances, loss of employment; the opportunity to use preferential medicine and education services; Travel within Schengen without a visa; the ability to obtain permission to enter the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada under a simplified procedure; possibility to buy a car on preferential terms; the opportunity to become a full-fledged citizen of the chosen country, having passed the way from permanent residence to permanent residence and citizenship; the right to open your business, bank accounts, buy real estate.
It is necessary to understand that the status of a resident can not be obtained simply on the basis of your great desire. For this you need to have iron arguments. In each country, they may vary slightly, but the main ones look like this:
training; marriage; reunion with the family; employment; opening a business; treatment; investments.
It is worth noting that not all listed grounds will allow you to get a job. Therefore, before deciding to move, think carefully about what you expect from life in Europe.
Where you will be happy.
The surest way to settle in old Europe for a long time is & # 8211; this, of course, investment. Many people quite naively believe that one of the ways of investing money is buying a home. But once forced to upset: as a basis for this fact will take only a few countries, and then only if you spend on housing is not less than the state-established limit. But most countries will find the acquisition of housing only one more confirmation of your stability and well-being.
A residence permit in the EU can be obtained through this Baltic country. It attracts with its history, nature, good ecology, economic stability and relatively loyal conditions for the legalization of foreign citizens. The application takes about 1 month to process. But for this you need to buy a residential property worth at least 250 thousand euros. Do not forget about the cadastral price & # 8211; it should not be less than 80 thousand.
An alternative is to open an account with a local bank. On it you will need to put from 280 thousand euros. The deposit term can not be less than five years.
But for those who intend to move here with their business, it is necessary to organize everything in such a way that the amount of the profit tax paid by you does not fall below 40 thousand euros per year. Of course, an obligatory condition is the organization of jobs and benefits for the state.
A residence permit in Europe can be obtained after investing money in real estate on the territory of this country. Spend, though on this will have thousands of 300 euros, not less. But the big advantage is that it does not have to be one object. You can become the owner of several, but their total cost should be no less than the specified one.
Alternatively, you can open an enterprise, organizing at the same time from 10 jobs for unemployed Bulgarians. Moreover, you can not start everything from scratch, but open a representative office of your Russian company. In this case, the residence permit will be received immediately by 4 people (the applicant and the mandatory staff of the mission).
Special conditions are developed by the local government for wealthy pensioners. According to the new program, it is enough for them to have at least some kind of housing in this country and receive a pension in their state. If these two conditions are met, the residence permit will not keep you waiting.
You can not call the terms of legalization here so easy, but they are quite capable of some segments of the population. The first thing that comes to mind is again the purchase of housing. Limit of amount & # 8211; from 160 thousand euros, which is even less than in Bulgaria. But there is one condition: you can not work in the Spanish kingdom. That is, you can quite buy yourself a chic house and get the status of a resident, but you still need the means to which you will have to live here.
If you still have the money, then you can simply invest in the economy of the country, but on condition that you have a sum of 2 million euros. But you can simplify your rights in Spain by a simplified system.
Countries that are not particularly hospitable.
Needless to say, there are powers that will very closely study your candidacy and build you a lot of obstacles so that you can receive a residence permit in the European Union only if you fully meet their requirements.
Immediately it should be noted that there is no program for migrating professionals here. If such an opportunity exists, it is only for those whose profession is absolutely unique and rare. And, of course, if there were no candidates for such a position in Sweden itself. In order to somehow come closer to the dream of becoming a Swede, you will need to stay abroad without residence for 5 years.
You can get here for a long time only on the basis of two arguments:
The process of naturalization here is very long in time and is filled with all sorts of formalities. The most important part of the process is staying here for 7 years without the right to go anywhere and the condition is not to spoil your reputation anywhere. You can not have any penalties, comments, arrears. And be ready to give up your previous citizenship.
Another country that does not distribute the residence permit to the EU right and left, & # 8211; this is Austria. Ensure a permanent stay in this state, you can only after 10 years without allies. And the citizenship can only go if the total number of years spent here is close to 30.
You can, of course, reduce this figure to 6 years, but on condition that you have 2 million euros, which are ready to invest in the local economy. And forget about the previous citizenship. He will also have to give up.
Well, unless, of course, you are the "owner of factories, newspapers, steamships", which organized large volumes of exports of products manufactured in Austria, and provided jobs for hundreds of Austrians.
Finally, it should be noted: whatever country you choose, do not forget about the knowledge of its state language. Without checking your knowledge, you can not proceed to the next stage of legalization.
As for dual citizenship, this question today sounds ambiguous. On the one hand, there are countries that even welcome this fact, but with another & # 8211; Russian legislation is trying to eradicate this phenomenon. In short, think seven times before making a decision.
How and where is the easiest way to obtain citizenship: Video.
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Interested in obtaining residence permit. I am a citizen of Belarus, my husband has a permanent residence in the UK (Russian citizenship). We would like to make a vunge for me, as long as my wife's visa is being examined in the UK (this is a long process). I want to live in Europe without restrictions, my husband has a firm in London, is it possible to open a branch there in Europe and arrange for me there? We want to get a residence permit for a family. What options are possible?
At one time they traveled a lot, compared Russia with other countries. After a significant deterioration in the country, decided to immigrate. Considered many countries of the European Union, America and Canada, but realized that at our age it is better to choose a warm climate and a country with a high quality of life. They gave their preference to Spain. According to Russian criteria, we are pensioners. By European, pre-retirement age. Here, social security and health care are more qualitative than in many other countries. Medicine is free and at a high level. Moving to another country, the captive will face a certain kind of problems. Despite everything, you understand that here is the less problematic process of registering a residence permit, insurance, renting and buying real estate, opening a business and even getting a residence permit and all the other documents. Less bureaucracy and almost no corruption. Prices are cheaper, and the quality of life is high. The attitude of the Spaniards to us to foreigners is more than good. The Spanish people will never ruffle or offend, as it is done in Russia. State structures work well. Lawyers or lawyers know their business and do not have the desire to deceive, using our ignorance of the laws. They can prompt and help without profit, as it was in our cases. Every second Spaniard is very friendly, sympathetic and friendly people. There is an opinion on the crisis and unemployment, but all work and live quite well. Despite the fact that we are foreigners, here we live better than at home.

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