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Where and how to relax in Mauritius.

Where and how to relax in Mauritius.
I worked in Mauritius as a guide for almost a year, and since then I love to talk about him 🙂 Today I'm going to tell you about the difference in the different coasts of the island from each other, and that in general there is an interesting island for tourists.
First of all, I want to show you the map of the island and explain a little what is there for.
The island of Mauritius is quite small, by car it can be crossed along for 2 hours. Across an hour and a half. Therefore, tourists do not make sense to choose the location of the hotel for those or other attractions, because it is very easy to get to any point of the island.
However, it makes sense to pay attention to which coast is the hotel, because everywhere there are pros and cons.
The north of the island is the city of Grand Bay and Pereibere beach, which is considered one of the best beaches on the island. Here there is really a sand everywhere, it's not very windy, and that the most valuable thing here is "civilization." The city of Grand Bay is perhaps the most thrilling place in Mauritius. Here, and restaurants, and discos, and hotels are not bad. In general, and relax, and live here is extremely comfortable.
(I just want to warn at once that when I say "the most hanging place", as well as "the biggest lake" or "the coolest reserve" - do not forget to make a discount on the scale of the island, because the fact that for Mauritius "the most-most ", for us can be quite ordinary or even" provincial "phenomenon 🙂 Be objective!)
In the north of the island there is a submarine station, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, the Pamplemus Botanical Garden, which I definitely recommend to visit, and here is the capital of Port Louis (do not forget to visit the post office, market and the English fortress).
Botanical Garden Pamplemus.
Port Louis is the capital of the island.
Further we move to the west, the pearl of which can be called the city of Flic-en-Flaq. It is also quite tourist, although slightly smaller than the Grand Bay. The advantage of the western coast can be called extraordinary beauty of ocean sunsets and relative windlessness. From the places of interest in the west you can note the best on the island reserve Casela (where you can fly between the mountains on a tight cable, pobnimatsya with lions and tigers, go hiking in the mountains, go on safaris and much more), the treasure of the island - Colorful Earth Chamarel (Islanders argue that anywhere else in the world you will not see this any more) and the Chamarel waterfall is the highest on the island. Another area to the west is Tamarin and Cape Le Morne, where surfers like to rest.
View of the west coast from the helicopter.
Colorful land of Chamarel.
The southern coast of the island is more agricultural than tourist, because here from the mountains and almost to the coast descend the plantations of sugar cane. Local hotels are quite secluded, in the sense that outside the hotel there is absolutely nowhere to go. If you are a lover of discos, then in the evenings you will have to travel either to the west, or even north to Grand Bay. But here it is very quiet, a great place for a family holiday, and if you are not at a hotel, then it is relatively inexpensive to rent an apartment or a room with local residents. Sight of the south can be called Cape Gris-gris, the southernmost point of the island, where, they say, you can see Antarctica! (no one, of course, has ever seen it, because there are several thousand kilometers to the south pole, but local guides like to repeat that there is no more land from here to Antarctica itself :)) And of course, the La Vanille park-reserve, where you can look at the crocodiles and ride the turtle!
View of the south coast from the helicopter.
Helicopter, on which the most stunning excursions take place 🙂
The coolest tortoise in the world)
There are no "tourist centers" on the east coast of Mauritius, but there are many settlements of local residents, who are mostly engaged in agriculture. In such settlements there is absolutely no entertainment, but the truth is there are tourist shops where you can buy souvenirs, cashmere products and branded things at affordable prices (on the island some fashion houses, for example, Hugo Boss hold their factories). There are many good hotels here, but we must bear in mind that the wind in Mauritius is blowing from the east (from the open ocean), so the east coast is the most windy. And naturally, the most fantastic sunrises over the Indian Ocean are also here.
The central part of the island is basically large (on the scale of the island!) City with a population of several tens of thousands of people. The administrative center of the island - the town of Cure Pip - is characterized by an interesting building of a colonial type and very high humidity - it almost always rains here.
In different parts of the central region of the island you can visit the ancient manors of former colonizers, the crater of an extinct volcano, several reserves where you can ride horses, hunt deer or ride quadracycles, tea plantations, tea, sugar and rum factories, the sacred Hindu lake Ganga Talao from a giant statue of Shiva and various Hindu casket temples.
The Hindu Temple on Lake Ganga Talao.
Another Hindu temple.
Lost on the island is the old plantation house.
Moving around the island can (and better) by car, because the local climate likes to delight tourists with sudden tropical downpours. If you are not afraid to get wet, then you can rent a scooter. For those who like to dive into the environment, there is a sufficiently developed bus network, the only drawback of which can be called early termination of work (if my memory does not change, then after 9 pm buses on the island no longer go).
Car enthusiasts need to remember that here, firstly, the left-hand traffic, and secondly, there are a lot of very narrow roads-serpentines, so it is necessary to exercise extreme vigilance! Local drivers, of course, are worn like crazy, and they can also be referred to as "obstacles on the roads." Rent a car per day costs about 50 euros. The cost of gasoline is about $ 2 per liter. It is also possible to rent a car with a driver already - about 150 euros a day, or hire a taxi driver who will most likely agree to carry you around the island all day for funny money, but along the way will insist on visiting all counter shops to get your interest from your purchases. If you are still going for souvenirs, then let the guy earn extra money - at the final cost of your souvenirs it still will not be reflected, and the taxi driver will be happy. Single trips by taxi to the island will be quite expensive, for example, the fare within a city is about 10 euros.
I will not advise on the choice of the hotel, because in my experience in Mauritius absolutely all hotels are very good service, and even from 2 * hotels, tourists leave extremely pleased. So, in this matter, you only need to pay attention to the coast where you will live, be sure to read reviews about the beach, because on all the coasts there are beaches and sandy and stony, and decide on the budget. And of course, remember that most hotels in Mauritius work either only for breakfast or for breakfast-dinner. With this you just have to accept it.
Above I have already listed some of the sights of the island, but I would like to say a few words about where you can go.
History of the island is not rich, so count on a variety of historical attractions is not worth it. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to go around the island, at least in order to visit the capital, the botanical garden, the house of some planter, the rum or sugar factory, the sacred lake of the Indians and the colored lands of Chamarel.
Also there are many active entertainments, the same flights on cables between the mountains, quads, horses, helicopter flights, walks with wild animals and the like. Highly recommend.
Naturally, the island has a huge selection of marine entertainment - traveling on catamarans, scuba diving, fishing for big fish, surfing, walking along the seabed and so on.
Walking on the ocean floor on an underwater scooter and fishing for a big fish.
All these excursions can not be called cheap, but even the rest in Mauritius is not a budget event 🙂 So, if you have the financial opportunity, you can take two weeks of vacation in full.
Keep in mind that, despite the presence of active entertainment, the place is not at all youthful. Well, judge for yourself - less than a dozen discos for the whole island. And at 9 everyone sleeps ..
No, young people will also be interested, of course, if there is money. And if you want to just hang out, dance and do not go to waste in it, it's better to fly somewhere else 🙂 But for married couples 35+, people of retirement age and lovers of complete relaxation Mauritius will seem like a paradise. I even think that I would like to meet here old age .. but here's to spend a youth - it's unlikely 🙂

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