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When is it better to go to Sri Lanka to rest? By months, reviews.

When is it better to go to Sri Lanka to rest? By months, reviews.
In truth, you can rest on the beach by the ocean here all year round. Sri Lanka is only 800 kilometers from the equator, so here the weather rarely changes for a long time. But still the tourists made their own choice and there were such concepts as: high season and low season. Let's talk about each of them.
The so-called high season begins with tourists in December, and ends at the end of March. At this time there is no rain, the sun shines for 10-12 hours a day, and all the tourists have fun on the beaches.
The peak of tourists falls on the month of December, when Christmas is in Europe, and we have a new year. More than a million tourists come here at once, who meet their holidays in a special and fun way. In Sri Lanka also arrange a meeting of Christmas and New Year. And they do it wonderfully, only without snow and frost.
Decided to visit Sri Lanka? Then find out more about the weather on the islands by months. See, analyze and draw your conclusions. Enjoy your vacation.
From May to October, tourists here are less than in the winter months. But they are still very noticeable. During this time, rains are raining, but not as frequent and strong as in Thailand or in Vietnam.
In the low season, rains go at night, and very rarely in the daytime. If it rained during the day, it usually lasts a couple of hours. After the sun appears and everything dries up.
As already mentioned, Sri Lanka is very close to the equator. Therefore, here the hot weather is annual and at any time of the year. But you can not always swim. There are cloudy days, there are rainy days, there are days when the sea is tsunami.
The weather in Sri Lanka is not predictable, again because of the equator. Since morning it can be sunny, and in the evening to go downpour and to rise a strong wind.
According to statistics, May and June are the quietest months in the country. At this time there is almost no wind, the sun shines brightly and 7 out of 10 days. So in these months you can come to Sri Lanka for a cultural program. And after a beach vacation here come from December to March.
For surfingers, it's just heaven. Waves off the coast of Sri Lanka are frequent. Therefore lovers of large waves live here annually. It is difficult to predict where and when there will be a wave, but it certainly will. Even in the hottest and dry season, waves in the ocean occur 3 times a week. So if you like surfing, then Sri Lanka is a great place to do it.
And so, to arrange a beach holiday in Sri Lanka, tourists visit it all year round. but most of them from December to March.
The cultural program can also be visited annually, but again, better in high season. It is not very pleasant to get here during the rainy season. But it's cheap!
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