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What to choose: rest in Montenegro or in Bulgaria?

What to choose: rest in Montenegro or in Bulgaria?
Is Bulgaria or Montenegro the best country? & mdash; a similar question is asked by thousands of our tourists, as soon as they find out the date of the leave on leave.
Bulgaria resembles a holiday village in the suburbs, such a specific Peredelkino, where wealthy Russians exile the family with mothers, nannies and small children to pass the summer holidays. It is relatively inexpensive, and landlords are eager to rent an apartment for the whole summer, but with a good discount. Here a paradise for kids & mdash; golden beaches, old shady parks, & amp; flying & raquo; attractions.
Rest in Montenegro is more expensive and is more a romantic voyage for lovers with a view to dissolve into each other and in holiday idleness, and just having satiated with the sea, you can make outings on excursions and sea walks. Hot tours to Montenegro are rare, in Bulgaria you can relax with a big discount.
To fly to rest in Montenegro, you can, after giving in to an impulse, tempted by a burning voucher, you can even dispute with a colleague (& laquo; leaving the house, do not forget to seize your passport & raquo;). In other words, & mdash; you do not need a visa.
A trip to Bulgaria does not turn out so hasty: a visa must be issued and spent for this process at least 10 days. Some hotels kindly compensate for the visa fee, granting you the right to free massages, visits to the jacuzzi or other balneological joys.
The Bulgarian climate will be closer to you (if you live in the southern regions of Russia, and at all & laquo; native & raquo;). But Montenegro is famous for its impeccable ecology: local residents work only as a last resort, if they can not rent anything, therefore, industry is not developed here, and nature is wild and beautiful.
The Adriatic Sea is more transparent, cleaner and more salty than the Black, besides, there are no jellyfish in it.
Both countries count on guests in winter with the aim of conquering the skiing peaks. Here, of course, not the Alps, but 'la carte' & raquo; on solid & laquo; four & raquo; provided. Ski tours to Montenegro are slightly more expensive than in Bulgaria, but, again, incomparably cheaper than in Switzerland.
If you are saturated with beach-vegetable leisure and reached for the eternal & mdash; it's time to inspect the historical relics. In Bulgaria, many picturesque villages and the oldest European town of Nessebar. Montenegrin cities are younger, but the old, romantic, stone quarters of Budva or Kotor are bigger and more diverse.
Both countries are strewn with monasteries and temples like the sky in the August night. At the same time Montenegrins are devout, and Bulgarians & mdash; Not really.
Exciting excursion, without which rest in Montenegro is not considered to be held & mdash; & la 3 Canyon & raquo ;. Amazing nature and rafting beauty & mdash; unattainable luxury in Bulgaria. The unique Skadar lake & hellip ;. In addition, there are many picturesque bays and bays, in one of which the sunlight is bizarrely refracted, making the water seem fabulously turquoise.
Yes, it is necessary to recognize that tours to Montenegro are more saturated with the excursion program.
Until recently, Bulgaria was considered the 16th Union republic, and the local people learned Russian from school. In the former Yugoslavia, Russian, too, passed, well, very much in passing, and modern youth, focused on Europe, studying English or German. The Bulgarian language itself is similar to Russian, except linguistic nonsense: in Bulgarian & laquo; chair & raquo; sounds like a "table & raquo ;, & llquo; forest & raquo; is called the "mountain", & laquo; watermelon & raquo; & mdash; & la melons & raquo ;.
But the people of both countries are famous for their hospitality and warmth that dissolves any language barriers: they will remember the school curriculum, everything they taught in English courses, use sign language or find a person speaking Russian & mdash; all in order to understand you.
What did we end up with? A trip to Bulgaria is cheaper or you can come here for a long time. This is a great place to relax with children, there is no sudden change of climate. For the trip you need a visa, but there is almost no language barrier. Tours to Montenegro are more expensive, but they are distinguished by an interesting excursion program; The nature here is richer and more diverse. Regarding hospitality & hospitality & mdash; both countries played in a draw.

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