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What is the Map of the Pole?

What is the Map of the Pole?
Possibility of obtaining a Pole Card for people with Polish roots. The advantages and prospects that this document gives.
Hello everyone, my name is Nastya, and you are watching the Anasty in Poland channel, where I talk about my experience of moving to Poland, living here and about some things that may be useful or interesting for you (if this topic is for you at all interests or in any way affects).
In my recent video about buying and registering a car, I read a Polish comment in the comments ... By the way, Poles somehow watch my stories and comment more often than Ukrainians and Belarusians, and the reason for me is still a mystery. For example, when I was living in Ukraine, I was never interested in how someone moved from other countries there; but, strangely enough, in Poland, a lot of people who are interested in Ukraine and the East in general, like to go there often and see the channels of people who moved to Poland. Again, for me it's a mystery, I do not quite understand what interests these viewers. If, comrade Poles, you are looking at me, then write how you find me.
How quickly do schoolchildren learn Polish and adapt in a new country?
So, in the comments I was reproached with the fact that I did not start on the wrong side, which, maybe, first it would be worth to tell about the move itself, about the first steps in Poland; and only then about buying a car, so I am correcting and telling.
We moved to Poland a year and a half ago (the video was published on January 24, 2015, - a note of the author) and so far it was done on the basis of a national visa of class D, which in turn was opened on the basis of the Polyak Card. And actually, about the Polyak Card today, I would like to talk with you, because for those people who have Polish roots, a Polish origin that can be easily proved, there is simply a huge chance not only to move to Poland, but also just to be able to come here, to travel around this country and across Europe in general, to have a very large number of benefits that are not available without a Pole map. My brother and I are half Polish by origin; our mother, the whole family of our mother are Poles (it was written right on the birth certificate from my mother, grandmother, grandfather). Fortunately, our family did not succumb to any persecution, no one was forced to hide their belonging to the Polish people, so for us it was not a big problem to prove this connection.
To date, the Map of the Poles gives a lot. And for those who have already received it, it is, you can say, an open road to travel or live in Poland; but for those who have not yet received, there is a great opportunity to do so.
What does the Map of Poles in principle give? First of all, you need to understand that this is a document confirming your involvement in the Polish people. Earlier in the Soviet type of passports and birth certificates was the column "Nationality", but now this column is not, but it is believed that the Map of the Poles is this certificate proving that your nationality is a Pole, that you treat yourself to this nation.
Since the Commonwealth takes great care of its citizens, the Poles who live outside of Poland, it takes a lot of steps to meet those people who consider themselves Poles who are Poles and who value it. Therefore, if you have a Map of the Poles, you can without any problems come to the Polish consulate in the place of residence and receive an annual multivisa. You do not need to provide any additional documents, invoices, confirmation of the reservation in the hotel, explain the purpose of the visit - you do not need it; you just come, hand over the necessary documents and get an annual multivisa of class D in Poland for free, which also gives you the opportunity to travel 180 days to the countries of the Schengen zone. After the expiration of the visa, you can extend it, again, without any documents and so on.
The map of Pole is valid for 10 years and then extended or exchanged for a new one. When a person acquires Polish citizenship or a residence permit, the Pole's card loses its validity and it must be returned to the institution in which it was issued. In addition, the Map of the Polak gives an opportunity in Poland on an equal footing with the Poles to study in higher education institutions and qualify for free places, that is, they are not programs for foreigners; they are programs for their own: in a general competition, in general exams, you also , as well as local ones, you can enter the Polish university.
Further, the Map of Poljak gives the chance to be engaged in Poland by enterprise activity, to get a job, to buy real estate, without having on that special permission. If a foreigner wants to do all this in Poland, he needs a special permit. In order for a Polish firm to hire a foreigner to work for a foreigner, she must prove why this person is needed, and not the local Pole. So, a person who has a Polyak Card, can engage in entrepreneurial activity himself, and get a job without special permits and additional costs associated with this.
Also, the Polyak Map gives a 37 percent discount on rail travel at a rate of 37 percent, if I'm not mistaken, which is a fairly palpable magnitude. When buying a ticket, you simply show the Polyak Card, and you immediately take this discount.
Another map of the Polaca gives an opportunity to visit state museums and exhibitions free of charge in Poland (to study its roots and the history of this country).
Most importantly, since May 2014, the Aliens Act came into force, which states that for people with a Pole Card, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit is much simplified. If, until May 2014, you wanted to obtain a settlement permit (zezwolenie na osiedlenie sie) or permanent residence (zezwolenie na pobyt staly) on the basis of Polish origin, you needed to collect all the documents again, as on the Polyak Card, to prove that you are a Pole ; to interview the voivode about the culture, history, knowledge of the Polish language. And already on the basis of this you could give or not give permission for permanent residence. So, having a Pole's card, today you can just come to the Office for Foreigners, fill in the necessary documents and within 3 months get a permanent residence permit (the so-called permanent residence in other countries, in Poland this is called the Map Pobytu).
I do not know if there is any other European country that gives such a huge corridor and green light so that people who belong to it come and receive so simply similar documents. Many people have to take residence permits from 5 to 10 years in other countries; and in Poland, the very next day after your arrival (having the Card of the Pole in your hands, even knowing Polish badly without going through any interviews) you submit documents and receive a residence permit in 3 months.
In this connection, of course, and in connection with the situation that exists in Ukraine today, it is not so easy to get the Polyak Card, as it was 2 years ago, when we did it. We were interviewed in February 2013. Directly about him and about how we got the Map of the Poles, I'll tell you in the next video, so do not miss it if you're interested; but at the moment it's all I wanted to tell you about this document.
If you have any questions, please ask; I will try to answer based on my own experience. Also I know that on YouTube and generally on the Internet there is a lot of information; But, as everything changes very quickly, new laws are adopted, the information becomes obsolete. In particular, since May 2014 there is such a wonderful opportunity to obtain a residence permit, but very few people speak about it at all. Therefore, if you are a Pole, if you feel yourself a Pole, if you can prove it, do not put it off. I'm not talking about you running, moving, and so on-no; just the Map of Poliak gives you the opportunity to travel, learn the world, learn for free; it gives wonderful opportunities to learn your children: small, big, future. Do not miss this chance. While the Polish state is meeting halfway on this issue, I believe that it is necessary to take this, to use it.
At the moment, that's all. Thank you for your attention and until we meet again, for now.
Poland & mdash; a wonderful country for life. This is one of the countries of the European Union, where it is easiest to emigrate.
- Programmers, designers, photographers and other creative professions who work for themselves have a unique opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Poland for 3 years and pay minimum taxes.
- Adults can get a new specialty (cook, hairdresser, make-up artist, masseur, etc.) in free polycheal schools. That will give an opportunity to work in Poland in the future.
- People with an entrepreneurial vein can go to Poland through business immigration.
- If you have Polish roots (say thanks to your grandparents), then the Pole's card is waiting for you. In addition to financial assistance in the amount of 1400 euros, you can receive a Polish passport in a year.
In addition to providing emigration services, we will help you to rent an apartment in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc. One option for investment & mdash; Purchase of real estate in Poland for the subsequent delivery through the management company.
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