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What is more effective in upbringing – word or deed?

What is more effective in upbringing - word or deed?
himerka, once my sister said to me: "In nature, what kind of nestling is louder, that's why the worm is faster and more attention". Before the older sister, Mom felt guilty for "education", before the younger one, that her mother had to move to Moscow for work, and leave her until the end of 11kl. with me (I had already finished school for a long time) .. If it happens that they live in different apartments, they see very often and communicate, but more often they live all in one place. I have not lived with my mother for a long time (a few years before my marriage). I really miss her, I understand that it's not a small one for a long time already .. But I want so quiet family gatherings with her, going to theaters, exhibitions, just walking, shopping, but she lives in constant chase, vanity .. Any our meeting is her talk about the sales volume, the goods, customers, accounts, orders, shipments, plans .. Crazy fidget, like my grandmother. Once she made a surprise - going to the theater. She was so surprised and said for a long time: "Tell someone - they will not believe in the theater was not already 30 (!)". She really liked it, she also talked about the performance for a long time .. Before the first call of the client, and then again with a head in the work! For several years now I have been trying to perceive it as it is, and not what I want or it is convenient to see it. She brought up in confidence and 100% confidence that it did not happen, everything is solved, share - we will find a way out together. I have a lot of friends, communication with them is enough with interest. We get together with my mother several times a day, regardless of roaming, but there is not enough live communication! The image of the "right" mom - I'll try to be like this with my son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren in the future, and now watch the events and analyze the consequences. Often people condemn, but getting into a similar situation do the same, often people moralize in what themselves in life failed. We are all different.
Personal example is more effective in education. Try to teach the child to respect the elders, if they do not respect people themselves. Children of course also hear the word, but very quickly forget. Children have a very strong ability to imitate. What they see is imitated. So you need to start with yourself. You yourself should be what you want to teach the child.
It is always more demonstrative to demonstrate your words in practice. Children are better remembered. The words in their heads are weakened, but the visual example will remain. By the way, today I had to do Russian with my son - just his sobbing about the fact that there is so much to write and no one else can print out the letters. Showed - and he wrote perfectly. In this, it is better not just to say something, but also to do it yourself.
In the upbringing of whom is the child? Or the Husband \ Wives? 🙂 and in either case, the "Magic Pendel" is valid 🙂 And it can be whatever it is, even physical, even verbal 🙂 There are, of course, such individuals, even though they count on the head of the Czech, such no word, no matter will fix it, only a grave 🙂
The word, backed up by business - the most effective means of education! Even an adult, no matter what the authoritative person says (teacher, parent, professor), is not an example for imitation, and we often hear about such "teachers": "What does he say there, and he does as he teaches, let him learn to do so himself , and then he will teach others! " That's it - education. hard beak!
Naturally the case. This is an axiom that as much as a child does not teach life, he will take an example precisely by following our actions, i.e. actions. On this still there is an opinion that it is useless to correct the child, since it is just our reflection, first of all we have to correct ourselves.
In words, children do not understand anything, and besides, the words from one ear will come from the other will come out!
harmony of both, without extremes! our mother will always do better herself, so that the kids do not strain too much and eventually they grow up three balbessines!

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