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What do you need to know before moving to Japan? What kind of people are there?

What do you need to know before moving to Japan? What kind of people are there?
Very few people speak foreign languages. Some people think that they can speak English, but, as a rule, this is even worse for them than for our students. Signs are all on kanji (hieroglyphs), all the machines that are there at every step from parking to the toilet, also in kanji. Try to understand this instruction. If there are also drawings there, everything becomes easier, but not much. Everyone is very polite and is unlikely to say directly that you are doing something wrong. For example, talking too loud. And there it is not customary to annoy neighbors. A domestic pet is not so easy to get, kotokafe invented not from a good life. To have a personal car in Japan is not a cheap pleasure. Especially the old one. More you can read in Learn Varlamov. Here is a short sketch of Japanese life from S. Basalaeva, whom I know personally.
The Japanese, as were the fascists, so they remained. Smile, holding a knife for your back behind your back. What exactly can be said is that they have better life there than in Japan. Deflation, not inflation. And you need to know the language before moving. Still there it is crowded very much at night:
And you look at a couple of Japanese films, such as "It's me, it's me" and you'll understand what kind of people there are. These people are very active, but many at the same time are nervous. Really very cherish their work and career, they are closed in communication with strangers. If you still represent Japan as a country in which everything is slow, with tea ceremonies and hour-long sitting on blossoming cherry blossoms, then forget it has long been Europeanized.
It is necessary to know that the Japanese people are hard-working and talented. They like to smile no matter what. That the kitchen they have for an amateur is not everyone will eat a seaweed soup and praise it. I'm talking about the Russian people. You can live there. But I would not have gone. All these floods, the leakage of radioactive waste from the ATS.

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