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What countries can become a new home for IT professionals?

What countries can become a new home for IT professionals?
In the current world, the IT area is one of the most popular. A person who has connected his life with this current will never have to sit idly by. Do you want to take a chance and move to another country? Intelligent search engine educational programs has compiled for you a list of countries most suitable for work in the IT field, living in which programmers are more likely to be able to rely on the successful implementation of their capabilities.
It's no secret that the United States is not only the cherished dream of many citizens from around the world, but also the birthplace of technical giants and the entire IT industry. Competition here is simply sky-high, but it's worth fighting for: for specialists with an operational experience of 3 to 5 years, the average wage on statistics is approaching as much as $ 100,000 per year, famously surpassing the earnings of representatives of all other countries, including technically equipped Asia .
If you subtract the costs of renting and food, the "net" income will be about $ 70,000 per year (which is $ 8,000 per month). An important advantage of the US is that there is a whole range of employers (which is only the legendary Microsoft and Google!). The best IT specialists are graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University or the Carnegie Mellon University. In search of work you will help popular Free programming intensity for beginners will be an excellent start to your career.
The data published by the Government of Canada claims that to date, the country's IT sector includes about 35,000 different companies, while the average salary of an IT specialist is 68.321 dollars per year. This is one and a half times higher than the average earnings of representatives of other professions in the country (45,488 dollars per year). At the moment, almost any university, including Algonquin College or Sheridan Institute of Technology, provides a worthy program for the retraining of specialists or higher education in this field.
An interesting nuance is the point system of professional migration, where representatives of such a demanded IT sector can count on a greater number of points. Help in solving migration issues and more about the point of the migration system you can visit
New Zealand.
New Zealand is trying to attract in the IT-sphere both its own students and talented specialists from abroad. However, here you need to take into account some of the nuances. First, it is desirable to find a company that would be interested in your move, and is ready to incur costs associated with it. Even if this is not easy, it will considerably facilitate your future life in New Zealand. Secondly, employers here look primarily at work experience, wishing to save time on training beginners.
For this reason, a migrant with experience is much more likely to get a prestigious position than a student who, for example, graduated from Auckland University of Technology. Salary here, according to the Ministry of Finance, varies from 60 to 135 thousand per year, depending on the direction of the specialty. For example, a developer of mobile applications with an operational experience of 5 years receives an average of 110 thousand, and a system analyst - 75.
One of the most expensive places to live, however, even with a high level of economic costs for living and taxes, this country is one of the most successful for working in the IT field. Due to the high competition, first of all the work experience is valued. If you are a narrow-profile or high-class specialist, then, according to, you can count on wages up to 90 thousand dollars a year, although on average it is from 50 to 70 thousand.
Against this background, Australia is proud of its technology universities, as many successful specialists graduated from the University of Melbourne or the Australian National University. As in Canada, the point system of migration is relevant here.
A country with low unemployment rates, possessing the strongest economy in the whole of the European Union and very attractive prospects for migrants, especially for those who are involved in IT and familiar with the German language. The salary of young specialists here, according to official information, reaches 40 thousand dollars, and with the experience of 3 years - 70 thousand.
In Germany there is a shortage of German IT specialists, which is why German companies are interested in highly qualified professionals from abroad. Many are even willing to provide free living space, as does Siemens AG. The best universities in Germany deservedly are the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. To help you find work in this region you will be happy to help
Japan is a country of the highest technologies, advanced and rapidly developing. It's no wonder that the salaries of people who know in IT are close to the salaries of Americans here. For migrants, the problem can only be one: due to the relevance of IT in Japan, these specialists are here at every step. Almost any university in one way or another offers similar specialties to the student's choice. Nevertheless, the average statistical programmer's salary still reaches 40,000 a year, according to Opportunities to find work with the proper skills a lot (which is only popular Nikon or Canon).
It is generally believed that Indian citizens mostly live in poverty, but this rule does not apply at all to immigrants who are highly regarded here. The government is interested in attracting young foreign professionals to the territory of the state in little-known, but developing IT companies. In connection with the lack of a deep education system and the glut of the market by economists, a programmer from abroad, with knowledge of English and a diploma, can easily count on income almost equal to the fees of American and European specialists - 50,000 per year, according to .
The high level of quality of life in Finland is due primarily to the outstanding digital infrastructure, which in the global report on information technology (GITR) is recognized as one of the best in the world. More than 90% of the population use the Internet, and the level of innovation in the country is calculated inaccessible figures, given the large investments in this industry made back in the 90s. On job sites for IT professionals, Finnish employers offer a salary of up to 32 thousand dollars a year. Find accommodation, communicate with migrants from Russia and get a job in Finland you can on the site
Switzerland is famous for its powerful education system, which provides young specialists with the skills necessary to create a high technology high-tech economy. Together with a stable political environment, advanced technologies are actively introduced into all spheres of business. For these reasons, IT professionals here are not inferior to economists no less in demand, and the most valuable employees in Switzerland are information security specialists working in the field of banks whose wages are on par with Finland.
South Africa.
Surprisingly well-organized in Africa, the IT industry offers a variety of home-grown companies, which may be joined by interested IT professionals early in their careers. African educational institutions involved in the IT field can be counted on the fingers, so a good programmer here is worth its weight in gold.

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