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What are the ways to emigrate to Switzerland in 2018.

What are the ways to emigrate to Switzerland in 2018.
Switzerland is perhaps the most independent and calm European country, an island of financial well-being and security. Emigration to Switzerland for many is the opportunity to flee to a country with a different pace and standard of living, more prosperous and stable. How can I move to Switzerland in 2018?
Features of migration legislation.
In the neighborhood with Switzerland are located such states as Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Liechtenstein. It perfectly combines and organically complements each other's culture of the past and modern times. The diverse amazing landscapes of this mountainous state give it its uniqueness and charm.
Most of the people who want to move to Switzerland for permanent residence are entrepreneurs of medium and high level who are considering the possibility of obtaining a second citizenship, without breaking the ties with their native country.
The legislative base of Switzerland in matters of citizenship can be conditionally divided into two groups: for citizens of countries belonging to the European Union and for immigrants from other states.
With regard to EU citizens, the law provides for greater loyalty, the migration legislation of Switzerland is rather harsh for representatives of other countries: a limit has been set for entering the country for permanent residence, whose change, given the increased number of people wishing to settle in that country, is not even considered, to consideration.
What kind of visa is needed in Switzerland: Video.
Ways of emigration to Switzerland.
The most common ways to go to Switzerland for a temporary or permanent residence are to start a business or have an official job.
Investing in the country.
Passive investment, or business immigration to Switzerland, is by far the most commonly used way of moving to this country. The existing programs in Switzerland in this area are characterized by one huge advantage: the investor does not need to have experience of doing business and show that his own capital was earned independently, and did not go to him, for example, by heredity.
One of these business programs can be used by any foreigner who meets the following requirements:
his age should exceed the eighteen-year threshold; in the biography there should be no previous convictions; to obtain the right to acquire a residence permit, he must register his own company within the territory of the country and annually pay to the state budget a tax of 100 thousand to one and a half million francs.
Emigration to Switzerland from Russia can also be effected through active investment. To emigrants of this category strict requirements of impeccability before the law and conformity to the established age criteria are made. This emigration option assumes that the amount of the foreigner's contribution can not be less than one million francs, and it should only be invested in the economic segment. Restrictions exist for investment projects: each of them should be suitable for the canton in question and be approved by local authorities.
Official employment.
You can emigrate to Switzerland by becoming a working visa holder, but it is issued only to those who have been invited to work by a Swiss company. This category of emigrants is often represented by highly qualified specialists who speak several foreign languages.

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