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Welcome to join workshop:

Welcome to join workshop:
The rise of JavaScript Robotics (by Markus Leutwyler)
How to participate? Please buy a special workshop ticket.
After the workshop, you can take the Robot home with you 🙂
Prerequisites: Just bring your own notebook (Linux, Mac or Windows)
Markus is a technical consultant during a time. As a co-founder and regular at FabLab Winterthur, he works on Robotics, IoT and Low-Power Networking. His various interests range from Photography, Multipotentialism to co-working, 360 Degree Video and Music.
Master-class "JSPM way of doing ES6 development" (by Sergey Seletskyy) "
On a simple example of a React / Redux application, I'll show you how you can use SystemJS for React development; how to do without Webpack'a, but at the same time use hot reload; how to write code on BDD and get pleasure from it.
This master class is aimed at developers who already write on React, using ES6, and wants to acquire / improve their skills in using SystemJS / JSPM.
The program of the master class includes the following sections: The theoretical basis of SystemJS and JSPM (and only practice) is the basic configuration of the project, using Docker as an isolated development environment. HMR (Hot Reload) connection Development through testing is a BDD practice.
Requirements for participants in the master class: knowledge of JavaScript ES6 basic knowledge of git and npm, React availability of a laptop with git installed, Docker (the latest stable version)
After passing the master class, the participants will understand the basics of the Zen philosophy. They will learn how to configure. React projects without using Webpack will get acquainted with the technique of code designing through unit testing will start the path to peace of mind after each working day.
INSTAphoto: from the social network for mobile photography to the largest advertising platform.
Instagram was created as a platform for mobile photography, but much has changed - and now, it is not just a social network for communication and entertainment, but an excellent advertising platform for business of any scale and a service for sharing experiences in various fields.
What shall we talk about:
Promotion and sale of products / services using the photo Statistics of the page and how to work with it Choosing the right device for achieving your goals Basic features and advanced camera settings Processing and reviewing the best editors for photos (iOS / Android)
Yevgeny Kasyanenko, coach of "Citrus Academy"
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