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We want to buy an apartment in Kislovodsk.

We want to buy an apartment in Kislovodsk.
We live in Yerevan and want to buy an apartment in Kislovodsk.
We really like this city. Where can I buy an apartment close to the center to $ 65 thousand?
There are 33 such prices on Kirov. Look somewhere in older homes.
If you live in Yerevan, then buy something in Tsakhkadzor.
We are in Tsakhkadzor)
Now is the time to buy apartments in Kislovodsk. At Kirova33 there are good suggestions at the beginning of the news line.
In Kislovodsk do not need us and so much.
Live in Yerevan and live. There is nothing to come to Kislovodsk.
How much is the apartment in Yerevan? we want to leave this mess, though we do not know where.
Come and become a member of our Duma!
Gayane exchange with Vasily.
It will be difficult for me. I do not know Armenian. Although Russian visitors do not know, they somehow live in Kislovodsk.
After what has now been done with Yerevan, how to finish the center, to move to Kislovodsk is just silly.
It is better to take the Armenian bride N.B. to your place in Yerevan. But only in a year is likely to get Spitak!
Question: Why do the fathers of the city buy property in Spain, and not in Kyrgyzstan?
Although Kislovodsk, according to these gentlemen, is comparable with the Kyrgyz city.
Yerevan is a European city. In any case, the center. There English, French speech is all around. It's calm and safe there. Why are you taking to the North Caucasus? Do you need extra problems? Sit at home!
Why is it so in Yerevan? And there the Armenians are here, as many as 8 deputies in the city duma of Armenian nationality to such a small city, but there is no order. What is the reason?
I'm not an Armenian, but still. Maybe it's enough to blame others for a mess? In your opinion, eight deputies brought the city to its present state?
It's hard for a simple person to live in a city. Not only that salaries are basically penny, so also the work can not be found. So, and without end, on the topic of national and religious differences, embezzlement. There were a lot of nationalities before (there were very few people concerned with religious affiliation), now it has become even greater (and religion is coming to the forefront). It is worthwhile for someone to fight, so necessarily one of one nationality, the second - another. People instinctively peck on national and religious grounds. They think that it's easier to survive. The friendship of the peoples was forgotten. Everyone is trying to stake out a profitable topic: not for themselves, or for their own nation; not for the nation, so for religion. Nervously somehow, not comfortable.
Yesterday two Armenians of Kislovodsk were slaughtered, a man of a different nationality was slaughtered. But that's not the point, why do not the national diasporas work, why is there no assessment of what is happening?
The administration of Kislovodsk ignores, but this does not work, concealment eventually played a cruel joke with all of us.
They have such a position, in Kyrgyzstan it's even worse.
If you live in Yerevan, then it's better to go to Karabakh, Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan. There is a beautiful nature.
Kislovodsk is the favorite city of my childhood! Every year they came with their parents to the grandmother. There was a huge children's park with live bears. Cable car, delicious khachapuri, fountain singing!
Remembering all this three years ago we moved to permanent residence here. Reality cuts eyes. The child is not arranged in a kindergarten, the earnings are very low, only if you are close to the authorities, you will be awarded bonuses. And many bribe-takers. Give the doctor a present to look at the child attentively, give it to him, give it to him.
Terrible, we think about moving. There is nothing to look at now - Kislovodsk has deteriorated.
Buy on Kirov, 33. There is no better house in Kislovodsk. Thanks Filimonov Nikolai Valentinovich.
I've never been to a house on Kirov, 33 in Kislovodsk, but I do not like the place. On the one hand a busy intersection, on the other hand - a noisy railway (Who even thought of building a house there ?!). On the third side - an eternal building in the form of a city bath, where it is not clear who is going. And on the fourth side there is a cafe and a pedestrian walkway, in which it was dangerous to walk at night time - the gop-stop flourished. As now - I do not know, maybe it's safer. And all this surrounds this house from all sides - so that on account of "it's better than home in Kislovodsk there is no" - this is very, very controversial. The access to the house is not very convenient, if not to say otherwise.
Maybe in the house and the order, but there are several good houses with good HOA chairmen in the city of Kislovodsk.
Apartment in Kislovodsk on Kirov, 33can be selected by this link
I want to move from Nizhnevartovsk to Kislovodsk. Advise where better to buy a house.
Alexander, the best region of Kislovodsk is the Minutki district.
24-12-14 Vladimir Sergeevich.
Alexander, after Vartovsk any area will seem paradise! Two years there he worked in Samotlor. The most important thing is that it is wildly pleasant for me that there are no mosquitoes in Kislovodsk)
Kind time of the day, can not write there, so in advance I'm sorry. Residents of the city, you can write the brightest pros and the most weighty minuses of Kislovodsk?
We want to move with my family to Kislovodsk, here we are trying to decide whether it is worth it or not? We have three children, we are from the Urals. We want to change the climate.
Do not, if the children are. With education in Kislovodsk is bad.
Two years ago she went to Kislovodsk in stupidity. Six months later I returned back.
Poverty, unemployment, crime. Education and medicine in decline.
Marina, I think in comparison with our criminal city, in Kislovodsk quietly)) We have 9 zones in the city, 2 of them are tubercular. Schools are also not so hot. And about the ecology, I generally keep quiet))) How else children without tails were born.
I fully agree with Vartan and Marina! On the contrary, they try to leave Kislovodsk.
Eugene, do not listen to anyone. This is the best city on Earth. And there is where to learn children. This is also in Pyatigorsk foreign languages and Stavropol regional center, any profession. And this is very close to Kislovodsk. Change the climate and come, live and enjoy life. About poverty, I did not notice something. Who wants to work-work will find. And he always has crime. For that, as Vladimir Sergeyevich writes, there are no mosquitoes! There is a year-round affectionate sun, a moderate and dry climate. Apartments are inexpensive, come, Northerners!
Marina, where did you return from Kislovodsk? Everything is relative.
About many cities in Russia you can say the same thing - crime, poverty, medicine in decline.
And what can you say about Stavropol? Is it better there? I also plan to move to your land, I can not decide on the city.
Unemployment is everywhere where there are lazy people. You can always find a job. We in our north do not get millions to be afraid of losing such a salary. And asked to write not an opinion about the move, but the pros and cons of the city of Kislovodsk.
As I understood from posts, the minuses are crime and the decline of medicine. It does not frighten us, every second person was in his native city, and who did not sit at that relatives were sitting. And if you did not sit, then guard, those who are sitting. And after the deadline, only 30% of those who leave us leave, the rest remain with us. So, that crime, this is the usual state of our city. And you can learn from us only in ped. institute, or ptu.
Cons - nepotism and bribery, the difficulty of achieving the truth. Kislovodsk's utilities are in decline.
I can not carry myself to lazy people. Hard work and difficulties were never afraid.
But I agree with Irina. I went back to Stavropol. Now there is something to compare. Lyudmila, if you choose from the cities of our region, then only Stavropol. There is a developed infrastructure, and apartments are much cheaper than in Kislovodsk. Several state universities. You can find a job in the specialty or open a private activity, and not being humiliated and without acquaintances.
The lack of a normal sphere of medical services in our city of Kislovodsk is compensated by an excellent climate. But there are good specialists in medicine, although there are not many of them. Criminal crimes in the city and in the Caucasus are not enough to call our city criminal.
Corruption is thriving - the kickbacks & quot; practically from all. This is the main criminal problem. The price for housing and communal services is the highest in Russia, on average it is overestimated from Sochi, Petersburg, Moscow prices by 20-30%. I say it competently, because I live in these cities too.
To get a more or less decent higher or secondary education there are nearby Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Territory, all nearby, in 5-8 hours drive. Many grandchildren and children of my wealthy friends study in Moscow and St. Petersburg in prestigious universities, in budget places, where they passed on points without any problems. Talk about a very bad primary education, too, can not. Children in our city are good, kind, properly educated in most cases, because they grow up in families with two or more children. Caucasian traditions (Muslim, especially) have the best effect on the upbringing of a young, morally healthy generation. The diverse ethnic composition of residents and children in schools makes it possible to grow a normal generation with a respectful attitude towards elders, other cultures and religions. For such children, parents later will not be ashamed. When children grow up - after school send to study in neighboring southern or other subjects of the federation. You can not get a good higher education here in Kavminvody. The choice of specialties is also not great, as you know.
Real estate agency VIPSTATUS offers apartments in Kislovodsk.
Gayane, do not listen to critics. They were unhappy always and everywhere. Come to Kislovodsk. Our city with a paradise climate!
Fully furnished apartment in a house on Kirov, 33.
Today it is the best house in Kislovodsk in terms of order.
We want to move to Kislovodsk. I want to know about the school and the garden. We lived 30 years in the north. The climate is harsh, I want heat. I understand how many people have so many opinions. I do not want to be disappointed in Kislovodsk. Is there anyone who moved from Yakutsk? How to contact? Do you have a group? Tel. Vatsap 89246604072.
Watching who you work with. The level of education is quite low, there is no work in the city. In Kislovodsk, it is good for those who are traveling or retired to live, and so - it is problematic.
We want to move from the North is it worth it ?? Prompt.
Yes, if only you live simply on pension and do not work. Business is very difficult to do in Kislovodsk. And further. Settle in a new house, with normal communications and close to the center. Cheap apartments in the house on Kirov, 33, and the building itself in the center.
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