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We plan an exit for permanent residence to a foreign spouse.

We plan an exit for permanent residence to a foreign spouse.
So, your family status has radically changed: now you are a foreign bride or have already become his wife. Our article is just for those women who have ahead - for half a year waiting for a visa to reunite with their families.
How to properly spend this time to make the most comfortable further period of living in a completely new environment - mental, social, and linguistic?
Prepare for departure by starting with a good medical examination, even if you are sure that you are perfectly healthy: many diseases are detected by accident, and treating them at home is usually much cheaper.
Be sure to treat your teeth - the cost of the services of European and American dentists has long been a legendary scary. Domestic experts will solve your problems no worse, but for a much more modest fee.
Take an interest in your vaccination sheet in the medical record: if you did not do any mandatory vaccinations, you may have to do them (or negotiate with doctors so that you can make the necessary notes on the card). In addition, find out the requirements for the list of mandatory vaccinations in the country where you are going to go: you may need additional ones.
Immediately before leaving, store all the necessary drugs: you will be protected during the time that will be needed in the new place for medical insurance. Remember that in Europe, many pills available in our free sale, you can buy only by prescription. How many I know of cases when the funds that help during critical days, relatives are urgently transferred from home.
Try to put money aside.
Do not waste thoughtlessly everything that you earn yourself or gives from bounties the groom or spouse, & # 8212; better accumulate your own margin of safety. You will have a small amount for the first months of your stay in the country. First, you do not have to ask for "pins and pins" (although I sincerely hope that your betrothed understands that his wife needs money for personal expenses). Secondly, it's good, if you have money for a return ticket, God forbid that & # 8230;
In passing, find out in which form it is better to import money into a new country for you: in traveler's checks or in the form of a bank card.
Put all the documents in order.
Conduct an audit of all personal documents you have: passports, birth certificates, certificates and diplomas.
Be sure to remove the laminate from them, if you have previously glossed your papers to preserve the appearance. Otherwise, difficulties may arise with the notarial registration of them at the border crossing.
Verify the original documents with an apostille. However, before this, find out whether in your case it makes sense to apply for such a procedure: in some countries (for example, in France) only a translation performed by local translators who are accredited is allowed.
Do not forget to collect all the important "crusts", quite possibly they will be useful to you for finding work. On our forum there are vivid examples of how girls are arranged abroad to work in fitness centers, providing Ukrainian certificates with the right to teach.
Keep all documents in a specially designated daddy.
Think about your career in a new country.
On how to find a job for Russian abroad, read the special material on the website. Within the framework of today's article I want to draw your attention to only a few nuances.
Talk to your chosen one about how he sees the distribution of work responsibilities in your family. Perhaps a man is looking exclusively for his wife, a housewife, although there are situations when a foreigner counts on the woman's feasible help in the matter of financial security.
In any case, having an option for employment is always pleasant. Study the personnel market of the country of your future residence, what professions are in demand, what you need to confirm your education or how you can get a new one.
Perhaps you decide to finish the courses of the master of the manicure, hairdresser, make-up artist or masseur. Let's not talk about the bad, but if necessary, to get money for the existence of such skills can be very useful. Again & # 8212; all certificates must move to the same daddy, which I wrote above.
Disassemble the driver's license.
If you have never sat down in your life, enroll in the nearest driving school: at home you will be taught to drive a car for a relatively small fee and give out the rights. Learn by conscience - without the driving skills in many countries you will have to tightly, like without a personal car.
If you already have the right, ask the groom or spouse to find out what is needed to exchange them for the local ones. Prepare the documents. Do not forget to take insurance OSAGO & # 8212; Your expenses, as a driver with experience, will be significantly reduced.
Leave the power of attorney.
A general power of attorney issued to someone from relatives or people close to you whom you completely trust, & # 8212; A good way to solve sudden questions in the future without coming home for this.
Prepare documents for the export of underage children.
To do this, you need to make appropriate notes in your passport, having previously received:
Consent of the father for the removal of the child from the country. Learn more & # 8212; If you are a widow, a certificate of death of the child's father. The court's decision to deprive the father of parental rights or to recognize him as a missing person. A certificate of the birth of a child, if you are a single mother (you can get it in the registry office).
If the father does not consent to the removal of your child from the country, this can really become an insoluble problem. We need to look for an approach to the father of the child, negotiate or sue, otherwise we will have to wait for adulthood.
Also do not forget to find out the state of vaccination in the child, timely issue a certificate of vaccinations received.
The export of animals to a new country.
If you have animals & # 8212; will have to deal with the package of documents needed to cross the border.
When exporting from the CIS to the EU countries, there are very different requirements for the importation of animals, check the actual information at the customs and veterinary service of your country and country of the spouse, as well as the airline you are going to fly.
The most stringent conditions are set by Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In England, for example, when importing animals from some countries, they are placed in quarantine for six months.
Most often you need:
b) passport (veterinary certificate) for an animal with vaccinations and rabies tests for a certain period before departure,
c) a certificate stating that the animal does not represent value for its country.
Start to learn the language of the country for whose citizen you got married, you will have to immediately. If you live in a large city and want to get a really good result, it is better not to engage in self-education: enroll in a course or find a tutor.
You can learn German at the courses of the Goethe Institute, French in the Alliance Francaise, English in the TOEFL (for the USA) preparation groups, IELTS (certificates of different levels for the UK and the countries of the world). Their validity period is 2 years.
If you are interested in Cambridge certificates, then you can be trained in FCE and CAE courses. These certificates are generally unlimited and do not require retaking in the future.
The undoubted advantage of studying at such courses is that the classes are conducted by native speakers, and certificates are recognized by most foreign countries when they apply for studies and work.
The main shortcoming of serious courses is high cost. However, in the future, your spending will certainly and repeatedly pay off more opportunities in socialization and employment, so do not be stingy.
If you can not get accredited courses, look for a good tutor.
Learn in detail your rights in a new country.
In the time remaining before departure, look for legal information regarding your rights in the new country: you may be entitled to certain benefits, special benefits and payments.
It is not out of place to learn about labor, property relations, as well as your rights in marriage. Pay special attention to issues of taxation, fines and other sanctions.
Stickers with Russian letters on the Latin keyboard will make your life abroad much easier, so buy them.
Write to yourself in the phone or notebook contacts of embassies, consulates of your country. It would be nice to find a person who can be relied upon upon arrival.
One more thing: leaving your job and packing your suitcases for departure, try to keep good relations with former bosses and colleagues. How much will life turn?

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