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We independently issue a visa to the Comoros.

We independently issue a visa to the Comoros.
The visa for the Comoros for Russians in 2017 is needed. The Indian Ocean is the birthplace of the exotic Comoros. The volcanic archipelago is located between the African continent and Madagascar, is divided into the Union of the Comoros and the overseas territory of France Mayotte.
How to open a visa. Features of entry. Dates and costs. Transit entry Travel with children Safety issues.
How to open a visa.
Photo visa on the Comoros.
After arrival, you need to apply for a visa permit to the immigration service of the island state. The set of documents is minimal:
active foreign passport. The document must be valid for at least six months. You need to make sure that at least one sheet is left blank for pasting a visa sticker; two copies of the visa application form. The language of filling is English, French, Arabic. You can receive the application form on arrival at the migration office, you do not need to look for forms in advance.
Features of entry.
A feature of the entry procedure is the fingerprinting of each incoming foreigner. The procedure for fingerprinting is mandatory for everyone.
After the removal of the prints, the information is entered in the island database. The next stage is compulsory photography, which is produced by digital equipment with an electronic database.
The profile data, the photograph is placed on the basis of the visa sticker, after which the immigration officer pastes the sticker on the free page of the passport of the foreign tourist.
Terms and cost.
A visa issued on arrival is valid for one and a half months. After 45 days, a foreigner must leave the territory of the Comoros.
The amount of the visa fee is 50 American dollars. The currency of payment is the dollar or its convertible equivalent.
Transit entry.
Comoros can be a point of transplantation when traveling to a third country. If a foreigner arrives for transit purposes, he does not need to pay a special visa: a transit permit is issued free of charge. The only condition - docking should be done per day.
If desired, the transit visa can be converted into a tourist visa. This issue is handled by the immigration office located in the territory of Moroni. It is necessary to provide documents on the above list, pay the amount of the visa fee.
Traveling with children.
If the child takes part in the journey, additional documents are needed:
birth certificate, insert-citizenship; own foreign passport, in his absence - the foreign passport of the parent, where the minor is inscribed; the power of attorney from both parents, if the minor arrived with an accompanying person, in the name of the accompanying person; consent for the removal of a child from a parent who does not travel with them.
The power of attorney and consent must be formalized through a notary.
Security questions.
A vaccination certificate is not required. For safety, you need to pay for medical insurance, preferably from malaria. A list of dangerous infections for health includes dengue fever, chikungunya, typhoid fever, rabies, hepatitis A, B, tetanus.
There are no Russian representations in the Comoros. The interests of the state in the Russian Federation are protected by the Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar.
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