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Ways to open a business in the United States.

Ways to open a business in the United States.
Moving to America is a dream of a considerable number of foreigners. The ways to achieve it are different. But the easiest for today is to invest in an enterprise in the United States. Of course, the ways to open your business in the realms of US life are not cheap. However, those who have enough start-capital on their hands, can once and for all receive the cherished permanent residence.
Structure of American business.
Large investors hardly need extra advice, but representatives of small commerce need to know that this form of school activity is taken by enterprises:
having a small number of owners; A team of not more than 500 employees; secured by property in the amount of up to 5 million dollars; bringing up to 2 million dollars of profit for the year.
In general, before you open a business in America, you need to establish the scale of the idea by American standards. All business entities the country shares into the smallest, small, intermediate type, large, largest. Wherein:
The least developed companies have a company with 1-24 employees; small objects are provided by 25-99 workers; Intermediaries have the ability to hire between 100 and 500 employees.
These three forms are considered by the American legislation small business.
In financial terms, the opening of business in the territory of this country should be accompanied by investments of not less than 500 thousand dollars. Such a start will open the case in rural areas, provincial cities. To develop on the basis of economically strong, large areas will require amounts of 1 million or more. Accordingly, the larger the investment, the more kinder the US to the foreigner who implemented it.
Concerning the share of certain areas of commerce, by 2018 more than 35% of it occupy services, about 12% construction, about 10% is related to health care. Next are production, retail, real estate. The least developed areas are mining, forestry, information services.
How to start a commercial migration.
Business people from Russia who want to open their own business in the United States must first determine their priorities:
It is planned to purchase a finished project or the case will be opened in America from scratch. Desired (available) form of company ownership. Willingness to properly cover taxes in the US (size, species depend on the form of ownership). Location of the location of the enterprise: different regions offer different opportunities, as well as tax incentives for investors.
Having understood the ideas, it is necessary to prepare a detailed business plan, which will necessarily require immigration service upon entry, the bank when making a loan.
By the way, loans to non-residents under the business of star-strips are absent, but a foreigner can freely obtain a loan for the purchase of commercial real estate.
American business opportunities for Russians.
The most accessible, fastest way to join the economy of Americans is to become the owner of real estate from the holdings of the state. True, if the property is non-commercial, you will not get a residence permit.
Having decided to start a company and choose which business to open in the United States, one should take into account: high-yielding areas related to the real estate market, transport production, cargo transportation, tourism are fairly crowded. Struggle for these industries is better having either a brilliant plan, or a large professional qualification.
As of today, experts predict the success of a Russian businessman in such local projects as:
organization of purchases on the Internet; Notary Services; household and professional advice; providing care for pets; services in the search for carers, nannies; individual or group trainings; household repair, construction, restoration of old things; car service, eco-wash; services of the average medical staff (assumes a compulsory license).
If there is an ongoing project in Russia, then it's not worth trying to start a business in the US - it is most convenient to organize a branch of an already existing education. In parallel, this will be a demonstration of the success of a Russian businessman, having a good amount of money, an effective activity.
An important detail: by investing the American side recognizes not only money, but also real estate, inventory, tools, other material or intellectual assets. In addition, not all forms of property are allowed to foreigners. What is allowed to a business American can be forbidden to a Russian entrepreneur. There are circumstances in which a foreign owner of an enterprise is forbidden to be registered there as an employee.
Registering your business in America step by step.
Official registration of your project in America requires care, accuracy, transparency.
The procedure consists of the following steps:
The first stage is a business visa for EB-5. It is issued exclusively to businessmen, it is impossible to obtain business without entrepreneurial activity. An alternative is an invitation from partners, providing a business visa B1 / B2. Having entered first on it, you can reissue the visa for the desired subspecies after obtaining permission to conduct the planned activities. The next stage - the acquisition, the removal of the workplace. Rent ranged from 1 thousand to 5 thousand dollars, based on where the leased property is located, for which it is intended, what is the area. Without papers confirming the availability of premises for work (rent, property), it is impossible to register a company with the Americans. US laws oblige owners of any enterprises to insure their business against loss-making risks or force majeure. Therefore, you should be ready to pay for insurance about 5 thousand dollars. Staffing the company in accordance with the laws of local government. Immigration services are very approving of foreigners creating new jobs for Americans. Involvement of a lawyer's business project. Knowing how to do it on your own, without the participation of a specialist, America's legislation on the implementation of commercial projects is incredibly difficult. For foreigners there are stricter rules than for local Americans. The final step is the payment of a special duty (about $ 1,000) and registration of the case.
Business visa in the US category B1 / B2.
Constituent documentation in the US is legalized last, when a place is already rented for the deployment of activities, employees are enlisted. Registration is performed through the State Secretariat, where the application is submitted on a standard form (each region has its own). The document must contain the name of the company, its legal address. Upon a positive examination of the application, a Certificate of Incorporation and a Corporate Chapter are issued.
The first day after the receipt of the registration month is allocated for the collection of shareholders, election of the president of the company, secretary, directors. All other constituent papers are brought to mind. Information about appointed leaders is also subject to registration with the state secretary, for which an Initial List of Officers, Directors and Resident agent is compiled.
The final action completely closing the registration process is setting the company on IRS tax accounting with the assignment of the taxpayer's EIN Number. After that, one year will have to prove the profitability of the undertaking. For that, there are special checks. If they recognize in a year that the case is working successfully, the owner of the project is entitled to obtain residence permit in the United States, and in 5 years to become a candidate for US citizenship.
Selecting the area of influence.
The Americans have created a unique state system: the Constitution is general, but each region is free to solve criminal, tax and business issues at its own discretion.
Choosing the locality or tactics of establishing a company in the States, the Russian businessman should study the legislation of the region in detail in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Local taxes deserve special attention, they are different in all regions. For example:
Texas, Nevada, Washington do not take taxes at the local level; Delaware will have to pay an additional 8.84%; California holds 8.7% of profit; the city authorities of Washington, Colombia, will take 9.5%.
The federal tax rate is the same for all.

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