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Vunge in Croatian for a pensioner

Vunge in Croatian for a pensioner
If the visa takes a lot of time, then I see no reason to look for a dwelling in advance. Prices are constantly changing, life situations too. And suddenly something goes wrong with the visa, why once again to spoil everything?
But in general, why Croatia? What is so special about it? No, I just do not understand, I want to know. Some prices are good for real estate, living conditions, nature attracts, or the ecological situation is good, money is convenient, or what in general? If someone will give such information, thank you very much!
Croatia is a country that has a lot to offer. I read the stories of immigrants who moved, and they really liked the country. Maybe someone is also ideal for this country, but you need to proceed with caution. If there is time, I advise you to read the stories of people who have already moved to Croatia.
Personally, I have no experience in buying property in Croatia. But I've read some stories of people, and the indigenous people and immigrants who have gone through the process of owning real estate over the past ten years have been there those that are not so long ago. To be honest, there were few such ones, who passed everything "as if from oil" from the very beginning to the end. Problems arose different: legal difficulties associated with ownership, unethical real estate agents; bad experience with lawyers and architects, incessant bureaucracy, and various onerous fees and charges. There are still no problems with uncontrolled builders and incompetent contractors who can happily "travel the ears" to foreign buyers. Now, of course, the situation is not so complicated, but there are still situations where the buyer needs to be sufficiently vigilant. Foreign buyers should act very carefully before contacting the purchase of real estate. Before you pay for the purchase, you need to ask important questions about how you can buy real estate and how to repair it. And do not wait for hired professionals to know the right answers to the questions. Each situation is different, laws often change, and some professionals are better informed than others.
As for the repair, this is another, also rather difficult, process. There are some very talented and qualified people who can help find the right options. Unfortunately, it's hard to find such a thing, usually after you step on the rake. Therefore, you need to be very careful and it is desirable to find someone, maybe through friends.
It is important that there are finances in order to buy a private house or your property, well, or rent, depending on which option suits you best. You need to provide information about your personal account to make sure that you have the necessary amount to live each month. If you just buy a property, then you can not work there on a legal basis. It seems that such a visa is given for 5 years, and then only it will be possible to apply for permanent residence, and for this it will be necessary to pass a language test.
In general, it is best to contact the official embassy, where you can find out your chances of moving from the source. It is better to immediately inform that you are going to live on pension, and if possible, to buy housing. And there all the documents will be sent to Croatia for official consideration.
It is important to visit, feel the atmosphere of the country, choose suitable places where you can buy real estate and live, and understand how you can live there not as a tourist, exactly how you can organize your pension there.
Here, for example, a two-room apartment in the area of Zagreb, but it costs from 165,000 to 300,000 euros, and consider more costs when buying, for maintenance, for a communal ..
well, with the process of moving it is clear that it is necessary to combine the advice of a specialist with the personal experience of our people there ..
in fact, I got quite interested after my friend told me that in Germany, if you worked there for some years (like 5-6 common flocks, not necessarily in a row) - you can count on a German pension)) not then, to think directly, but was interested, it's for sure)) I think. such a lafa only in Germany, not in vain there are all so torn) in Croatia I think this topic is not.
On the topic of the question: if there are opportunities and connections, I do not think it's so difficult to move to retire to live in Croatia. There are several points that you should pay attention to. The simplest version of the move is the purchase of real estate, as well as an indicator that plays an important role in the issuance of a bank account with the amount necessary for an annual residence, there must certainly be no illegal cases, as well as the availability of other documents (birth certificate, medical policy, bank statements and etc.). Also, those who want to retire in Croatia, you need to pass a test of language skills to obtain a residence permit.
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