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Vnzh in Poland on real estate

Vnzh in Poland on real estate
The residence permit in Poland is a document that enables foreign citizens to reside on the territory of the Republic of Poland during the time for which the document was issued.
Unlike the temporary residence permit "Temporary residence permit", permanent residence in Poland "Permanent residence permit" gives the owner of permanent residence a legal right to stay in the country for an unlimited period of time. It is issued for ten years.
In order to obtain a residence permit for an immigrant, you need to justify your relationship with Poland. You need to demonstrate your financial solvency & ndash; provide evidence of income and the availability of real estate, sufficient for the maintenance and treatment of family members who are going to live with him and will not qualify for social assistance. Proof of a permanent location in the country, there may be a contract for buying an apartment, renting a house, business, or a certificate of membership in a housing cooperative.
To submit documents for the temporary residence permit "residence permit in Poland" can the following categories of citizens:
officially employed in the country; persons having an officially registered firm; students and people who are trained according to the programs provided by the European Union; residents of other states who wish to live with their families; people marrying Polish citizens; children born to foreigners who are officially residing in the republic; students who came to the country to start or continue studying in universities or graduate school; scientific employees located on the territory of the state and carrying out research work in specialized institutions; creative people with achievements that begin work in the Republic of Poland; priests or persons performing their functions in religious communities and churches, etc.
To acquire a permanent residence permit "permanent residence" a resident of another state can in the following cases:
is a child of a foreign citizen who has permanent residence; is of Polish origin; married to a citizen of Poland for 3 or more years, and has been permanently in Poland for the past two years; continuously before applying for permanent residence lived in the country for 5 years or more on legal grounds; has a map of the Poles; received a political, or religious asylum, etc.
To grant a residence permit, you must file:
application for permission to stay in the country and its photocopy; color quality photos; valid passport and photocopy of all completed pages; birth certificate with translation into Polish; a certificate of absence of any official obligations, issued by the tax authorities at the place of last residence; documents confirming registration in Poland; Other documents confirming the basis for obtaining residence permit.
One of the most pressing issues among immigrants remains the question of whether a residence permit is issued in Poland when buying real estate and what benefits pertain to possession of real estate in principle.
By itself, the purchase of residential property in Poland does not give the foreign person any additional privileges in terms of legal justification in the republic.
But if you purchase commercial real estate from a legal entity and for the needs of your Polish business, this can contribute to obtaining a residence permit in Poland.
Thus, if your real estate will work for the benefit of the Polish economy, you can count on certain & laquo; encouragement & raquo; from the state.
Buying a property in Poland also gives you the opportunity not to book a hotel when you get a visa, and if you will issue a long-term visa, you will have the opportunity to register in your own home, which also has a positive effect on obtaining a residence permit in Poland.
Terms of consideration of the application for obtaining a residence permit:
To provide residence permit in Poland it takes from two to four months To provide permanent residence in Poland it takes from four to six months.
The deadline for obtaining a residence permit can be expedited or extended, depending on the basis of the receipt and the documents submitted to the Office for Foreigners. In addition, the period for obtaining a residence permit in Poland can be affected by the number of people waiting for permanent residence and the city where the application for extradition is being submitted.
Cost of registration of a temporary residence permit in Poland - on request Cost of registration of a permanent residence permit in Poland - on request.
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