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Visa to the Maldives for Russians in 2018.

Visa to the Maldives for Russians in 2018.
Do Russians need a visa to the Maldives? This question is taken by our compatriots planning a trip to the Maldives Republic. After all, the absence of paper red tape before long-awaited vacation adds to the attractiveness for the country where the tourist will go. About what documents should Russian citizens have to travel to the Maldives, you will learn from our article.
The main thing about the Maldives and entry into their territory.
Rest in the Maldives is a dream of many Russian tourists. The state is in South Asia, in the Indian Ocean. It is located on 19 atolls in the Maldives archipelago. The country consists of 1 thousand 196 coral islands, only 199 of which are inhabited.
Vacation in the territory of the Maldives will be truly unforgettable. And, importantly, citizens of the Russian Federation can hold vacations in the Asian state in a visa-free order. In the event that you arrived in the republic with short-term tourist purposes, you will not need to enter the entry paper.
But still it is not uncommon for a visa to come to Russia from the Maldives. For example, to extend stay, employment or higher education. You can draw up the document depending on the situation both on the Maldives themselves and outside the islands.
Rules of visa-free entry and stay.
To fly the Maldives without a visa, you will have to comply with a number of requirements:
Visiting the state only for the purpose of tourism. Work and study during a tourist trip to the Maldives is prohibited. It is necessary to have a foreign passport (either diplomatic or official). The document is valid from six months at the time of arrival. At the entrance to submit such documents: passport; confirmation that the visitor has a place of residence (hotel reservation or tour guide); financial guarantees (a fully paid travel agent or cash at the rate of $ 100 + $ 50 per day per person); air ticket back home or to any country (necessarily with the date of departure); immigration card (to be filled on the plane). Strictly control the time of your trip. Visa-free stay in the territory of Maldives is limited to 1 month. The period is counted from the date of entry into the republic. More than a month without a visa can not be in the country.
Visa-free entry is only permissible if all these conditions are met.
To the tourist for a note! Within the 1-month "visa-free" additional registration or payment of fees is not required.
As a "visa-free" tourist can extend stay.
Often, "visa-free" is not enough to enjoy a good rest in the South Asian power. You can prolong your stay without leaving the territory of the islands.
To extend the visit, one should report to the immigration department of the Maldivian Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is located in the capital of the State of Male. It is necessary to apply to the department for 1.5 weeks (10 days) before the expiry of the 1-month "visa-free".
In the management of the applicant, a temporary visa will be issued for a period of not more than 3 months (including 1 month that has passed after arrival). That is, the citizen has the right to stay on the territory of the republic for a period of up to 3 months.
Temporary tourist visa for the Maldives for Russians is opened upon submission of the following securities:
Filled in English application. The form will be issued by immigration officials. It can also be downloaded at Two photographs of the passport format 35 * 45 mm (maximum 2 months old). International passport. Requires the original document and a copy of the page with personal information (1 st page). Return ticket with a new day of departure. Reservation of the hotel or tour guide. Monetary guarantees: either a 100% travel voucher; or cash ($ 100 + $ 50 per day).
The extension of the stay, as opposed to free visa-free entry, costs money. The collection is irrecoverable. It is taken before the announcement of the decision on the petition. The extension of the visa to the Maldives (more precisely, the receipt of a temporary tourist visa) will cost about $ 140.
Applications are treated fairly quickly. Typically, the decision is made for a few days (usually no longer than 2-5).
Usually, when a temporary travel request is requested, the question is resolved positively. The risk of failure is related to the following factors:
violation of local laws; insufficient financial security.
At the same time, the chances for approval of the application will increase if the applicant has support from a citizen of the South Asian power. For example, a representative of a hotel in which a foreigner lives, or a local travel agent. It is desirable that this person wrote a visa application, personally signing it and indicating in it the basic data of a foreign guest. Also, an official representative can file an application with the Ministry of Internal Affairs on behalf of a foreigner.
To the Maldives with children.
So, for citizens of the Russian Federation, a visa is not required when traveling to the Maldives. Given this visa requirement, do you need a visa for the young Russians to the Maldives? No, I do not! Of course, provided that the children:
will arrive in the republic solely for tourist purposes; will have their own passport; stay on the islands for a maximum of 1 month.
At once we will answer a question, whether visas are necessary for Maldives for young Russians if 1-month visa-free stay is planned to prolong. Yes, we must. Temporary tourist visas open to children in the same way as adults. The cost of a Maldives visa for a child is also $ 140.
It is important to know! When traveling with a minor, only a father / mother, a third person, or independently, consent is written for the child's departure abroad. Depending on the situation, it is made up of one parent or both.
Who needs a Maldivian visa?
Do I need a visa for the Maldives for Russians, if their trip is not related to tourism? Undoubtedly, yes!
"Visa-free" guests of the republic for the prolongation of stay make out a tourist visa right on the islands. But non-tourist categories of citizens will need this document before entering. When traveling to the Maldives, Russians need a visa obtained in advance in the following cases:
employment; the opening of one's business; admission to study in a South Asian country.
Work Visa.
The visa required for the Maldives depends on the purpose of entry. Depending on the variety of the requested document, it will be necessary to prepare a certain set of papers.
So, if you need a working visa for the Maldives, you first need to attend to a work permit. For its registration, the employer writes a letter to the Ministry of Labor Maldives. Employees of the department will need to present a labor contract and a deposit for the flight of the employee to the islands and departure back. The ministry officials can issue permits only under condition of availability of quotas.
With a successful outcome of the case, the hired person will be issued an annual visa. Subsequently, it can be extended for a period of 1 to 5 years. The term of prolongation depends on the agreement of the employee with the employer.
Where can I get a Maldives visa?
Usually the visa documentation is submitted to the diplomatic mission of the country where the visa applicant is planning to go. However, a visa for Russians to the Maldives is opened by slightly different rules.
There is no diplomatic mission of the island state in the Russian Federation. The interests of the republic are represented by the Sri Lankan embassy, which is located in Moscow. Visa applications should be submitted here.
Nuances of entry.
The rules for crossing the Maldivian borders are the same for all foreigners. Passport control is organized at the airport of Male. In the foreign passport visitors are put stamps with the date of entry.
Also foreign guests fill in immigration cards. The necessary forms are issued free of charge in airplanes. This card should be filled in printed Latin letters. A separate "immigration" is served for each participant of the tour, including children.
Another important rule concerns the confirmation of financial solvency. All incoming foreign citizens are required to have material guarantees. This is required by the authorities of the republic.
The documents that can prove the monetary security are:
fully paid tourwinner (it is advisable to take with you not only the original, but also a copy); Cash (minimum $ 100 + for $ 50 for 1 day stay).
In addition, foreigners present paid air tickets in the opposite direction.
As for the medical insurance, when crossing the borders of the island country it is not asked. But to have the policy nevertheless follows. It is also desirable to bring the necessary drugs with you, as the prices in the Maldives pharmacies are quite high.
Subtlety of departure.
When departing from the islands, foreigners, with the exception of children under 2 years old, pay $ 30. Money is accepted in cash or by bank transfer at the TaxCounter in the departure area. You can get a boarding pass and hand over your luggage only after payment of this fee.
However, it should be noted that airlines that fly to the Maldives, usually include an airport fee per ticket.
Customs control.
Citizens of other countries arriving on the island must pass customs control without fail. What is possible, and what can not be imported into the country and taken out of it, it is desirable to know. This will help to avoid problems, misunderstandings and delays at the border.
What can and can not be imported / exported to / from the South Asian republic will be prompted by our table:
alcohol (all alcohol at the entrance confiscated by customs officers and returned when leaving) pork and products containing it.
poisons, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances of explosive substances, ammunition, weapons of pornographic products, including one that in Europe is considered permissible eroticism.
Features of stay.
The rules for the stay of foreigners in the Maldives are very loyal. But restrictions are imposed on visiting some non-tourist islands that are in private or state ownership. To visit them, you will need a special permission.
The movement between islands and atolls is authorized only by carriers with a license. It is forbidden to move independently on swimming equipment (from boats and inflatable boats to improvised rafts).
The inhabitants of the South Asian state treat tourists very kindly. Despite this, it is worth to be cautious and be vigilant. In addition, it is necessary to take into account local traditions, because the republic is Islamic. So, in the state it is forbidden:
drink alcohol in public places (outside resorts); swim naked or topless; to engage in fishing near the shore; to catch and break corals.
On walks on Male it is necessary to wear clothes corresponding to Muslim norms (long dresses / skirts / trousers, blouses / shirts).
In conclusion, we note that for migrants for permanent residence abroad, emigration to the Maldives is not an ideal option. Immigration processes are rather complicated. For example, citizenship is given only to Muslims who have lived on the islands for several years. Also in a number of cases, it is possible to obtain the status of a citizen by adopting Islam. The easiest way to immigrate is to obtain a residence permit for a property that has been purchased in the country.

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