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Visa to Thailand: how to live in Thailand for a long time.

Visa to Thailand: how to live in Thailand for a long time.
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For Russian citizens, Thailand remains an attractive state for recreation, cognitive travel, as well as doing business. Many tourists, visiting the country only once, forever fall in love with it and strive to hold here even long and harsh Russian winters.
In addition to beauty and exoticism, life in the Kingdom is much cheaper than in Russia, and the state provides luxurious conditions for entrepreneurs wishing to invest in the development of the economy. The hospitality and goodwill of the local population are legendary, and this is not a myth. Therefore, some seriously think about permanent residence in Thailand.
For permanent residence in Thailand - how?
Unfortunately, obtaining the citizenship of Thailand is a long and costly process. In particular, you must:
permanent residence in the Kingdom for at least 12 years; have a residence permit; know the Thai language and stuff.
Even foreigners who own real estate do not automatically become citizens.
In 2017, Thailand is a country for Russians with a regime of short-term 30-day visa-free stay. For a longer period of stay in the country for any purpose it is necessary to issue a visa to Thailand.
So, if the purpose of your trip is a short-term tourist trip on holiday, you do not need to worry about getting a visa. For those who want to stay in Tae as long as possible, you need to take care of choosing the best option for yourself.
Earlier, our compatriots willingly practiced the so-called visa-ran - a monthly departure from the Kingdom to a neighboring country for a very short time (literally for several hours) and returning back on the same day in order to obtain another visa-free period for the next thirty days. A few years ago, the Thai government tightened immigration laws. And although the number of visa-free travel is not legislatively limited, Thai border guards actively suppress such attempts of unlimited illegal stay of foreigners in the country.
In addition, the violation of immigration rules is punishable not only by punishment in the form of a fine, but also by a real prison sentence and a ban on entry for the next 10 years.
However, long residence in the Kingdom is still real. To do this, it is necessary to select a legitimate and, preferably, economical way.
The following are listed and briefly described the most acceptable options for Russian citizens.
Visa-free stay.
Russian citizens arriving in Thailand without a visa, customs officers check the documents and put a stamp in the passport with an indication of the date of arrival.
To receive it from a tourist it is required:
Have a valid passport for the entire stay; Confirm your tourist intentions with a return ticket confirmed by the hotel reservation; the absence of a return ticket is a good reason not to allow you to board a flight at the airport of departure; prove their solvency for the duration of their stay in the country; for this you may be asked to show cash (about 20,000 baht or their equivalent in foreign currency).
A small trick for those who are not going to leave the country after the visa-free period: buy an inexpensive ticket from Thailand to a third country, and then hand it over or throw it away. You can issue a ticket without payment through By the way, it is not superfluous to know that foreigners who are in the country visa-free can not engage in any kind of non-profit activity, including missionary work and enlightenment.
After receiving the coveted stamp, you can stay unhindered for 30 days in the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand.
Theoretically, in order to extend your visa-free stay for another 30 days, you can make a visa to the nearest state. Only now it is necessary to return not earlier than the next day: it is forbidden to cross the border in one day! Unfortunately, the repeated use of such tactics is no longer possible.
According to the testimonies of experienced tourists, you will be refused entry after 3-4 such arrivals in the country. So do not abuse this way, and also try to stay in another country for as long as possible. The most suitable for this purpose are Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia - there you can also enter without a visa. Alternatively, you can go to a neighboring country and there, at the Thai Embassy, to issue a tourist visa for up to 60 days, but this option will be discussed a little later.
Tourist visa to Thailand.
The most common among Russians is a tourist visa to Thailand. You can easily get it at the Embassy of Thailand, located in Russia (in Moscow or St. Petersburg), or any other country.
There are two types of tourist visas:
single entry serves for one visit; term of stay - 60 days; a return ticket is not required; prolonged for 30 days (then the total period of stay 60 + 30 = 90 days); the cost in Moscow is 1500 rubles; multiple serves for 2-4 entrances; is registered only in the country of residence (in Russia, respectively, in Moscow and St. Petersburg); the cost of 3000 rubles; the period of stay after each entry is up to 60 days; the number of border crossings is not limited; validity period - 180 days; unlike a single-entry visa, you can not extend it, so you'll have to make two visarans 60 + 60 + 60 = 180.
There is information that recently there are difficulties with obtaining a multiple visa, so it's better to look at a one-time visa. Having lived on it for a legal ninety days (60 + 30 on the extension), you can cross the border with the neighboring state, where you place one more. Also, one should not forget about the toughening of migration laws.
After several consecutive issued visas, the applicant will be refused.
Combined method - visa-free arrival, then a tourist visa to Thailand.
It is believed that this way of a long stay in Thailand is the most economical and convenient.
You come to Thailand and visa-free spend the standard 30 days. Then go to the nearest country, there you do a touristic for 60 days, then extend it for 30 days. And again to the neighbors for a new visa. If the next you still do not give, enter again visa-free.
Importantly, remember the conditions required for visa-free stay (availability of a return ticket) and for obtaining a visa to Thailand (hotel reservation).
Educational (student or study) visa to Thailand.
For a long stay is quite convenient and relatively cheap type of visa.
A student visa is for those who wish to study in Thailand. Typically, this is either language schools with English or Thai language training, or some courses (massage, Thai boxing, national cuisine, etc.), as well as universities.
Educational visa for Thailand:
issued for a period of 1 year, then you need to leave the country and place the same in any border state; the cost is 2000 baht; is single; You can get it either at home or in one of the neighboring countries; the period of stay is 90 days, then it must be renewed three times for 90 days; will have to pay for training; from the educational institution it is necessary to submit all required documents, certificates, extracts upon receipt and renewal.
Previously, it was a great opportunity to stay in the Kingdom for a long time, and attend classes could be conditional. In Thailand, there is a whole network of schools providing formal training. Unfortunately, as it was already repeatedly mentioned, in 2014 the migration rules became much stricter. There are cases of cancellation of student visas and deportation due to the fact that alleged "students" do not appear in educational institutions, and they need an educational visa only for legal residence in the country.
Pension visa in Thailand.
For Russians over 50, there is an opportunity to obtain a pension visa for 1 year. However, for this you must be a fairly wealthy retiree. To obtain a pension visa, you need:
have an account in a Thai bank for at least 800,000 baht for a period of at least 90 days or submit a statement of income of at least 65,000 baht; pay a visa fee of 5000 baht; not be on the "black list" of the country.
If such an option suits you, fill out all the necessary papers will help you in firms that specialize in such intermediary services.
Business visa to Thailand.
This type of visa assumes that you have your own business in the Kingdom. In addition, you can buy a registered registered company, in Thailand, a lot of such proposals. The government strongly encourages the flow of investment from private entrepreneurs, although there are restrictions for foreigners.
its business is allowed to be opened only in the share with the Thai, who must own a controlling stake (often foreigners create a joint business with a Thai spouse); the company must necessarily be profitable with an authorized capital of at least 2,000,000 baht; with a negative balance, you will be refused a visa extension.
In Thailand, business visas are not issued, you can get it only beyond its borders.
The period of stay is 90 days plus 90 days for renewal. The general term is 1 year.
Working visa for Thailand.
You can apply for a work visa if you are already employed. To get an official position in a good company you can only if you are a high-class specialist in demand and you are proficient in English.
There are cases when Russians with a modest level of English got a job as a teacher at a school or a kindergarten teacher, but these are the exceptions.
As a rule, immigrants from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union who live in Thailand work online through the Internet or work illegally as guides and sellers. This is due to Thai labor law, which severely restricts the access of foreigners to most professions.
It is worth a working visa to Thailand about 20 000 baht per year and, as a rule, paid by the employer.
Working and business visa can not be quickly and easily issued, so we will not go into detail on them.
Family visa in Thailand.
A family visa to Thailand is issued if:
your child is enrolled in the Kingdom in an international educational institution; your spouse has a permanent job or business in Thailand; you have married a citizen of Thailand.
Regarding the last point, I would like to note that the very fact of marriage with a Thai does not give you citizenship, but only a visa, which also needs to be extended.
It will also be useful to know that a fictitious marriage is possible for criminal prosecution.
Visa for children.
If you travel with children to the trip, then they also need to apply for a visa. To do this, you must provide the migration service with a birth certificate, as well as a copy certified by a notary. Other documents are not required if the child is traveling with two parents. In the case of a trip with one of the parents, as well as accompanied by other persons, an appropriate permit must be issued.
Refusal to obtain a visa.
In conclusion of the article I would like to once again summarize the reasons why you may be refused a visa.
The main and main thing is the attempts of tourists to bypass the migration laws of Thailand. If you entered and left the country five times a year, then you will be refused any visa for issuing the next visa. In addition, it is possible that:
earlier you exceeded the period of stay; you do not have return tickets; you have an incomplete package of required documents; you are listed in the "black list" of Thai customs officers; border guards inattentively look at dates of stamps in the passport and even confuse visas.
When planning a trip to Thailand, study and consider the features and requirements of the Kingdom's legislation. This will allow you to enjoy its beauty and exotic, and also to avoid problems and troubles.
Thank you for staying and traveling with us!
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