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Visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Russians in 2017.

Visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Russians in 2017.
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Do I need a visa to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?
The visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians in 2017 is not needed. The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, in the south it borders on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. The most attractive for tourists are the capital of the country of Sarajevo, the cities of Jajce, Trebin, Mostar. A beautiful mountainous country is part of the former Yugoslavia, which explains its extreme loyalty to the Russians.
Entry to the Balkans The right to visa-free entry If you need a visa Documents for entry Entry with a child What else is important.
Entry to the Balkans.
Prior to the adoption of the law on visa-free regime, Russian citizens had the right to live on the territory of the former Yugoslav state for not more than 30 days on a tourist voucher. Crossing the border, they needed, besides the passport, to have a return ticket with them. If the purpose of the trip was visiting friends or relatives, the border guards checked the presence of an assured Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina invitation. Tourist visa was valid for 30 days, visa on invitation - three months.
Now, Russians can live on a friendly land for 30 days every two months from the first crossing of the border without issuing tourist vouchers. For holders of service passports, the period of visa-free stay is increased to three months. Diplomats, members of their families have the right of free entry before the end of the entire period of accreditation.
The right to visa-free entry.
People who arrived with tourist intentions, related or friendly visits, transit passengers can use the right of free border crossing. The basis for a visa-free stay on the land of the federation is a number of other cases:
business or private visit; cultural, educational or sports activities; treatment in a specialized institution or sanatorium.
In these cases, it is allowed to stay in the federation without a visa for not more than three months, and when crossing the border, you need to have an officially confirmed invitation confirming the purpose of your visit. Transit passengers can stay here for no more than seven days. They must provide a confirmation of transit, that is, they must have a ticket, as well as a visa to the country of final arrival (if needed). However, for Russians passing through the territory of the state on their own vehicles, this is not necessary.
If a Russian enters the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina through Croatia or Yugoslavia, he will have to issue a transit visa for these countries. The first is easy to buy at Zagreb airport for only $ 10. The second can be formalized through the Yugoslav embassy (Moscow).
If you need a visa.
There are cases when among the grounds for visa-free entry there is no necessary point.
standard questionnaire; tickets with the exact date of departure (there and back); tourist voucher with the address of the hotel or the place of future residence.
The applicant can be invited to an interview at the embassy, according to which the visa can not be given. A positive decision will serve as the basis for issuing a visa. As a rule, the period of its manufacture is from five to 14 days. You have to pay for the visa. The amount should be specified by embassy staff, as well as the exact list of required documents (may vary).
Documents for entry.
Visa-free entry is provided upon presentation of a passport, valid for another three months after the trip, and a number of necessary documents. Must have tickets back and forth, but the authenticated original of the invitation or tourist voucher the border guards will be asked to show not always. This applies to insurance in the amount of not less than 30 thousand euros: the availability of the policy is rarely checked. However, you need to be prepared to prove solvency, presenting cash, credit cards, bank statements.
Entry with the child.
Traveling to the Balkan Peninsula with a child has the features and rules that are typical for any overseas trip.
What else is important.
If a citizen of the Russian Federation plans to work in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he is obliged to issue a work visa. This can be done through the Embassy of the Balkan state. Without official permission, any labor activity of foreign citizens in the Balkan Peninsula is illegal.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been fond of Russians. Here, year-round recreation for every taste is perfectly organized. Summer beaches attract cleanliness, elegant simplicity, flavored with national color. Winter resorts give joy to lovers of ski tours. Visa-free entry greatly simplifies the procedure for visiting the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.
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