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Visa regime and permanent residence permit in Singapore.

Visa regime and permanent residence permit in Singapore.
Entry visas, programs for obtaining permanent residence in Singapore, the rights of real estate buyers, the requirements for investors and applicants for citizenship - in a new review on
Visas to Singapore.
Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan to enter Singapore must apply for a visa. Documents are submitted to the embassies and consulates of Singapore, as well as through accredited agencies.
Please note: Singapore does not stamp the passport, but issues electronic visas, which are the official permission to visit the country. Each electronic visa has a unique identification number and contains information with the personal data of the applicant, the validity of the visa and the number of days allowed in Singapore.
Documents for a visa in Singapore:
a foreign passport with a validity of at least 6 months at the time of entry into Singapore, completed questionnaires of sample 14A with one color photograph (the questionnaire can be obtained from the embassy / consulate or downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Singapore, valid air ticket and confirmation of accommodation / residence or an invitation from a citizen of Singapore, a registered company / travel agency / person permanently residing in Singapore, or a foreign citizen with an official status of standing resident of Singapore, a document confirming the payment of the visa fee.
The maximum period of a standard tourist visa is 89 days. In this case, after a visa, you are allowed to stay in the country for no more than 30 days, after which you must either leave Singapore for a while, or apply for a one-time extension (up to 89 days).
Work visas (PEP, EP, S Pass) Entrepreneur visa (EntrePass) Long-term visas for family members and relatives (LTVP and DP)
Acquisition of real estate in Singapore does not give advantages in obtaining a visa or permanent resident status. Usually buyers of real estate come to the country on tourist visas.
Permanent residence permit in Singapore.
10% of Singaporeans have a permanent residence permit (Permanent Resident, PR). For foreigners there are several main immigration programs: relatives, professionals working in Singapore, investors and entrepreneurs, artists and art.
Documents must be submitted in person. If you are not in Singapore, you must first obtain an entry permit (short-stay visa) from the Immigration and Border Control Service of Singapore (ICA).
The spouse of a citizen of Singapore, his unmarried children under the age of 21, and also the parents are entitled to permanent residence. Also, if you have PR status, you can apply for a spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age.
Permanent residence for employees of companies.
In Singapore, there is a special program for obtaining permanent residence for professionals, technical personnel and skilled workers (PTS scheme).
The key requirement is that you must work in Singapore at the time of application. This means that you must first move on a work visa & ndash; Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass. When applying, you must show wages at least six months.
Less PTS scheme & ndash; you can apply only for yourself, and if approved then apply for the next of kin, but only for dependent types of visas (dependant pass), which are issued for a period of 1 to 3 years and give the right to stay only in Singapore.
According to Singapore's Global Investor Program (GIP), you can apply for PR right away for yourself and your family.
You can choose one of two investment options:
invest at least 2.5 million SGD in launching a new one or expanding an existing business. invest at least 2.5 million SGD in one of the official GIP funds. The latter include Luminor Pacific Fund 2 Ltd, Phillip Enterprise Fund Ltd, Tembusu Growth GIP Fund III Ltd, Walden Digital Asia Pte Ltd, Zana Asia Fund II LP and 1Rockstead GIP Fund II Pte Ltd.
You need to have at least three years of experience in business, business training and a business plan for five years. The annual turnover of the company should be at least 50 million Singapore dollars (40 million US dollars). Share in the company must be at least 30%. When applying for permanent residence you need to pay a fee of $ 7,000 Singapore dollars ($ 5.6 thousand).
In addition to investment, you must also have a good business reputation, and if you invest in your business, you must submit a plan for the development of the company.
If you are talented in any kind of art - photography, dance, music, theater, literature or cinema - you can also apply for permanent residence in Singapore under the program "Artistic talents & raquo ;.
You must be a well-known artist in your own country, preferably with an international reputation and have appropriate training in your field. In addition, you also have to make a significant contribution to the development of art and cultural life in Singapore and have specific plans for the involvement and development of the cultural sphere of the country.
Application for PR status is usually considered within 4-8 months from the date of application, depending on the load of local regulatory authorities. On average, the decision takes about 6 months.
Why get permanent residence in Singapore.
Singapore PR is issued indefinitely, once every 5 years, you must renew Entry and Re-Entry Permit.
The holder of PR gets the right to enter Singapore without applying for visas and live in the country 365 days a year. At the same time, there are no requirements for minimum stay. You can get the status and spend five years in another country, and by the time of the update fly to Singapore and submit documents for renewal.
Permanent residents of Singapore can buy real estate without high stamp duties for foreigners and take loans with minimum rates. They enjoy discounts and subsidies in the field of health and education, it is easier for them to get a job with a local company.
Owners of permanent residence can open a business in Singapore and become a director of a local company. They also receive contributions to the CPF (reserve and pension fund), from which you can pay for the purchase of housing, education and medicine.
Nationality of Singapore.
A PR holder over 21 years of age who has been permanently residing in Singapore for at least two years can apply for citizenship as part of the Economic Scheme.
Applications for citizenship are submitted to the Immigration and Border Control Service (ICA). Each application is considered individually in accordance with the prevailing state policy regarding citizenship at the moment (quotas can vary both in the direction of decrease and in the direction of increase).
The spouse of a citizen of Singapore can apply for citizenship if they:
have PR for at least two years; are married for at least two years at the time of application; if your children were born overseas, they also have the right to the citizenship of Singapore if you or your spouse are a citizen of Singapore.
The decision on the application for citizenship is usually considered within 4-8 months from the date of application, depending on the loading of local regulatory authorities. On average, the decision takes about six months.
Why get the citizenship of Singapore.
Citizens have the same privileges as holders of permanent residence. Moreover, the Singapore passport allows to travel without visas to most countries of the world, except for India and Russia.
Citizens can buy a special type of real estate - public housing (HDB) - with a minimum loan rate. They get the right to vote.
And most importantly, citizenship is given for life, and your children automatically have the right to receive a Singapore passport.
Let's sum up.
The very fact of owning real estate in Singapore does not give grounds for obtaining a long-term visa, permanent residence and citizenship. Singapore allows foreigners to purchase real estate in compliance with certain conditions. The government encourages migration in the event that a potential resident represents economic, scientific, technical or cultural interest to the country.
The most common schemes for obtaining long-term visas, giving the right to work and stay in the country, & ndash; opening / buying a business in Singapore or investing in local companies and funds. Singapore & ndash; a small island state with the highest standard of living, and one of the main criteria of the Immigration Service in the matter of issuing long-term visas is the financial viability of the applicant both at the time of application and in the future.
We would like to thank Tatiana Sheremetyeva, President of the Russian-Singapore Business Union, for her help in preparing the material.
Photo of pixabay: JudaM.
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