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Visa for family reunification in Australia.

Visa for family reunification in Australia.
Registration of a visa to Australia.
* The total cost is calculated, at the rate of 21.12.2016, including shipment to London.
* only we have a daily shipment of documents to London, the shipment takes up to two business days.
* submission of documents to the immigration service with the transfer of documents to London - 880 UAH (no shipment - when submitting online)
* all payments are made at the commercial exchange rate on the day of payment.
* from a one-time visa tour from 90/30 to a maximum of 360/90 multivisa.
* consultation - one consultation is meant for up to 15 minutes.
* discount - for children under 12 years who travel together with their parents -50% of the cost of services.
* the discount condition - only if the whole trip to the group / family together and in the group / family one contact person.
* urgency - preparation of documents within two working days + 50% of the cost of services.
* urgency - preparation of documents within one working day + 100% of the cost of services.
The visa for family reunification in Australia is one of those visas, the opening of which is fraught with many difficulties, additional checks of the presence of family ties and related inquiries and documents. This category of permits also includes the visa of the wife to Australia, and the reunification of minor children with their parents, and parents with children residing in Australia. The company VizaUa is ready to provide qualified support for solving all problems associated with the opening of a visa. Leave the request, and our experts will call you to clarify all the nuances of your immigration case and develop an optimal strategy for obtaining a visa.
Answer a small list of questions and find out.
what are your chances of obtaining a visa.
Examples of fresh visas to Australia, obtained through the visa center of VisaUA.
Visa application.
Before applying for a family reunification visa, make sure that you are truly eligible for family reunification under immigration. There are 4 such categories:
relatives of the first preference (children of Australian citizens); relatives of the second preferences (spouses); relatives of the third preferences (parents) are relatives of the fourth preference (brothers and sisters).
It is also necessary to know that a visa for family reunification in Australia is formalized only with all the necessary documents, namely:
Filled visa application form. Valid foreign passport. A photocopy of the passport of the relative with whom you intend to reside in Australia. If you live with your spouse & ndash; a notarized copy of the marriage certificate for reunion with underage children & ndash; the original of the birth certificate. Certificate of good conduct. Medical certificate, as a confirmation that you are not sick with any dangerous diseases.
In addition to the list of documents listed above, any Australian visa for family reunification is issued if there is any evidence of financial support from your relatives living in Australia. For example, it could be a copy of bank receipts for certain money transfers (for underage Australian citizens) or a certificate from the place of work (for working parents or spouses in Australia).
A visa for reunification with children, a spouse, and a parent visa to Australia can be issued both within a few weeks, and within one or two months. During this time, the embassy representatives will have to review all your documents and announce the final decision on issuing the visa.
Immigration of parents or other relatives must be completed at the dates indicated by the embassy. To renew your residence permit in Australia, you can apply again within 2 months before the expiry date of the previous visa document.
verification of the package of documents registration of an invitation record for filing a form filling out an air ticket / hotel medical insurance.
cost terms and a list of documents.
Our services include:
advice on filing a complete set of documents for submission to the consulate filling out an electronic visa application form scanning all documents and sending them along with an online visa application assistance in preparing the necessary documents hotel reservation and air travel booking support when registering on the embassy's online website translations of documents.
Additional services:
Notary certification Delivery (in Kiev for free) Insurance.
Hello ! I live in Russia, my husband is a resident of Australia. Marriage we registered in Cyprus. Which spouse and in which country is better to apply for a family reunification visa? What documents are needed for registration? What are the terms of visa examination? And yet, my husband is a pensioner.
There is a question: I live in Russia and my wife and I want to immigrate to Australia. Will my wife be able to move in with me if I get an invitation to work and a work visa? Do we get under the program of family reunification? If not, what other opportunities do you have to immigrate to Australia if there are no relatives there?
Hello, Vyacheslav! Please specify, how many years will you have a work visa?

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