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Visa and additional services.

Visa and additional services.
Reception of the Schengen multivisa.
Registration of a company in the Czech Republic entitles you to a Schengen multivision for up to 90 days in each half year. All founders and directors of the company have the right to receive this visa.
The service assumes the collection of all the documents necessary for obtaining a multivisa, except for a certificate from the bank on the availability of funds.
The most common reasons for obtaining a long-term visa to the Czech Republic are:
visa on the basis of a company's registration of a visa on the basis of a private entrepreneur's license a visa on the basis of a work permit for foreigners. visa on the basis of studies.
The most optimal solution is to obtain a visa on the basis of a company registration, because in this case the foreigner has the right:
do business in the Czech Republic to bring your relatives and relatives to get permanent residence in the Czech Republic in 5 years to have medical insurance as Czech citizens regardless of age and state of health with monthly payment to find an employer or work under a contract between firms.
The service involves the collection of all the documents necessary for obtaining residence permit. The only thing that is required of you is to get a certificate of non-conviction from the country of permanent residence (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.), a certificate from the bank on the availability of funds. We will also prepare you for the interview free of charge.
Long-term visa (residence permits) is extended only in the Czech Republic to the police for foreigners. The visa must be renewed in the corridor from 120 days, but not later than 14 days before the expiry of the validity of the visa that you have been issued.
Example: You were issued a visa on September 1 of this year. So, to extend the visa you can come, starting from May 4, but not later than August 15. Note, if you extend the visa in May, its validity will start from September 2 of this year.
Do not worry if your passport expires. And in this case, if you contact our company, we will help extend the visa for 2 years.
The cost of the service includes the provision of all necessary documents, filling out applications and submitting them to the police for foreigners. You only need 2 photos, medical insurance for 2 years (you can buy it from our office). If the family reunification visa is extended, a birth certificate (if the son / daughter is renewed) or a birth certificate + a marriage certificate (if the spouse / spouse is extended) is required.
According to the latest changes in the Law on the stay of foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic, with the full package of documents for the extension of the visa, the visa will be extended in your presence. However, we can offer a variant of visa extension without your presence.
The advantages of permanent residence are obvious. An alien with a permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic has the right to work under a contract without permission from the employment office on equal terms with Czech citizens. After 5 years of permanent residence, a foreigner can obtain Czech citizenship.
A foreigner can get permanent residence in several ways.
If he previously had a residence permit (excluding a student visa) for 5 years, provided that he stayed in the country for at least 10 months in each year. Without prior receipt of residence permit, if a foreigner is the husband / wife of a Czech citizen, the father / mother of a minor citizen of the Czech Republic, a single father / mother, over 70 years of age, a Czech citizen, an underage child of a Czech citizen, an adult child of a Czech citizen over 70 years of age, in the Czech Republic coincides with the political interests of the state, a special one with Czech origin.
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