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Make Russia warm again.
Bermuda, Bahamas.
"How long were you there?"
- Do you have relatives or friends there?
- How long do you plan to stay in the US?
"Where did you stay?"
- What is your profession?
Geography and climate.
02. We fly to Miami.
03. I do not cease to be amazed by the beauty of the old livery of American Airlines. What a buzz these boards are from polished aluminum & hellip; Such coloring of aircraft was developed in 1968. American Airlines was the only major airline in the United States that did not paint all its planes, preferring to polish aluminum, from which the fuselage consisted. Its former head, Cyrus Smith, was the enemy of liveries, in which it is necessary to paint the entire aircraft. In addition, the lack of paint reduced the weight of the aircraft, and, accordingly, fuel consumption.
04. But all good things have ended recently. After the rebranding replaced and livery. Now the aircraft is painting everything. Whoredom (
05. Old and new liveries. From the height you can not see, but the old plane is completely mirrored.
07. Take off. I do not like Miami Airport. Big and stupid.
11. Simple maiams live here.
12. Here lives Pekhtin and other members of the party United Russia.
13. We fly up to the Bahamas. The most densely populated island is New Providence. It is also the center of American tourism.
14. Do you remember the cartoon about Valli? There was a ship there, where a lot of fat people ate, drank and bathed all day. This is the Bahamas. Thousands of dolls come here to bask on the huge cruise liners. All the sweetest places are divided between hotels.
15. If you go down to earth, the picture will be a little different. Former hotel.
16. Nature comes.
17. Previously, there was a main entrance.
18. Now nothing is left.
19. It's strange, but looters did not even steal the bathrooms.
20. If you move away from tourist reservations, the Bahamas look like this.
21. Or so. In the Bahamas, there are a lot of emigrants from Haiti.
22. The usual Bahamian life is not a paradise beach.
23. Preparation for Christmas.
24. Trekking to the beach. White pyramids are here instead of fences.
25. Illegal advertising at intersections.
26. The usual street of the capital of Nassau, where tourists do not reach.
27. Outside the city sometimes it is. Movement here as in England, left-hand, but all cars from the USA with the left rudder. It is often asked whether it is difficult to adjust to left-hand traffic. In the beginning it was unusual. But over the years, when I went for a dozen countries with left-hand traffic, the rebuilding takes place in a few seconds. Just in the brain, something switches and you go normally at once.
28. Bahamian Ponty.
29. A simple Bahamian life is a rat poison on the street selling, and not lying on the beaches.
31. Well-being at home.
33. The Bahamian policeman.
34. In support of European integration of Ukraine. The local Maidan.
36. Simple Bahamians from American tourists are separated by fences with barbed wire. The most common sign in the Bahamas is "Private property".
37. All the best beaches behind the fences.
39. The Bahamas sometimes reminds Sochi, in some places Dubai, in some places beggar Nicaragua.
40. Tourists bring everything, we must serve them.
41. Tourists, of course, have a completely different life. For them here and the island is separate.
43. Vaughn, what a beauty on a paradise island.
44. I never understood how you can go on vacation somewhere. I have more than two days in one place I can not. Wife out, saws constantly, that children have to carry on the sea. And I like to present a week in one place in the puppet-hotel, and I'm ready to shoot myself. In general, I do not like the sea. Last time I sailed in the ocean on January 7, 2012, for my birthday in Mexico. With the fact that I am constantly in warm countries. But someone likes it.
45. Tourism gives the Islands more than 60% of GDP. About half of the employed population is directly or indirectly connected with the tourist business.
46. On the paradise island with tourists are two bridges. The fare is paid, it costs 1 dollar.
47. This was a very brief walk around the island. Tomorrow I will tell you more about everything;)
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Become like Bruce Willis.
And people will not only reach out to you, but they will also ask them to save them. 😉
And what would be the post!
"Beyond the Bermuda Triangle!" 😉
And at AmericanAirlines the world's coolest domain
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