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Variants of emigration to Spain.

Variants of emigration to Spain.
This country is recognized as one of the best places to live. A wonderful climate, reasonable taxes, friendly people, adequate prices for any groups of goods cause a large influx of people wishing to settle here. Emigration to Spain has long been not a dream, but a realizable reality.
Features of life in Spain.
the process of adaptation is fairly fast and uncomplicated. In many respects it is promoted by the policy of the country itself, which simplifies the procedure for opening immigration accounts in the bank, providing low taxation; for all its hospitality, the Spaniards quite carefully approach the issue of issuing a residence permit, so it is not always possible to get it from the first time; language learning & # 8211; the task is quite feasible for any age; The Russian diaspora is here & # 8211; one of the most numerous.
Number of citizens of the USSR in Spain: Video.
Variants of emigration.
Emigration to Spain from Russia is possible today in two versions. The easiest & # 8211; "Without the right to work." This option is acceptable for people who can afford to live at the expense of pensions, some regular payments, rents, but not salaries. This content a person should receive monthly from outside and not occupy the workplace of another applicant. You just need to open a settlement account and purchase a home. These factors allow you to open a multivisa for a period of 90 days, during which it is necessary to collect documents for the registration of a residence permit that does not provide for the right to receive income.
The second option is envisaged for those who are still going to work here. To do this, your potential employer needs to apply to the Ministry of Labor and get permission to use the labor of a foreign citizen. With this permission and other necessary documents, the citizen goes to the Spanish consulate in his homeland to obtain a visa, which, it is worth noting, may be refused.
In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
the questionnaire; a copy of the passport with the notary's assurance; a medical document confirming the absence of infectious diseases and mental disorders; 4 photos.
Visa to Spain on your own / visa application for Spain: Video.
Acquisition of citizenship.
Becoming a citizen of Spain can not be at once. For this you need to live regularly within the country for at least 10 years.
The exception is marriage with a citizen or a Spanish citizen, refugee status, the presence of relatives or children born in the territory of the country and lived there for one year.
A request for citizenship is submitted to the relevant ministry in the city in which you live. The package of documents should include:
duplicate birth certificate; registration documents (immigration to Spain must be officially confirmed); document that confirms the period of residence in the country; a duplicate of the resident's card and the passport of the country, whose citizen is still a candidate.
Each document must be translated into the official language of Spain.
Business in Spain.
As one of the ways to settle in this country, business is the most acceptable, first of all, from the point of view of the Spaniards themselves. In this case, this concept implies not simply the legal registration of a firm, but the conduct of a full-fledged, legitimate business activity with active turnover of funds, payment of taxes, employment of employees. That is why, considering the request for the opening of the enterprise, local authorities will carefully study the scope of its activities and ways of doing business.
Business immigration to Spain provides for the following documents:
Application form with two photos (necessarily color); A certificate confirming the absence of previous convictions; a foreign passport, the period of which must exceed the period of stay in the country by three months, and copies of all pages of this document; a copy of the civil identification card; insurance not less than 30,000 euros; medical confirmation of the absence of any kind of disease; diplomas on education; permission obtained from the Ministry of Labor; Account statements, certificates on the availability of real estate;
All submitted documents must be translated and certified by the consulate of Spain. It should be remembered that the process of legalizing an enterprise requires time and personal presence. Here again, the issue of housing becomes important. Acquisition of real estate in Spain & # 8211; this is the surest way to solve all other issues of your stay in this country.
The law also has clear prescriptions, which this dwelling should be. "Acceptable for life" & # 8211; this means that the number of bedrooms should be no less than the number of members of your family. The option that children can sleep in the hall on the couch will not work. But the availability of their own living space opens the doors to many instances and gives the right to stay in the country for at least 180 days.
The second way to get a multivisa this is a stay without the right to work. The advantage is that you do not occupy someone's workplace, and at the same time devote your time to the design of your own business.
Practical advice.
The fastest way to get legal status is & # 8211; investing in the country. Emigration to Spain will be easier if you open a business here and provide jobs to the unemployed. This reduces the period for obtaining a residence permit for up to six months. If there is not enough cash, you can apply for a home loan. Local authorities will gladly provide about 70% of the amount for acceptable commissions. The availability of own housing and propiska in it simplify the process of becoming a citizen of Spain. Here doctors, teachers, engineers are in great respect. Therefore, if you have a diploma in these specialties, you simply need to legalize it. The diploma will give you the opportunity to work, and this will facilitate the way to a residence permit.
It is no secret that in recent years the migration legislation of Spain has significantly complicated the procedure for entry into the country and even more so. Try to stay here. Nevertheless, this sunny country is full of hospitality and promises many people a hope for a better future.
How and where is the easiest way to obtain citizenship: Video.
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Thank you for the article! I learned a lot of useful things.
We did go on holiday to Spain, but it turned out for good. The country liked it so much, decided to stay. The only difficulty was, to sell an apartment in Russia and to transport money, but otherwise we were very lucky.

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