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US Citizenship.

US Citizenship.
Having obtained US citizenship, you assume responsibility as an American, but also receive certain rights and benefits of citizenship. Holders of Green Card (Vunge in the US) enjoy most of the rights of US citizens, but there are differences.
So, people who have US citizenship have the right:
1. Vote and be elected in elections;
2. To take part in the jury;
3. Travel with a US citizen's passport;
4.Trive a family to the United States of America;
5. Transfer citizenship to children born abroad;
6. Obtain a job in the federal government;
7.Contain the right of residence in the United States, even if it does not live in the US;
8. Obtain federal grants and scholarships;
The acquisition of US citizenship gives new rights and benefits. But citizenship also imposes new responsibilities. To become a US citizen, you must be prepared:
Swear allegiance to the United States of America;
Renounce the citizenship of another country;
Stay ready to support and protect the United States of America and its Constitution.
Quite often we are addressed by citizens of the former Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus ...) with a question "# 8212; "How to become a US citizen." Already at the beginning of the article, we draw your attention to the fact that in order to obtain US citizenship, in most cases it is necessary to be born in the USA or to have a residence permit in the United States.
It is also important to emphasize that it is not possible to buy US citizenship, the US citizenship for the investment immediately. it is impossible, the option "to buy real estate in the United States and obtain citizenship" is also canceled, childbirth in the US will help only the child.
And yet, not everything is so bad, and there are conditions for obtaining US citizenship:
1. Continuing Living: Living in the United States as a permanent resident of the United States for a certain time.
2. Physical presence: Show that you were physically present in the United States of America during certain time intervals.
3. Time spent in the state or in the USCIS district: Show that you have lived in the state or in the USCIS district for a certain time.
4. The requirement of high moral qualities: Show that you are a disinterested and law-abiding inhabitant.
5. The requirement of knowledge of the English language and the basics of citizenship and law: To know the basics of English, the history and state structure of the United States.
6. Adherence to the Constitution: Understand and accept the principles of the US Constitution.
An exception applies to:
Working abroad for a certain position.
Holders of military service.
Persons who are married to a certain person who is a US citizen, or are a child or parent of that person.
If you sum it up, the most likely option is to get US citizenship & # 8212; it first get a green card (vnzh in the US), and then, in 5 years, apply for citizenship. How to get a Green Card you can find out by reading the article
Angelica Fruman.
Specialist in immigration in the United States since 2010.
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