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United Kingdom: statistics on immigration in 2016.

United Kingdom: statistics on immigration in 2016.
Recently, the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs published statistics on immigration for the first quarter of 2016. The main trends in figures are presented in our article.
Visas for families.
Between March 2015 and March 2016, UK authorities issued about 40,000 visas for families. Compared to the previous period (2014-2015), the statistician showed an increase of 11%. However, this year there was a decline (16%) in the number of visas issued to dependents accompanying other migrants (more than 65,000 this year and about 80,000 in the past). Note that the statistics do not include guest visas.
Working visas.
With regard to work visas, over the same period (2015-2016), more than 90,000 work visas were issued to qualified specialists.
According to the estimates of the State Statistics Committee of Great Britain, in the previous period the number of foreign workers was 71,000, which is 5,000 more than in the last reporting period. However, from the statistical point of view, such growth can not be called significant. During the same period (as of December 2015), the number of long-term work visas issued also increased by 22%.
Student visas.
In the period from 2015-2016. the number of issued student visas was just over 200,000, while the statistics do not include the category of short-term student visas without sponsorship, where a decline of 5% was revealed. In the same period, statistics on applications for visas sponsored by various British universities showed a slight decline - the number of applications was a little over 160,000.
Guest visas.
According to the report, the number of guest visas in the period under review was just over half a million (530,000), indicating a 2% decline (about 11,000).
During the same period, the number of issued visas increased by 35,000 (an increase of 2%) to 1.9 million. A significant increase was noted in the number of guest visas issued to Chinese citizens - an increase of 23% (slightly less than 500,000, not including Hong Kong), and India - 14% (almost 400,000). At the same time, there was a significant decrease in applications for visitor visas from Russian citizens - 32% (about 100 000), namely 150 000 applications less than in the previous quarter),
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Russians living abroad were released from the obligation to report on foreign accounts.
Last week, the State Duma of the Russian Federation signed a law according to which, starting from January 1, 2018, part of Russians permanently residing abroad will not be required to report annually on their accounts and deposits with foreign banks.
The EU included South Korea and the UAE in the list of prohibited offshore companies.
Due to the fact that in these jurisdictions there is a hiding of tax information, the European Union has published a "black list" of offshore companies. In this list were the states whose efforts in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism do not meet the standards of the European Union.
Cyprus: A Guide to Capital Flow Reports.
This article provides a guide for beginners to reports on the movement of capital. It talks about what to include in such reports, what figures mean, how to understand and interpret them, how to avoid common mistakes that many people make when submitting their own reports. Capital statements (also referred to as income statements) are similar to the company's profit and loss statements, except when capital statements are used to measure and record the finance of an individual using an official document containing information collected on different dates.
Internal redoxilation: changes in the Companies Act of Singapore.
In March last year, the Singapore government amended the Singapore Companies Act of 2017, which introduced an internal redox process (or a change in the company's registration place) in order to increase the attractiveness of Singapore as a business center.
Cyprus: program for obtaining a passport through investment.
The Minister of Finance of Cyprus, Mr. Harris Georgiades, issued a statement condemning those who criticize the program for obtaining a passport of Cyprus through investments that are estimated to have exceeded 4 billion euros since the scheme was launched in 2013 and was implemented with the aim of attracting foreign investment to mitigate the damage in connection with the banking crisis.
In Malta will be tested new crypto currency.
Since the beginning of this year, the Brussels Center for European Policy Studies regulators of Malta are studying the possibility of managing crypto-currencies. From February 23-24, 2017, testing is carried out by the Laboratory of Ideas in Brussels.
The infrastructure of Singapore is improving with the growth of the city-state economy.
The economic recovery of Singapore led to the emergence of new methods of work in various sectors of the economy. This has affected virtually all areas: banking, information and communication technology, health care systems, transport and even online stores.
The bitcoin rate went down sharply after the statement of the Chinese bank about the illegality of the ICO.
Earlier this month, China shocked investors around the world by prohibiting the attraction of investments using crypto currency (such as bitcoin) by legal entities and individuals.
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