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Travel to Cape Town.

Travel to Cape Town.
Cape Town & ndash; The second largest city in South Africa, it is famous for its harbor and world-famous sights: Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point. Cape Town is often called one of the most beautiful cities in the world and not for nothing. This is one of the few cities where I would happily move though tomorrow! It's warm, amazingly beautiful, and there's a great wine all around! Cape Town is very different. Somewhere it is indistinguishable from Europe.
The layout is similar to American cities.
The city is located on the hills and very similar in relief to the Rio.
The old port was restored and turned into an excellent recreation area with shops and cafes.
There are excellent expensive hotels and good restaurants. Everything a tourist needs.
On the slopes along the ocean are the houses of millionaires.
All behind high fences. White in Cape Town 18.75% (542 thousand). Their share in the city is almost twice as high as in the country as a whole (10%). The proportion and number of whites in the city has declined significantly over the past 40 years, and especially over the past decade due to their intense emigration to the US, Australia and the UK and the reluctance to tolerate the loss of political power in South Africa.
The famous color quarter of Bo & Capp is located almost in the center. Multicolored houses were built in the 1750s by people from the former Dutch colonies of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and other countries.
Most Muslims live here now.
Street with a mosque.
The car is washed right outside.
Souvenir masks. I wanted to buy one, but my wife is afraid of evil spirits.
A factory where souvenirs made of beads and wire are made.
See how steep the horses are. Here they cost about 20 euros, and at the airport already under 100.
In South Africa, they are actively fighting AIDS. At the entrance often lie free condoms.
The city is divided into quarters: poor and rich, black and white. So it turned out that most white people live in rich neighborhoods, and blacks live in slums.
Many shops in poor neighborhoods are afraid of letting visitors in. The goods are sold through a window. On the wall & ndash; prices.
Local gopnik. Children are mainly engaged in the sale of drugs, as in the case of capture they are not threatened with punishment.
Street in the poor quarter. The guidebooks say that it is dangerous here.
Look how cute. Well, how can it be dangerous here?
The white man immediately attracts attention, everyone shies and looks, as if you are naked. And maybe they were surprised by my camera?
Cape Town has a very high mortality rate. A special contribution to mortality is made by the raging AIDS epidemic, especially in urban slums and high crime rates with a significant number of deaths from firearms. European and American surgeons often come to local hospitals. Every day several people get a bullet.
Assortment is written on the wall. Everything from the carpet to the weapon.

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