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Transportation of goods from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Transportation of goods from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We provide services for the delivery of goods in international traffic with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Transportation is carried out to the countries of Europe, Asia, the CIS and other continents by road, air and sea transport. In the vehicle fleet of the company "VITALSPECSERVISE" there are various cars with carrying capacity from 1 to 120 tons. In addition to standard freight transport, specialized vehicles are available for the transportation of livestock, bulk and bulk cargo, cars, oversized cargo and cargo, which require a temperature regime. There is a possibility of delivery as part of a combined cargo. We are engaged in transportation to Bosnia and Herzegovina as goods, and personal belongings, the organization of relocations (apartments, offices, HoReCa).
"VITALSPECSERVISE" deals with the international delivery of goods (from the parcel * to the oversized or dangerous cargo) practically to any point of the world.
International cargo transportation "on a turn-key basis" in communication with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In addition to the standard transportation in the message with Bosnia and Herzegovina we offer "turnkey" cargo transportation. To get acquainted with the information about this service, please click here. We deliver commercial cargo or personal belongings "on a turn-key basis" without extra efforts and problems on your part, because "VITALSPECSERVISE" will do everything for you in the best possible way. You just have to wait for the arrival of your cargo in due time safely and securely!
Transportation of goods "on a turn-key basis" from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We will export or import your commercial cargo to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main export groups are paper products, ores and metals, timber products, furniture, cars and cars, leather, textiles, agricultural products. Imports comprise various equipment, including boilers, chemical products, mineral fuels, leather and fur. The most important part of the import is the products of machine building and oil refining. The most important partners are Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and other European countries.
The country has the most developed agriculture. Cultures that are grown most massively - sugar beet, tobacco, wheat, corn, plum. Of animals, sheep and goats are most often bred. Important is the extraction of various types of wood in mountain forests.
In the industrial sector, metallurgical, oil refining, mining, and textile industries are developing. There are enterprises producing components for household appliances, automobiles, and the aviation industry. Thanks to foreign investments, cars are produced here, which are in demand in neighboring countries.
Directions for the transport of goods "on a turn-key basis" in communication with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Russia.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ukraine.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Belarus.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kazakhstan.
Russia - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ukaina - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Belarus - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Kazakhstan - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
USA - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Canada - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
China - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Features of transportation of goods from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The capital of the state is the city of Sarajevo. Geographically it is located in the central part of the country and is the main economic center. Here trade is developed and industry works. They produce food products, tobacco products, chemical, textile, timber processing, metalworking, machinery and other industries. Many roads and railways intersect in the city, an international airport is located nearby. Cargo transportation to Bosnia and Herzegovina often occurs through this transport hub. From the point of view of economics, the cities of Banja Luka and Tuzla are of great importance.
Delivery of goods in communication with Bosnia and Herzegovina from VITALSPECSERVICE.
The company "VITALSPECSERVICE" provides transportation services of any kind of cargo from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We lay the optimal route, select the most suitable transport and deliver your cargo at the appointed time. We work only directly with the client, so you do not have to overpay. For consultation and answers to the questions that arise, please contact us in the most convenient way.
Delivery of goods with the company "VITALSPECSERVICE" is prompt, safe and profitable.
Efficiency of delivery is achieved due to GPS monitoring of vehicles and the availability of transport in various regions of Europe / Asia.
Delivery around the world.
Thanks to the well-established work of our specialists and the presence of a partner network, delivery of goods is possible practically anywhere in the world.
The configuration and technical condition of our company's fleet allows us to carry out the transportation of cargo of any complexity.
Check the possibility of delivering your cargo to the right place.
Our statistics on transportation.
What do our customers say?
Date: 31/12/2017 13:02.
Company: Private person.
Cargo: Personal things.
Type of transport: Awning.
We were in a hurry with the move, and the company Vital Special Service rendered its services at the most necessary time for us, helped with loading and delivery. Also, the driver was worried about our things, putting them in a backup box when one of our crumbled at the customs control. Thank you for the safety of the goods, and customer-oriented service.
Evaluation of work: 5 (Excellent)
Date: 10/10/2017 10:14.
Company: KIW Dresden.
Cargo: Production equipment.
Type of transport: Awning.
I express my gratitude to the company for its professionalism, efficiency and flexibility in performing non-standard shipments. Loading, transfer and unloading - clearly, according to schedule, according to the arrangements. Guys thank you and have success in your business!
Evaluation of work: 5 (Excellent)
Date: 21/06/2017 13:33.
Company: Alessandro Gardella.
Type of transport: Awning.
A response on behalf of Alessandro Gardell: "I used the services of this company to transport my furniture from Italy to Ukraine. Serious, reliable, deadlines are observed! I recommend them for serious matters! & Quot;

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