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To China from Khabarovsk.

To China from Khabarovsk.
From Khabarovsk to China, it turns out, it's not so easy to get to, especially for one day, and this is not at all how to go from Petersburg to Finland for the weekend. About all options to get abroad from the Far East, we learn from our friend & # 8212; Evgeny.
In this article I'll tell you in detail & # 8212; what ways can you visit border China on your own, if by fate you found yourself in the Far East of Russia, namely, in the city of Khabarovsk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about a budget trip here. It's hard for me to understand what caused such high prices here and where the FAS looks, but the situation has not changed for many years. Any trip is "honest" & # 187; to China from Khabarovsk will not be simple and not cheap at all.
So, first of all, you will need a visa, the cost of registration of which in the consulate of Khabarovsk is 1500 rubles for a single payment and 4500 for a cartoon. Term for registration & # 8212; 7 working days, although for a surcharge it is possible to issue and urgently.
Second, what will you have to think about & # 8212; find a way to get to neighboring China. The nearest Chinese city is & # 8212; Fuyuan, is located about 70 kilometers from Khabarovsk. In summer you can buy a ticket yourself Khabarovsk & # 8212; Fuyuan & # 8212; Khabarovsk to the ship, which costs from 2000 to Sunday, from Sunday to Thursday, on Friday and Saturday, 2300 rubles per round trip (actual for 2013). The ticket can only be bought at the pier, you can travel about 1.5 hours one way. In addition to the ticket price, there is a fee for the use of a landing stage, through the state border of the Russian Federation in the amount of 1050 rubles. Total single day trip will cost you no less than 4550 rubles.
But this is only in the summer. For the winter navigation stops and it's impossible to get to Fuyuan from Khabarovsk in an optimal way # 8212; there are no land borders. You can consider other options, but they will be more difficult and expensive. The nearest checkpoints available in winter are in the village of Pokrovka (not far from the city of Bikin) and in the village of Nizhneleninskoe (EAO). On the border of Nizhneleninskoe settlement # 8212; Tongjiang can not be counted, since without the assistance of travel agencies it is almost impossible to get there. There is no regular passenger message.
There is a hope for the passage of Pokrovka village # 8212; Zhaohe, however here without spending the night in the city of Zhaohe can not do, the good that the hotels there are cheap. It will be necessary to cross the river, but this can be done in winter. First we need to get to the city of Bikin and the most budget option is a bus, costs about 400 rubles, rides about 4 hours. You can see the schedule here, the bus Khabarovsk is most convenient # 8212; Luchegorsk, he makes a stop in Bikin. On this bus we have time on the regular bus Bikin & # 8212; Zhaohe, leaving from Bikinsky railway station at 14:45. To refine the schedule, click here. The trip on this bus will cost 600 rubles one way, and you will be asked to pay 750 rubles on the Russian border for a ferry ticket, and 150 rubles, as eyewitnesses say, for something else. On the way back, the Chinese ask for 3 times less money for the ferry ticket & # 8212; 40 yuan (about 250 rubles). Adding everything we get that a trip to Zhaohe city from Khabarovsk, without taking into account the cost of the hotel, will cost you at least 4500 rubles. Here it is worth adding about 500 rubles to the hotel.
There are a couple of more or less suitable options & # 8212; across the land border of the village of Pogranichnoe & # 8212; the city of Suifenhe in Primorsky Krai, or the river border city of Blagoveshchensk & # 8212; the city of Heihe in the Amur region (works in winter). Both options require travel by night train, the cost of 1000 rubles. In the first case, Khabarovsk & # 8212; Ussuriisk, in the second Khabarovsk & # 8212; Blagoveshchensk.
If we choose the first option & # 8212; then first, we are waiting for the bus Ussuriysk & # 8212; the village of Pogranichnoye for 300 rubles and about 3 hours en route, and then the bus to Pogranichnoye village # 8212; Suifenhe for 1,400 rubles in one direction. The price is simply transcendental, because the distance between Pogranichny and Suifenhe is only 25 km. At the same time, crossing the border on your personal vehicles is not allowed.
If we select the second option & # 8212; then in the winter we are expected to travel on the so-called SVP & # 8212; The air-cushion ship from Blagoveshchensk to Heihe, and in summer on an ordinary boat. The cost of this pleasure for the way back / back will be at least 2,200 rubles, plus another 45 yuan from you will assemble the Chinese as a "port collection". The ships depart every hour from the terminal in Blagoveshchensk, only 15 minutes drive. Undoubtedly, the price here is absolutely inadequate, but there are no alternatives ..
It is not difficult to calculate that the total cost of the trip, in both cases, will go off for 5000 rubles.
In these conditions, the only alternative to such a high price, are shopping tours for "help" # 187; or & quot; bricks & quot ;. & # 8212; In other words, you come to the pier (or to a certain travel agency) and buy a free or cheap (about 1500 rubles) ticket to the nearest border city. This cost already includes all fees, all transport, visa issues (there is no visa required on such tours), and even a one-night hotel in the Chinese city to which you are being transported. The only trouble is a bag weighing 50 kilograms, which you are handed on the way back to Russia, and you, with honest eyes, should explain to the border guards that this is all for your personal use & # 8230; But that's a completely different story. "# 8230;
You will be interested.
One response to China from Khabarovsk.
This is barbarism! Guys, thanks for the article, this information should be shared.
Yes, thanks to Evgeny! We in those parts have never been, and it's local, there is much more to tell about Khabarovsk and the Far East.
I was just offered the last option, when I was in Vladik, but I did not go & # 8212; preferred to hang for a couple of days on the island of Russian)
And you've been there? Great, I have not read about the Far East in the blog. Was it a long journey? What were you doing there, guys?
In general, despite the horror of the situation & # 8212; even here you can consider something like a budget. If you do not go for a couple of days and for a little longer, you can get to Harbin and even to Beijing. Ticket for the night bus Zhaohe & # 8212; Harbin in one direction is about 800 rubles, the way I described it, we just have time for it. A ticket to the reservation site of Fuyuan-Harbin in one direction also costs about 800 rubles. Total RT to Harbin from Khabarovsk, taking into account the visa will be about 6000 rubles. no travel agency will offer you such a price.
But of course, if we compare it with the European possibilities, when for example, for 6,000 rubles we have developed the way of SPb-Canary-SPb, we can not compare it. But for Khabarovsk this is not a bad thing.
Hello! I'm just from Blagoveshchensk
Yes, go to Heihe & # 8212; pleasure is not cheap now. A couple of years ago people skied to Heihe constantly, on weekends, to buy cheap clothes, eat delicious food in Chinese restaurants and have fun. And now there is almost no one there. The Chinese began to bend the trade, you walk along the ranks, you almost grab hold of. The hotels are empty. Now it is more profitable to go to the Chinese market in Blagoveshchensk than to go to Heihe. It is very unfortunate that everything, as usual in our country, happened through one place. After all, both sides won. The Russians had the opportunity to ride through the Cupid to rest, to work out shopping. And the Chinese were pleased with a large number of customers. The prices were inflated, and as a result all remained at the broken trough ..
On my blog there is a detailed article on how to travel to Heihe from Blagoveshchensk, if you need detailed information.
Ivan, on the other hand, it's not bad, people will make more purchases in their own country and for the economy will benefit. Although if you say that this is a Chinese market, so there's probably no difference. ((
It's a pity, of course, that now it is not possible to go cheaply, but China is getting richer, Chinese tourists may soon switch to cheap goods in Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.
And it happened. The ruble fell.
The Chinese go to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok for shopping. Spent, however! Well done!
Maxim, now it only remains to raise the level of service and take all the ideas regarding simple manufactures from the Chinese, collect it all in Russia, in the border cities, or a little further, but bring to the border, anyway. It's about time we have a competitive advantage in price. The Chinese, too, will not sit idly by, they will try to open their stores already in Russia, so that the proceeds will still go to them.
Can our people do also organized a tea-party, as the Chinese did "Russian"? Quarters at home? Will there be areas where all the signs will be in Chinese, goods designed for the Chinese consumer, only a single Chinese owner? Will our people learn Chinese at the level, so that the maximum profit remains in our cities? This was not prepared, but it's a great chance!
Correctly you say :), only we have no one to stir something to open rashshentown :).
For the Chinese in the winter rushchentown was in Moscow and St. Petersburg, when they bought branded things in boutiques, three prices cheaper than in China. And the number of Russian rubles in their wallets has increased dramatically. It's strange that no one is in a hurry, time is just that you can try.
Probably still it makes sense to pull on the border the original brand things. Perfume, clothes, etc. & # 8212; then why did Moscow queue up when the ruble began to collapse.
Well, there is no thin without good. The Chinese began to come to buy in our stores.
Oleg, tell me, there are a lot of them or the inflow is not so great? What are they basically buying?
The cheapest way to get from Russia to China is to drive either through Zabaikalsk-Manzhouli (the bus costs 400 rubles with all charges) or from Ussuriysk (better from it) / Vladivostok to Hunchun (the bus costs 1,700 rubles with all charges, and if you get there with a transfer in Kraskino or Slavyanka, then save 200-300 rubles).
As a result, I came to the conclusion that the cheapest border crossing with China is in Zabaikalsk, but before that it will have to go either by an expensive train or by bus from Chita. Buses from Transbaikal to China go often.
The border crossing in Hunchun is more expensive (there the cheapest bus across the border costs 1200 rubles), but those who go to Beijing there are more convenient, because the city has a station of high-speed trains and for 4,100 rubles you will already 10 hours in the capital of China. In Manzhouli for example , you have to give almost 5000 for a reserved seat and go all day.
Oleg, thanks for the valuable info! Did not know! It will be necessary to organize there somehow =) The transition works all the year round?
Hello, I live in Israel, my parents in Khabarovsk. In July, I will be with a child in Khabarovsk. My dad and I want to visit Fuyuan. I will put the visa in Tel Aviv, my father in Khabarovsk. We go for three days, do not just go shopping and relax. What should we do and how do you not tell? It is desirable for the pope to take a health check. And I just have a ticket with the hotel.
Natalie, making a visa in Khabarovsk is very easy & # 8212; go to any travel agency. Pre-you can search where cheaper. For a visa you need only a passport and a form that you fill right there. As for Telaviv, I will not tell you, but I believe that we should go straight to the consulate by specifying all the details on the website. You can get to Fuyuan yourself without travel agencies & # 8212; from the pier in Khabarovsk all summer cruising ships. Tickets are also sold on the pier (it is better to take it in advance). In Fuyuan, frankly speaking, apart from shopping, eating and some classical entertainment, there is really nothing to do. A tiny town. For health they go to other cities in China.
Hello! Tell me, please, how much is now the ticket for the train, reserved seat, Fuyuan-Harbin?
Dear members of the forum & # 8212; may matter off topic & # 8212; already.
globally the Internet was rummaged, we want to go with my husband.
on vacation do not tell the tour operator, so not.
not deceived. Thank you.
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From Hong Kong, you can bring electronic devices. Various gadgets and equipment are cheaper here than in China, because they are not taxed. New iPhones in Hong Kong can be bought cheaply and they leave the stores of Apple very quickly.
From Khabarovsk to the city of Zhaohe, go only 3.5? 4 hours. In more detail, how to get there, you can read in the category & # 171; Khabarovsk & # 187 ;.
Intercontinental Shenzhen deserves its stars, it was nice to be there at dinner (located on Shennan avenue). Very pleased with the restaurant on the first floor, where you can get enough of the usual food in the buffet, a choice of: pasta, pizza, soups, cheeses, meat dishes, excellent salads. A good atmosphere for a get-together in a small company.
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1917: Revolution or a special operation, Nikolay Starikov analyzes so closely the interrelation of the facts connected with the revolutionary vortexes of 1917, that sometimes you think how liquid porridge was invested in history lessons in our head.
And most importantly, in the light of today's events, one can draw parallels, and however sad it may seem, to perceive the actions of our politicians in a different way. What would have happened if Russia had entered into an open armed conflict with Ukraine for the Donbass?
Riddle: Why do people begin to hate their country and passionately desire its destruction to the very end of life? How can a person be so reconstructed? There are no answers to these questions in this book, but the tragic consequences of such restructuring are very clearly shown.
Another Fire Book & # 8212; The Hour of the Bull & # 187; Ivan Efremov. I advise everyone.
Hotel Power Valley International is located a little far from the center on a long business street, although it feels closer to the exit from the city, but for a taxi this is not a problem. The hotel is great, prices are the same as in any four.
And next to the hotel there is a huge playground with an open cinema and food court, where you can type different small kebabs cheaply. Here you can have a good time with friends. Get on either an electric bike or a taxi.
Recently, more and more often I have received information about neural networks that generate texts or information on the basis of everything, so that a person is told, written down, recorded. For example, there is an open-access music album based on the texts of the Civil Defense, a little crooked, but the system is trained. another step to artificial intelligence? There was also a similar reference & # 8212;
If possible, explain to the ignorant how to use it to see what happens from different texts. How many came across the codes from the githaba, I never understood how to apply them, in what application to potestit. I will be grateful for practical information on this topic!
A friendly warning: never try to do it! It is foolish to go to prison abroad and spend many years there because of thirst for easy money. On this you just do not earn, except that the problems will appear.

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