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How illegals live in Spain.
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In my opinion - a good film. Although the channel was created recently - but I noticed this film, I called the author, and he kindly gave his consent to the publication of this film.
I will not comment much, but I will say that people illegally living in Spain (with one goal - in three years to obtain a legal residence permit and all the rights of a European) - are very different. From completely unable to integrate into society with another language - to those who after three months feel like a fish in the water, albeit with the most primitive Spanish, with a vocabulary of several hundred words.
Usually those who integrate quickly, according to my observations, differ in the following qualities:
(ie, they are not offended by the contemptuous attitude of rare Aborigines, since they know their own worth inside their souls), the ability to forgive and not to be offended, to be highly active - they seek, ask, visit, sleep soundly, undemanding in food, clothing and other goods of civilization. All the blessings of European civilization then come to them much faster than to those who want to jump over the period of adaptation without tolerance and every day suffers from the difference between the social status they left in their homeland and the one in which they are in a position illegal immigrants in a foreign country. Fear and panic of such people are fettered, they do not allow you to take steps, time passes in constant stress, and in very rare cases they even return to their homelands.

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