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Moreover, it was already talking about the installation of Russian posts, on the part of Russia, on the border of Russia and Belarus, and on the construction of the border with Belarus from Russia.
There is information that "Putin" has already imposed a ban on the importation of certain food products to Russia from Belarus. - Immediately after the statement of the criminal case against the Russian official, the Russian Federation banned the importation of beef from the Minsk region, accusing the Belarusian side of re-exporting Ukrainian meat. This is mutual strikes. The aggravation in the Donbas, and Moscow could not but attach a hand to it, leaving for Lukashenka a field for maneuver.
Why is this Russian military base located on the territory of Belarus and why does Russia not pay money for it? Russia also paid Ukraine money for the stay of the Russian fleet in Sevastopol, so why it does not pay money to Belarus for the presence of a Russian military base on the territory of Belarus.
The failure of the current model of relations between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, the threat of a coup organized in the Kremlin in Belarus and why the rhetoric in Minsk was changed, including against Ukraine, was told by Belarusian political scientist Ales Logvinets in an interview with ONLINE.UA.
ONLINE.UA: How to explain the crisis around the supply of oil, other actions of the Russian Federation against Belarus and, of course, the emotional tone of the last speech of Alexander Lukashenko (in which he sharply criticized Russia - ed.)?
Last year the issue of placing the Russian airbase in Belarus was acute. Lukashenka is afraid of increasing the presence of the Russian Federation in Belarus, because then the Kremlin will have more opportunities to put an even more loyal client in Minsk.
- How long can this last?
the essence of what is happening in Ukraine.
Not far from Toretsk, the blockade blocked another direction on the night of 10 to 11 February. According to the activists, this is an important way of communication between the territory that is controlled and not controlled by Ukraine. Allegedly freight trains with industrial products go to this direction in both directions daily.
The ATU veterans who block coal formations, the main goal is not to fight the Ukrainian people, but to fight against Putin's regime.
Veterans of ATO should not seek easy solutions to these problems, such as the blocking of railroad tracks along which coal with coal for the CHPP of Ukraine is going, but must move to the border with the Crimea and keep the Putin's occupation forces in suspense there.
This is a much more complicated problem than there are shish kebabs at the blocked railway tracks in the Donbass, but this problem is really against the common enemy of Ukraine, in the person of Putin's armed forces in the Crimea, and not the struggle in the form of worsening of the lives of ordinary Ukrainians against the possible disconnection of electricity and heating in Kiev and Kharkov.
The ATU veterans who block coal formations, the main goal is not to fight the Ukrainian people, but to fight against Putin's regime.
who become Putin's friends.
thereby exacerbating (and without that - the unenviable) position of Ukrainian citizens.
on the territory under your control. You (thereby) multiply your enemies.
in your rear. And your enemies become Putin's friends.
reproductive organs, and Putin only has to wait, when.
Your enemies (the number of which is multiplying) will be dealt with by you.
It is enough for Putin to wait for that moment,
when the bough on which you sit (and which chop),
crunch and break.
And & quot; Putin & quot; - a common enemy not only for Ukraine, but also for many Russians, not just businessmen who have "Putin" took away their property, but also ordinary citizens, whom "Putin" overlaid with his prices and taxes on everything and in which "Putin", in a gangster way, takes away his property without any compensation, but simply destroying this property, referring to the laws he passed by his party's manual power - "unified russia".
It is obvious.
This is really two mutually exclusive things, since the blockade of the railway tracks from the Donbas leads to a direct deterioration in the lives of Ukrainians who may lose heat and light, and the blockade of the Crimea and the redeployment of the Ukraine to the border with the Crimea leads to additional money squandered by Russia's funds for the maintenance of the Russian army in Crimea, as well as during any radar viewing by American radars stationed on the border with the Crimea and in the Odessa region, monitoring any movements of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.
It is obvious.
When the "Friendship Train" came to the Crimea; (train) -
you were expected, and not soldiers with automatic weapons waited for you,
but men with sticks and plywood shields.
Russia's decision to introduce a border zone with Belarus is absolutely natural, correct and logical and does not bear any negative for Belarus. The point is that Belarus unilaterally introduced visa-free entry for citizens of several dozens of countries. This was done to stimulate tourism in Belarus. But there is a threat that some people who do not have Russian visas will want to travel without them to Russia.
Lukashenka fears that first these oligarchic structures will establish control over the most important parts of the economy, then their economic influence is transformed into a political one and, using it to change the power in Belarus, will want to put a more lenient politician on the post of president.
Take, at least, Potanin - wherever he was now, if he refused to invest his money in the Sochi Olympics and build Rosa Khutor. In the place of Khodorkovsky?
Russia believes that it subsidizes the Belarusian economy, helps it to develop, and at the same time from time to time raises the question of whether Belarus, in exchange for this, will transfer large control over key areas of Belarusian property to large business structures.
The Russian Federation increases the protection of the state border, in connection with the fact that the authorities of Belarus have decided to establish a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 states.
Until then, the border between Russia and Belarus was conditional.
It also became known that while the new frontier zone has not yet exhibited Belarusian border guards.
Until then, the border between Russia and Belarus was conditional.
And the fact that the curves and visually are displayed?
On the mirror, do not blame the frown if the curve is. " (Epigraph and the plot of Nikolai Gogol's comedy "The Inspector-General").
"We hope that [the collapse of the EAPS] is not real," he said.
"We hope that [the collapse of the EAPS] is not real," he said.
the case will be referred to the court.
Moscow. March, 3rd. INTERFAX.RU - The investigation announced Denis Voronenkov, an ex-deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, who was accused of fraud and embezzlement of the building for 127 million rubles.
I would not be surprised if Voronenkov was killed tomorrow, like Litvinenko or Berezovsky, after which they would announce that it was not the most profitable thing to do.
One can only guess that all other parliamentarians who do not obey the "Putin", including Zyuganov, on the same - short leash at "Putin's". And & quot; shedinu & quot; only, at the right time, it is enough simply to say the word FAS.

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