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The US can reduce the issuance of visas through student exchange programs, including Work and Travel USA.

The US can reduce the issuance of visas through student exchange programs, including Work and Travel USA.
The Trump administration plans to reduce the number of J-1 visas issued to participants in student exchange programs and work in the US, including Work and Travel USA and the Au pair.
In April 2017, US President Donald Trump adopted a decree to reduce immigration to the United States under the slogan "Buy American, hire Americans."
In the course of implementing this decree, it is planned to reduce the total number of visas issued to different categories of foreigners.
Currently, the Trump administration is beginning to discuss plans to reduce the issuance of a J-1 visa. This type of visa is issued to foreign students for a visit to the United States through cultural and educational exchange programs. These programs include the popular Work and Travel USA and the Au pair, which give young people the right to learn American culture by temporarily living and working in the United States.
According to US law, the US president has no right to cancel the J-1 visa itself, but its authority includes the termination of certain programs whose participants come to the United States on a J-1 visa.
According to experts, the planned restrictions in the form of new requirements for participants or the complete cancellation of some programs can affect 100,000 people.
Moving to the US is difficult, but there are categories of people who can afford it:
& mdash; Investors. It is enough to invest from 1 million dollars and after 2 years all family members will receive permanent resident status (EB-5 visa).
& mdash; You can also open a branch of an existing company in America or buy a ready business in the US (from $ 100,000). This will give you the right to obtain a working visa L-1, which can be exchanged for a green card.
& mdash; Famous athletes, musicians, writers and other extraordinary people can move on a working O-1 visa.
& mdash; In case of oppression by the state for religious, political reasons or humiliation because of belonging to gay minorities, you can request political asylum in the US (asylum).
& mdash; Short-term can be located in the US tourist visa B1 / B2.
& mdash; You can also get a second higher education in the United States, after studying for 1-3 years.
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