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The property.

The property.
This is the only country where Russians are still loved.
I'll tell you how we moved to Serbia.
Probably, many of our compatriots to the question "do you want to live in Europe?" & Raquo; answer positively. You tell yourself - I want to live in Europe, but. There is too much of it & laquo; but & raquo ;. How to move to a European country? When will they cancel visas for Russians? We all have a feeling that this moment will be marked by the whistle of cancer on the mountain.
From the editorial office. We post a response to & laquo; personal experience & raquo; our reader & laquo; Refused from the sea, and the quality of life noticeably improved & raquo; . We draw your attention to the fact that the texts published in the section & laquo; Personal experience & raquo; , written by readers & laquo; Newspapers.Ru & raquo ;. The editors do not always share their point of view.
Most Russians who have thought about leaving for good, seriously study the laws of the EU countries in order to obtain a residence permit. There are options with the opening of an entrepreneurial visa, for example in the Czech Republic, there are proposals for Bulgaria and even for Spain. But a person who has not experienced all the delights of the emigrant's life on his own skin, it is difficult to understand how different dreams are from reality. For example, how can you do business without knowing the language and the local mentality?
Many sites on the Internet tell you how easy it is to open a company in a European state and get a residence permit. I can share my experience as I opened a firm in the Czech Republic and tried to apply for a residence permit.
I went for half a year to Czech courses, preparing for an interview in the Czech consulate. And once, to successfully pass it, even went to Copenhagen. In Moscow, from the first time did not work .. Clever people (and they, of course, intelligent if they earn on our torment) from the firm "otkryvashki" in the Czech Republic were advised to apply abroad. As a result, money was thrown away and hopes crashed.
But I'm glad that I did not get to the Czech Republic, I would be 100 times harder, because the mentality is completely different.
Of course, a lot of information can be found for young people on educational programs. But those who are over 40 years old, advice on education is not suitable. And it is at this age that the same "middle-aged crisis" comes, when one wants to jump into the last car of a departing train of unfulfilled desires. And it gratifies the desire to change life, to start it anew.
Who among us did not dream of starting a new life? It is possible to explain these desires from the scientific point of view, and the solutions for all will be different, depending on the capabilities and attitude of the person. Someone will just change the car, work, someone's wife. And someone is a country. And it is better to leave where mentality and language are similar.
In Europe & mdash; this is Serbia, which is probably the only country where Russians are still loved and respected. The majority of the people are Orthodox, but I chose the western part, there are still more cultures and civilizations and not so fussily as in the capital. Novi Sad City & mdash; sister of my Nizhny Novgorod, as it turned out later.
Here it is - works: space, destiny. I did not know about it in advance. We live here a year, warm, fruit-vegetables are cheap, people are good-natured and simple, without problems. The main thing, of course, is work, but we solve this issue. Here, small business lives and thrives without corruption and roofing. Real estate can be bought at ridiculous prices and get a residence permit on it. And after 5 years and permanent residence.
My move to Serbia, probably in the classical sense - downshifting. In each country this term has specific features.
For example, in England, downshifting has an environmental implication (the use or cultivation of organic products, a special attitude to litter and its recycling, energy savings), while in Australia the focus is shifted toward changing housing and living places.
In Russia, downshifting is most often perceived as resettlement in a developing country (especially popular are India and Thailand), while the source of livelihood is often renting an apartment in Russia. Well, India is too much. Agree that Serbia, as the most civilized part of the former Yugoslavia, with historical ties and sympathies, is much closer and dearer to us?
How, after choosing a country, to start living there from scratch? How, if funds are available, do not waste them? How to find a job if there are no funds? It would be better not to make stupid mistakes, but who will tell?
My plan was initially based on buying a house in Serbia. And now I do not give up my convictions. When you have your own roof over your head - it is much easier to start a new life. How long does it take to settle down in another country? Someone corrects: in a strange country. I can admit, despite all my determination to move to Europe, I spent the first night in a hotel in the center of Novi Sad in some quiet panic. She turned on the light, wrapped herself in a blanket and cried, then looked at herself in the mirror and asked aloud: "So what?" Are you giving up? Will you come back .. and? & Raquo; Then it was pointless to ask yourself.
I'm stubborn, I do not like to lose, I'm still lucky in life, I must admit it. So in the morning I went out into the sun, chose a nice cafe right on the hiking trail in the center of Novi Sad, I ordered green tea. The waiter looked suspiciously at me, and at that moment I did not guess the reasons for his curiosity (or sympathy). I did not know that in Serbia tea is considered a health drink. Well, that did not order black, it is used here for diarrhea. And then instead of honey and napkins would serve diapers. Ha ha ..
This is ridiculous now, and that day I realized with a quiet horror that on the websites advertising Serbia, I was a little bit lied when I was told about the similarity of the language.
The mood was cautiously optimistic. After all, from every household trifle happening every minute with every person in the usual situation, I was thrown like a swing: then down - in despair, then up - to the top of pleasure! For example, the hotel receptionist did not want to admit that he knows at least a few words in Russian, I had to fumble around the distant shelves, shelves and card files library called "memory", pick out all the reserves of English.
And then I was just delighted that in the beginning of April - the sun, greens, everything is blooming and such an aroma of flowering throughout the city. In the park swans swim, on the house in the center of the city stretching and in Russian it is written: & laquo; Thanks Russia! & Raquo; For what - did not understand and now, maybe for that march-throw of our blue helmets in the 90s? Or for the South Stream already? But still, nice! Purely, people do not run, many young people, married couples, little children of two or three in each pair, and what is most surprising - grandmothers and granddaughters sit in the same cafes as all the rest of the people. To drink a cup of coffee in the center on a hiking trail costs 60-70 dinars (24-28 rubles). And you can and not in the center. You can and not only coffee. Although, if you think about it, you can understand them. The Serbs have now been allowed to penetrate without a visa to the Schengen area, they have already had other opportunities, and so are their desires.
Walked a lot on foot along the city with a map-street plan, mentally trying on myself to the sensations of the native, tuned to the fact that after a short time I will be just as anxious, rushing to the bus, go to work. I looked around the house, chose my own.
These fitting tests turned out to be prophetic, now I'm in constant time trouble. I justify myself that business can not begin without investments, both financial and actually labor. And where you can find a job?
The most real & mdash; open his own business, with his own mind, with talent to make his way.
Here, as it turned out, not everything is so neglected than we have there.
The laws work, the territory is small, and the local population is favorably located precisely to the Russian-speaking people. Where is it in Europe? When your accent is heard - you are immediately asked- & laquo; Rus? Do you speak Russian? I at school taught (a) Russian. .. & raquo; And such a majority.
And in conclusion I can say one thing: dreams come true! It is only necessary to make concrete steps for this.
My family and I live in Novi Sad, we found work and new friends. We bought a house, the daughter successfully goes to school. A lot of interesting things have happened and are happening, we are making new plans. Last night I talked with a Muscovite, who was pleasantly surprised that the city looks clean, people are friendly, property prices do not bite. And the prices for products make you simply stuff your suitcases with all sorts of goodies, as did the other two guests from Moscow. We took them to the airport in the morning, and I am sure that they will return here, only not as tourists.
It is so nice that this cute and educated woman (I have no doubt visited most of the beautiful places of Europe, Asia and Africa), was inspired to buy here a brand-new two-room apartment in the center. Her brother, a cheerful, athletic man, looked after the house for the parents of pensioners on Fruska Gora (on the other side of the Danube, 10 minutes from the center - Vojvodina National Park). At parting I was asked: how difficult it will be to adapt here in case of moving? I could not answer anything smarter than to give my own example.

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