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The pitfalls of learning in the Czech Republic or what many are silent about.

The pitfalls of learning in the Czech Republic or what many are silent about.
Many parents want their children better education, so they often send them abroad, wishing that the child not only disaccustomed, but stayed there. As the saying goes: "The grass is greener with neighbors in the garden." But do not go into details, why still chose overseas education, better explained and put on the shelves to really weigh the pros and cons in choosing the future.
The Czech Republic, of course, is considered one of the best options for the inhabitants of the CIS. First, the language from the Slavic group, so studying it will not cause huge problems. Secondly, the Czech Republic is close enough, so it is unlikely that home tickets will cost fabulous amounts of money. Third, the most important and important, then, why so many are chasing - free education in the Czech language in public universities.
Free education - sounds great, is not it? Naturally, you will have to get a visa, choose suitable language courses for a word, preferably an annual one, choose a university and look for where to live. But, believe me, in addition to this there are other obstacles and problems that are often hushed up or do not give them due attention.
1. Language courses.
On the Internet, you can find countless offers from various schools and courses, someone even suggests learning the language through Skype conferences. There are suggestions for a couple of months to learn the whole language, but more often it's an annual or semiannual course. It is better, naturally, to stay at the annual and, preferably, from the state university. For example, Charles University and the Higher School of Economics offer such an opportunity. In addition, if you send an invitation to their university, you will not need to spend separately to obtain a language certificate, which is required in any educational institution.
2. Nostrification.
The fact is that in Czech schools they study 12 years instead of 11, therefore official confirmation of the certificate is necessary. To do this, it will be necessary to take an extract from the school for the last 3 years and together with the certificate, natural, all papers must be translated, sent to the Magistrate, where from then on the letter will come. It will indicate the number of items to be passed and the school where these exams will take place. In Prague, as a rule, 3 to 5 items are issued, for which there were fewer hours. In other cities, for example, in Brno, you can independently choose the subjects for which the examination will take place. It is advised to file a request for nostrification somewhere in the beginning of winter, so that the level of the language is at least some, and at the first unsuccessful attempt there is time left for the second one.
3. Invitations.
As the Czechs themselves say, or on the Russian analogue "to submit an invitation to the university." The matter is that invitations are submitted in some places from February to April. So do not expect that the university can be chosen in the summer. Invitations by the way, you can submit as many as you like, but each costs about 500 kronor (about 1300 rubles).
4. Certificate of knowledge of the language.
Unfortunately or fortunately, but no university will accept an applicant without a B1 / B2 level certificate, which confirms that the student will be able to undergo training. If the courses were accredited, then they can get such a certificate. If not, then you have to spend and visit, for example, the same exam under Karlov, which is quoted everywhere. Testing takes place in three directions: listening, grammar and understanding the text. Nothing difficult, if a whole year really learn the language, and not indulge in an empty celebration.
5. Admission examinations.
There are usually no problems if the chosen direction is technical or economic. The doctors will have to try hard, as well as those who are going to PR-marketing, because there are a lot of interested people, and the entrance exams are rather complicated. Exams are usually held in May-June, some in two or even three stages.
6. State University.
Learn only 3 years, instead of the usual 4-eh. Independently choose additional items and create a schedule of classes and studies. Sounds great, but in fact - an exorbitant amount of work. It is very difficult to hold out until the very end, many students take off already from the first semester, not even having time to understand what really happened. Therefore it is necessary to be reserved by patience and perseverance to finish your education and become an honorary specialist with a beautiful diploma of a foreign university.
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