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The medical board in Melbourne (Australia) passed.

The medical board in Melbourne (Australia) passed.
The medical board in Melbourne (Australia) passed.
The medical board was in our city, which was very convenient, a week ago I made an appointment, we left the house for an hour and a half by car since we live 15 kilometers from the Melbourne CBD. The car was left on Richmonde, and from there by tram to Collins street, left at the intersection of William street, reached 10 minutes to William street 277, climbed to the 10th floor in the US-accredited medical clinic Medibank, which is considered one of the major medical companies on the Australian private insurance market and the provision of private medical services. In addition to the medical commission for the Immigrant Visa in the US, Medibank conducts a medical commission for immigrant visas from New Zealand, Australia, Canada.
When I came to Medibank, I filled in a questionnaire with my wife and daughter, for this reason they asked me to come 20 minutes before the appointed time.
Then the therapist invited me. He checked my eyesight, I read the letters on the wall, weighed me, checked the pressure, took one flask of blood for syphilis, I did not take HIV for immigrant visas in the United States, although HIV was taken for HIV in New Zealand and Australia.
After that, I was invited to the main therapist, who turned out to be a polite Australian, in general people here in the service sector are polite. She gave me a questionnaire where I ticked.
Then she checked her ears, eyes, and her mouth with an illuminator. Then I lay down on the couch, she lightly pressed on her stomach, then asked me to lift up two legs at the same time and then she felt the upper part of the foot, just as the pulse is felt. Then she asked questions about vaccinations, with me I had references only about vaccinations from hepatitis A and B. She also asked if I had a smallpox in childhood, I said that I was sick, then she said that I needed to deliver two inoculations from rubella and measles and from Tetanus or rabies. Then, just as she examined her wife, and since his wife had a vaccination from Stolbnyak, she was only told to put out a rubella, measles and diphtheria which is a unique vaccine from three diseases at once. We were invited to the vaccination room, where my wife was first and then put me inoculations. I noticed that when I was given a vaccination nurse, she stuck every sticker from every inoculation kit on my profile as proof of vaccinations. The daughter of the vaccination was not given at all since we printed out on the website of Medicare the vaccination history of the daughter who was put to her after our arrival several years ago to Australia since without vaccinations or their proofs they do not take in either kindergartens or schools.
In Russia, my daughter was given some kind of vaccination, but unfortunately we did not take a honey card from Russia.
After all the procedures, we went back to the reception where I paid for my wife 570 Australian dollars, for my daughter 300 (they do not get fluorography for children, and everything is therefore cheaper), and for myself $ 650 because I was given two inoculations. As it turned out, the fluorography in that office was not done and we were given a direction for a fluorography which was located at Collins street 250. We got on the tram for free because trams in the business part of Melbourne are free from January 1, 2015. At Collins street 250, we did not pay anything extra since initially those amounts that I mentioned in them already included fluorography. The pictures were recorded on CDs and told to send themselves to the office of Medibanka. And before leaving Medibanka they told me that they would call me in a week, I could pick up the cherished envelopes for the upcoming interview in Sydney. Actually, everything went well except for a slight drowsiness after vaccination. But I also read that immunization is undermined by immunization, but it is better to be vaccinated than not vaccinated and to have more complex complications, so courageously this stage was passed us in the end if I refuse to do vaccinations I read that the consul during an interview can completely kill the entire process by canceling your profile on green cards.
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