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The life of the Russians in Italy.

The life of the Russians in Italy.
You can not call Italy an attractive country for Russians, although today there are 140 thousand of our compatriots living there. This is not small, but it is also difficult to talk about the trend. Russians in Italy often turned out to be tourists, preferring to immigrate to France, Britain, the USA or Israel.
Life in Italy through the eyes of the Russians.
Most immigrants from Russia to Italy & # 8212; women who connected life with Italian men. Even during the period of mass unemployment, few left the country for employment in Italy. The reason lies in the economic crisis, which is systemic in the country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
For comparison, from Ukraine to Italy in the past 10 years, a large number of women immigrated for the purpose of employment, as well as men who want to find a job. To date, 90% of them have already received documents and work legally.
Speaking of cities where Russian immigrants are concentrated, one should remember about:
It is here that the largest number of visitors from Russia are concentrated. However, here you will not find Russian quarters, but there are centers for cultural support and language learning. Of course, life in Europe differs from the usual for us by most indicators: the rhythm of life, gastronomic preferences, prices, relations with neighbors and so on.
Pluses of life in Italy.
You can assess life in this country according to the pros and cons, among which everyone will necessarily find something of their own, personal. So, the pros are as follows:
Favorable climate (here even in the north it is moderately warm, winter is experienced more easily if compared to -20-40 in Russia in the period from November to April). The beauty of architecture (for someone it's important, the availability of travel throughout Europe is also a plus). High incomes (despite a serious percentage of unemployment, which in Italy ranges from 12 to 18%, incomes are high and social support meets European standards).
These are the main positive criteria. Some citizens say there is no stress in Italy, but this statement can be argued. The Italians & # 8212; people are emotional, they react violently to any troubles both on the roads and in public places.
Loss of living in Italy.
Speaking of disadvantages, we note only the main ones:
Expensive housing (so it was believed that the northern regions are more attractive in terms of income, but the cost of housing there is very high). It is difficult to find a job for high-paying work (quotas for people with higher education here are very rare, but to look for work in Italy for a waiter or a seller of a Russian citizen aged 30 and over is an additional stress). Foreigners do not have the right to those social standards that are accepted for the indigenous people.
In general, adapting to life in Italy after Russia, even a person with an excellent knowledge of the language is very difficult. However, some citizens, on the other hand, are very easy to transfer.
The main minus is & # 8212; it is a necessity to start everything from scratch to a person who managed to achieve considerable heights at home. It is these citizens who will have the hardest time.
The standard of living in Italy.
With a rather high unemployment rate for the European Union, the standard of living in Italy is high. There is a big difference between the incomes of the inhabitants of the northern regions and the southern ones. In the south, agriculture is developed, but the northern part of the country is " this is the center of industry, on that and the income is very different. This affects the prices.
High housing prices, even if it is secondary. For example, an apartment in Milan with an area of 80 squares will cost about 110000-120000 euros. For comparison: in the south the same offer can be found for 70000-80000 euros. A good site for the selection and comparison of real estate prices.
In neighboring Spain, an apartment with the same area can be purchased at a price two times lower. In addition, you need to know that buying a home in Italy does not give you the right to obtain a residence permit, although many believe otherwise.
Income in Italy, on average, ranges from 1,200 euros per month to 3,500 euros (net of tax). Change the work of the Italians very rarely, weighed all the pros and cons. Great plus & # 8212; this is a free medicine of good quality. For Russians who have a residence permit in Italy, free of charge service is provided to the therapist once a quarter. In case of emergency, you will have to pay an invoice, which will be 150-200 euros.
A high standard of living has postponed the imprint on life expectancy. Today the Italians & # 8212; an aging nation. Children are born very late, each family brings up one or two children, although even 30-40 years ago there could be four families in families, which did not surprise anyone.
One nuance: the family in Italy is above all! And this is not just laid down in the genes, but is fixed legislatively. That's why Italians marry late, it's very difficult to make such a decision. Divorce in Italy is akin to an earthquake. A man will incur huge financial expenses.
Immigration to Italy.
According to local legislation, every Russian can obtain the citizenship of Italy, without giving up Russian. This is important for many. There are several ways to gain a foothold in this country on legal grounds:
Employment. Business immigration (opening of own business in Italy). Family reunification. Availability of real estate and income in Italy.
The term for registering citizenship is approximately 10 years, the procedure implies the preliminary registration of a residence permit.
Russians in Italy note that bureaucratic laws greatly complicate the life and formalization of documents. This is very noticeable in the south of the country. People are rather sluggish, everywhere they need help, and this will irritate the Russians. However, the Italians themselves are calm about this.
In order to live and work in Italy, it was easier for a Russian person to learn, it is required to learn not only the Italian language, but also to learn to understand the dialectic characteristics peculiar to different regions. It's not very difficult.
A major problem in recent years has been the influx of refugees from countries in Africa and the Middle East. This aggravated the criminal situation, demanded additional funds from the budget. All this worries both immigrants from the CIS countries, and Italians themselves. It is obvious that in the next year or two this problem will not be solved.

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