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The legal basis for obtaining a residence permit in Germany.

The legal basis for obtaining a residence permit in Germany.
ATTENTION! This blog is no longer updated. New information is available at
ATTENTION! Here is presented a new version of the law, effective from August 1, 2012. In & Memo & # 187; on the website of the Embassy of Germany in Moscow on August 3, 2012 contains outdated information Memo for applying for a visa for the purpose of self-employment. In the title of this & # 171 Reminders & # 187; also an error: instead of the correct word & # 171; self & # 187; there used the word & individual & # 187 ;.
The legal justification for obtaining a residence permit by an entrepreneur is � 21 Selbstandige Tatigkeit (independent activity) of the law Gesetz uber den Aufenthalt, die Erwerbstatigkeit und die Integration von Auslandern im Bundesgebiet (law on stay, work and integration of foreigners in Germany).
1) A foreigner may be granted a residence permit (residence permit in Germany) for carrying out entrepreneurial activities if:
1. this activity represents a federal or regional economic interest (for the FRG),
2. This activity assumes to have a positive impact on the economy (FRG) and.
3. financing of this activity from own means or the credit is provided.
The evaluation of the prerequisites for 1) (granting a residence permit) is based on:
� the viability of the business idea underlying business,
� entrepreneurial experience of an alien;
� the amount of the authorized capital;
� the impact on employment and education;
� Contribution to innovation and research.
This assessment should be carried out by the competent authorities at the place of the proposed (entrepreneurial) activity, the competent agencies for entrepreneurship, professional public associations, licensing bodies.
2) A residence permit for business can also be granted on the basis of international exchanges.
2a) An alien who has graduated from a state or recognized higher education institution in Germany or has been granted a residence permit as a researcher or a scientist on the basis of paragraphs 18 and 20 of this law may obtain a residence permit for self-employment without fulfilling the conditions of paragraph 1) . The supposed independent activity should be related to the education or experience gained by the scientist or researcher.
3) Foreigners who are over 45 years of age may be granted a residence permit only if they have sufficient old age security.
4) The residence permit is limited to three years. After three years (a foreigner carrying out entrepreneurial activities) a permanent residence permit may be issued, in contrast to � 9, paragraph 2 of this Law, if the planned activity was successful and his income is sufficient to support the family members living with him.
5) A foreigner of a free profession may be granted a residence permit to carry out his activities without the condition of clause 1. They must obtain the necessary permission to carry out the activity or its receipt must be agreed. For the decision to issue a residence permit, the third sentence of the first paragraph remains in force. The fourth paragraph does not apply.
6) An alien who has been issued a residence permit or has been issued for other reasons can, while retaining this permit, carry out entrepreneurial activities if it has been issued other permits or otherwise has been issued.
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The legal basis for obtaining a residence permit in Germany: 30 comments.
Thanks for the blog! Do you know & # 8212; why almost on all sites it is written that the residence permit when opening a company in Germany foreigners are given only on condition of investing 250 000 euros? After all, just by opening a company with an authorized capital of 25,000, you can also get a residence permit in Germany?
Good afternoon, Katya! Of course not! This is the answer to the last question. My blog also says the same thing. This page & # 8212; translation of � 21 Selbstandige Tatigkeit of the law Gesetz uber den Aufenthalt, die Erwerbstatigkeit und die Integration von Auslandern im Bundesgebiet. Now I will fix the page, so that everyone could understand.
The law says, "as a rule & # 187 ;. This means that you may be denied residence permit, even with an investment of 250,000, and give a residence permit with a relatively lower amount. However, in the same law it is written that it is only a temporary residence permit, to get permanent residence, it is necessary that the company after three years was profitable. It should be noted that the absence of profit during the first three years is the basis for refusing to extend the residence permit.
good afternoon, dear author.
to ooze, I risk to repeat, but it is not completely clear how the investment is to be 250,000 euros, if the firm's code is possible and 25,000?
It turns out that if we opened a firm with UK 25 thousand euros, then we can get only a residence permit, which will never grow out. in permanent residence?
and for permanent residence of the Criminal Code should be brought to the required 250 thousand?
Good evening, Irina!
The opening of the firm does not imply the extradition of # 187; Residence permit. You can open a company, hire a director and manage it from Russia. No other rights you receive.
To get a residence permit you need to do all the operations on the list
As usual, just a superfluous article and as always finished reading.
not informatively somehow.
I would add something, but in fact everything is said.
And as this author does not break so much time for writing articles, we are certainly very grateful, but I'm not capable of such altruism.
There have already been so many comments written before me. It remains only to join.
Still on this subject that a thread wrote & # 8212; I will come again once again. interesting.
I'm glad that your blog is constantly evolving. Such posts only add popularity.
Listen, let's wipe out the next weekend for the city and there we'll discuss all this. You're from Moscow, are not you?
What to discuss? For what city? I'm from Moscow, but I was there last time a year and a half ago.
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but you can ask a question? You have the time after the fasting indicated.
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Added to bookmarks. Now I'll read more often!
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A huge human thank you.
Excellent post & # 8212; I have no words. Thank you.
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