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The Israeli passport.

The Israeli passport.
All our previous topics related to the arrival and moving to Israel, and today I will write to you about how to leave Israel and what documents are needed for this. Outgoing and internal documents confirming who is who and in what status you live on the holy land, issues the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Misrad-A-pnim).
If you are in Israel in the status of permanent residence or residence permit, that is, you did not receive citizenship immediately as a repatriate (oleh hadash), then in this case you leave Israel on your foreign passport, which you received in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus, in general, from there , where they came from. Check carefully how many entries you are allowed on a visa. If you have issued a work visa in Israel, it is likely that if you are leaving Israel for a second visit, you must make a new visa. But you can do so. Just go to your city department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Misrad and Pnim) and ask that you have reissued your permission for a multi-visa, explaining to the Ministry's employees the purpose of traveling to their homeland.
If you are a happy citizen of Israel, who has received the right to citizenship as an immigrant, then everything is a bit simpler. If three months have passed since the aliyah (repatriation), and you have lived honestly in Israel and enjoyed your new status, you have the full right to obtain a temporary passport, which is called "loess-pass". In Hebrew it is called "Teudat Maavar bimkom darkon leumi", that is, a travel document issued in place of a national passport. A complex name and complex rules that give food to legends, since Misrad-a-pnim himself can not really formulate what can and can not be done with teudat Maavar. It looks almost the same as Darcon (passport), it is issued for two years and it can be obtained 3 months after you became a citizen of Israel. More than 40 countries will take you to their penins as a tourist with this document and will not require a visa from you. As legal sources say, Spain, France and Italy, as well as Ukraine and Russia, freely and without visa accept citizens of Israel with a loess-pass. But. Very often I heard stories about how people bought plane tickets, our Israeli customs officers let them out of the country, that is, they officially confirmed your right to visa-free visits to the European state, and there, for example, in the UK, on the arrival of problems began, and the owners of the loess- Passes could be returned back, because what is a loess-pass, like a passport, and not the official passport itself, the customs officers and border guards did not know.
I heard these stories when, as an Israeli citizen for 11 months and 1 week, I was invited to an excursion to London. The organization that called me paid for everything, including tickets, accommodation, meals and excursions. With him it was necessary to take only a smile, a good mood and a passport with which no visa for visiting the UK is needed. Here with the last problems began. Since Darcon, the simplest Israeli foreign passport, is issued after 12 months of stay in the country. Therefore, up to this point, I had only three weeks left. I went to Misrand-a-Pnim, after listening to stories, how people managed to get a darcon from the passport officer and on the 10th month of their citizenship. I thought, well, think about it, three weeks, just like they will give a darcon. But no, the pikid (employee) got to me completely unfriendly and tired. She muttered to me that for the dark, I do not have enough days, so she will give me teudat Maavar, which cost something about 250 shekels. As it turned out, the United Kingdom visa-free for citizens of Israel, but only with the darhon. If you have a passive passport that is incomprehensible to some countries, it is provisional passport, it is teudat Maavar, in which it is written in black and white that you are a citizen of Israel, they will let you go to the homeland of the British queen ... but only with a visa. In general, some absurdity. On the one hand, the citizens of Israel by law cross the border of the kingdom visa-free, and in the loess-pass it is written that you are a citizen, on the other hand you are not allowed to go to Britain with the same document. My story ended with the fact that I was tired of calling unsuccessfully at the Consulate of the United Kingdom to find out what is necessary for a visa, how and when to register for it, my trip broke, or rather, everyone left without me, and I stayed in my new homeland to consider photos from London in social networks, having pressed to the heart teudat-maavar, and remained for me a mysterious document, useless personally for me.
Summarizing the teudat Maavar, I can only confirm that they are allowed to Russia, Ukraine and France with this temporary passport, and no one has had problems. It is checked up on friends. Also, according to rumors, with teudat maavar without a visa you will be allowed to Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Austria and other Schengen countries for a period of 90 days in the course of six months, to Singapore and Cyprus. In general, a complete list of countries you can find at this link
However, I heard again the stories about how the border guards of our neighbor Cyprus, who officially recognizes the loess-pass, returned the citizens of Israel with this same loess-pass, so the situation is incomprehensible. Only one thought comes to mind: one has to sit in Israel all the year, get a daron and forget about all the difficulties. Darkon & # 8212; a long-awaited document, a 32-page passport for foreigners who receive repatriates after 12 months of permanent residence in the country, or citizens who were born and live here. Now about a permanent residence. Again, there are strangenesses. I remind you, you are in the east, and it is a delicate matter, it is not always possible to understand it. The law clearly says that the returnees receive repatriates after 365 days without residence in the country. But when I received Teudat Maavar, the Ministry official said that if I go for a week for the first 12 months, I will still receive the darcen 365 days after the aliyah, and no one will pay attention to these 5 days. But there were cases when the darkon did not issue, if during the year a person traveled for only a few days. In general, a kind of booth, as the Israelis say. And it seems that the human factor plays an important role here.
The first darkon is issued for 5 years, the next for 10 years. Teudat Maavar is only valid for two years, but it can be extended to 5 years, either in Misrat-a-Pnim, or at the consulates of Israel around the world.
Without a visa, you will be accepted into 91 countries of the world, including all of Europe, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and others. A visa is needed in the US, Australia and some countries. The list of visa-free countries is here:!__spisok_stran/index.php.
There are countries that Israelis do not have the right to visit without the permission of the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs: Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. These states do not recognize Israel and regard it as their enemy. First, Israel has the right to take Israeli citizenship from you if it finds that you were in those countries. Secondly, no one will let you into these countries, they do not take on their territory even those citizens of other countries who were on a one-day excursion in Israel and have a stamp on their visit to our country in their passport.
The UAE also does not recognize the Israeli passport, so in Dubai we do not fly, but as evidenced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they can transit through their airport. That is, through them you can fly to Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc. But be careful, and just in case, clarify the situation before the trip in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it can change.
These are the disadvantages, but it seems to me that there are more pluses, you will not think about what documents and when to apply for a visa for many countries, just get up in the morning and go to Paris for breakfast!
"Attention, your train is off!" - these are the words that I used to hear often in my life. Once I could not imagine myself happy without a suitcase packed up and a plane or train ticket! But in my life there were circumstances that made me start to lead a sedentary lifestyle, and at some point I realized that my home is Israel. I did, as they say, aliyah - that is, exaltation. And now I can share the secrets of life in the country of milk and honey. Irene.
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